War Commander Base Building Guide

War Commander Base Building Guide by GigaByte

As people is new to this game, I created a new version of my guide. People are wondering of what type of yard they will make. Well, there is just two (2) types of yards. Namely “Long-Term Yards” and “Short-Term Yards”. Long-Term Yards are the ones who reserve places for future buildings. Short-Term bases are ones who do plan another yard design when adding new buildings.

Basics: Sandbags

Sandbags is an example of weak wall. Bullets will not path it. Bullet-carrying units/vehicles will shoot through them. Sandbags are the ones who low level players use. Sandbags has 200 health.

Basics: Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks has 50% more health than Sandbags. Concrete blocks costs 50,000 metal and 20,000 oil to be upgraded. Concrete is best for players with level 2 CC. After upgrading the CC to level 3, start already upgrading your walls to Barricades.

 Basics: Barricade Blocks
Barricade blocks costs 200,000 metal and 100,000 oil to be upgraded. Barricade blocks need to be destroyed first before units and vehicles can shoot. Barricade blocks has 150% more health than Concrete Blocks.
Disillusionment is a great tactic to the game. Disillusionment is applied to the game already. This tactic is done when you put units/vehicles behind a building to hide it from attackers. First, place your units and/or vehicles in one place. Second, place a building over the units to hide it. And there you go. Its done! 

Ground Vehicles: Jackrabbit
Jackrabbit comes with a big bite. This medium-armored, unmanned mini-tanks are mounted with M60E4 machine guns!
Jackrabbit vs Infantries = ██████████Jackrabbit vs Ground Vehicles = ██████████

Jackrabbit vs Air Vehicles = ██████████

Jackrabbit vs Buildings = █████████

(Green = winning | Red = losing)

Ground Vehicles: Rocket Buggy
Fleet and aiming to skill, Rocket Buggies are light strike vehicles equipped with Hydra 70 Rocket Launchers.
Rocket Buggy vs Infantry = █████████Rocket Buggy vs Ground Vehicles = ██████████

Rocket Buggy vs Air Vehicles = ██████████

Rocket Buggy vs Buildings = ██████████

Ground Vehicles: Humvee

Medium-armored jeeps with M2 heavy machine guns, Humvees fires .50 caliber rounds at 1200 rounds per minute.

Humvee vs Infantry = ██████████

Humvee vs Ground Vehicles = ██████████

Humvee vs Air Vehicles = ██████████

Humvee vs Buildings = ██████████

Ground Vehicles: Rhino

Don’t be fooled by these light tanks, Rhinos are medium-armored with a 30mm L21 cannon that punches holes into lighter vehicles.

Rhino vs Infantry = █████████

Rhino vs Ground Vehicles = ██████████

Rhino vs Air Vehicles = ██████████

Rhino vs Buildings = ██████████

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