Carte TCG Discard Deck Guide

Carte TCG Discard Deck Guide by Raptile62

Well im kinda bored so I thought might as well share my take on a discard deck with you guys. When it comes to deck construction Im pretty much a noob so feel free to give me some advice on what i could change.

– 4x Abyssal Succubus (or normal Succubus depends on preference i guess)
– 4x Skeleton Cavalry
– 4x Incubus
– 4x Skeleton Soldier
– 4x Shadow Stalker
– 2x Gravekeeper of Agares
– 4x Succubus of Frostswamp

– 4x Chain of Ruin
– 2x Necromancy
– 3x Polluted Sanctum

– 2x Chain of Despair

– 3x Cursed Chalice

– 20x Ritual

– Violette

– The Hermit
– The Fool
(last 2 are preference i guess. . . in my current deck i put empress and hanged man)

How this Deck is supposed to work:

This deck uses discard to win games but I included another possible win condition with the Cursed Ghost from cards like Polluted Sanctum. This has the effect that the opposing player has to decide whether to spent 2 mana to destroy the ghosts or take the damage. If he destroys them it would slow him down which would give me more time to discard his deck.
The third win condition is the combo of Gravekeeper of Agares and Necromancy. I added this mainly because of late-game where ur opponent could have enough mana to constantly destroy the Cursed Ghosts if you had bad luck drawing discard. But im not realy sure if i should keep that in or not. . .
A very important card in this deck is the Skeleton Soldier because of his ability. All the other cards should mainly focus on blocking the damage on him so you can constantly discard.
The Chalice is selfexplanatory.
Im also not good with mana. . . i don’t know if 20 shards are a bit overkill there^^ seeing as most creatures and spells cost less than 4 mana to cast.

I don’t have all the cards at this moment (because Chalice is a b*tch and i don’t know where to get Gravekeeper of Agares -.-) so this is just me being theoretical maybe someone else could test it and give me a little feedback.
Hard Decks to beat would be green token i guess. . . but you could include Scream of Ghost to take care of them. Or use The Hanged Man to give yourself an extra turn.
Also i don’t know how hard it would be to beat those white Blitz creatures as u can’t block the dmg on the Skeleton Soldier (i don’t know if you can block direkt dmg on your hero though?).

Well that’s it guys. Most of the cards are easy to get (minus Chalice and Succubus of Frostswamp -.-). I hope you’ll like my deck idea and give me some feedback on it. And please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes^^ english is not my main language xD

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