War Commander Rogue Assault Strategy Guide

War Commander Rogue Assault Strategy Guide by SGT_HAM

1- use a rocket buggy or a dog to split the big waves into half’s and destroy each alone it will be easier


2- put your tanks in-front of the turrets( if megas lvl 6+ stand still but if something else half them stand still and the other half can move)

3- put Hercules behind the tanks because aircraft will hit the outside units first

4- put your mines inside your base in the first waves because the infantry will trigger them and they wont be useful cuz you want tanks to step on them

5- put the buildings around your base so its hard for the enemy waves to move and you get more time to attack the units before you get hit

6- put your turrets and mortars vertically not horizontally cuz of the way the rogues attack ex (turret-mortar-turret-mortar-turret)

7- put a cpl of tanks in the middle because you don’t know which side you will need back up in

8-don’t put the tanks really close to each other so they don’t get damaged in the same hit and put one tank further than the other

9-you can use the bunker as a bait because the enemy units will strike it first

10- change your tanks if they got less than half the health because the next wave gonna be harder than the one that you got damaged in so you will lose your units probably

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