War Commander Base Defense for Beginners Guide

War Commander Base Defense for Beginners Guide by Matthew Gruda

yes, this is a guide and yes, this is to help all you noobs who cant fugiure out that the cc needs to be protected.

what to protect:
1. command center and storage- this is where your resources are. protect them!!!!
2. turrents, power plant- you are defensless without these
3. rgs- resource gatherers arnt that important and barely give the attacker res.
4. everything else- everything else is not important

1. have ALL your turrents built and upgraded
2. leave nothing important snipable. this is snipeable:

3. put your units in hard to bait positions where they can cover towers

cc/storage: covered on all sides by turrents in the safest place possible
gun towers: these are the most important defesive weapon because they are the best at destroying infantry and air units, keep these upgraded and covered by units and mortar towers.
mortar towers: these are beasts vs vehicles, put them near gun turrents so that they can hit enemy vehicles.
power plant: important, have each well upgraded enough for 1 to power the entiere base, put them at opposite sides but still well covered
rgs: put them around the center of the base, but dont waste resources defending them, they are only there to slow the enemy down
walls: put them around the towers, and sperad out like so that the enemy cant fling next to your defenses

everything else: around the outside, dont even bother protecting them

let me show you my base, its not the best, but i hope it illustrates some of the concepts

CC and storage are protected!!
walls to prevent close in flings!!!
Turrents are covered!!!
rgs around the center!!!
Non-essental buildings on the outside!!!

this will dissuade most casual farmers and give you a resonable defense
so, may your bases never again be noob bases

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