War Commander Detailed Defending Guide

War Commander Detailed Defending Guide by Mutilate

This is a guide for others to help increase their base reliability against other people or rf attacks. Please give me constructive criticism and not spam.

–Units protection–

Like Backyard Monsters, WC allows you to place your units wherever you want. However, your units can be baited out by other units. So, how do you solve it?
Solution 1. Place them in range of towers, gun turrents are preferred.

Reasons: Gun turrents prevents them from just using a small group of units to bait them out.
Mortar towers are too slow and can be avoided.

Solution 2: Mix your units

Reasons: Rocket launchers can destroy far ranged units. Heavy gunners and flamethrowers can destroy tanks and hercules (not preferred) can defend against air.

Solution 3. Keep them close to your control center.

Reasons: This makes the attacker have a harder time because they will get in range of your turrents.

A good example is below:

–Tower placement–
1. Disillusion
2. Towers
3. Pictures


Disillusion has been used in BYM and is now commontly used for hiding towers behind building to surprise enemies.
(You can also hide infantry and vehicles)

The picture below is an example of a turrent behind a CC.
The only way to attack it is the damage the CC to more then half health then start attacking it.


Your base will be defenseless without towers. Towers are the most important building when defending.

Mortar Tower

Cost to build: 1000 metal, 800 oil
Mortar towers are the furthest range towers. Place them wiseless, preferrable nearer to the CC.


Gun turrents
Cost to build: 850 metal, 425 oil
Gun turrents fire 50 rounds, load and fire again. Most preferred against small groups of strong units.



Towers should be close enough to overlapp each others ranges and not too close to prevent tank waves.

Some good yards you might like:

Dave killa / Freddie

My own yard



At the moment, wall are weak so it is easy to destroy them and you can shoot above them.
However, are walls really that useless? You will learn all about walls and how to use it properly.

Walls can be used to prevent your attacker from sending their units closer to your base so your towers will damage them more and they will waste time.

Here is an example:

The red circle show the place enemy would fling his/her units if not for the walls and the green circle shows the place where the enemy would fling due to the walls.

Credits: Ben Palmer

If your attacker is noob, walls will make them path around the blocks.

Here is an example:

The red circle shows where the units will be deployed and how they path if no one moves them.

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