Carte Online TCG Mana Curve Beginner’s Guide

Carte Online TCG Mana Curve Beginner’s Guide by MTG_GURU

What is Mana Curve?

Mana curve is a theroy that orginated in Magic: The Gathering and can be applied in Carte because it uses a mana system very similar to Magic: The Gathering, mana curve in theory is relative to the flow of the game and your decks archetype, in sinple terms an aggresive deck will have a lower mana curve than a control deck as both decks are looking to win the game at different periods of the game. To help maximise a decks potential of winning we are only intrested in the absolute best cards in our faction at the start, middle and top end of our mana curve for our deck. An example would be, the aggresive deck will have a mana curve that starts at 1 and goes upto 5, so the aggresive player is going to compare cards between factions to find which faction offers the best 1 mana, 2 mana, 3 mana cards and so on, by doing this that player is maximizing thier mana curve.

Can you give me an example of maximizing mana curve?

If we take the above example of the aggresive deck. We want to ignore any abilities that do not directly help our creatures AP as we are looking to be aggresive as we want to damage our opponents hero as much and as quick as possible, we start looking at the 1 mana cost creatures and we are looking for the best AP for one mana. An example of this would be if we compare Little Witch, Faerie and Lessor Demon, we notice that for our 1 mana we get a 3/1 creature, therefore it is safe to say that “black” has the best 1 mana creature availble. We do this with every casting cost upto our maximum for the deck, in this case it would be 5 for an aggresive deck. We can look at thining out the not so “good” once we have about 30+ creatures, ideally we want as close to 30 as possible, but we don’t want to keep things that are just not worth thier cost to power, we want as close to 30 so we have as many threats as possible and that even after board sweeping effects like Sacred Shock we can still build an onslaught.

So why not just fill the deck with as many of low casting costs as possible

Another aspect of mana curve is that we do not want too many cards at the same cost as our main resource (shards) is rather low, in most decks we will play between 18-20 shards, so by having cards at different casting costs we make sure that we aren’t being swamped by plays and we can have a card at every part of our mana curve.

Whats a mana curve look like?

In terms of overall look you would like a mana curve that when tallied would make a curve shape much like the one below;

1. —
2. —-
3. —–
4. —-
5. —

This doesn’t mean that we must stick to this rule but by having a consistant mana curve we better optimise our decks options, also we don’t want to include bad or even dead cards just because it fits into our mana curve we then need to adapt a different type of thinking the one of “how good is this for our deck? does it have synergy with other cards?”

Why is mana curve so important?

Mana curve is one of the fundemental basics of strategy that start before you even sit at a game of Carte, it is all about deck optimisation which to get results that we want in the long run is what we will need to be succesful, but just having a good mana curve is not the only way to win more at Carte but is an essential skill and strategy to building better decks that are better optimised so you will get the results you want in the long run.

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