Crystal Saga Blessed Bath Basic Guide

Crystal Saga Blessed Bath Basic Guide by Zerrif

What is the Blessed Bath?

The Blessed Bath is an instance available to players of minimum Level 30. You can access this instance by talking to the Mystic Priest (Event) NPC in Starglade (Located at: (Starglade X: 113, Y: 82))

What are the rewards for partaking in this event?

For participating in this event, you gain Level-Based EXP. There are no item drops.

What monsters / bosses are there to kill?

There are no monsters or bosses to kill in the Blessed Bath.

What are the mechanics of this instance?

The Blessed Bath is a unique instance in that you do not fight any NPC’s. Instead, you are fighting to survive as long as you can. Inside the instance, you cannot use any buffs, skills, or potions. Your pets cannot use their skills, either. Any pre-existing buffs or potions will be removed when you enter. The only way to heal yourselves (and your group members) is to use the Holy Water item (it will appear in your inventory once you enter the instance.)

The instance starts when the leader talks to the NPC. Once s/he begins the event, any player that is further than HALFWAY across the bridge will begin to take damage periodically (approximately every 3 seconds). For each tick of damage you take, you gain Level-Based EXP

(My party is standing in the DANGER zone of the bridge, meaning they’re taking damage, but gaining EXP!)

The amount of damage you take is proportional to your maximum HP– so having tons of HP will not help you. As stated before, any buffs pre-applied will be removed when you go in, so those cannot help you either. The amount of HP healed by Holy Water also depends on your maximum HP, and your Heal rating will not boost this– so everyone will have the same healing power.

When you use the Holy Water, a Targeting Circle will appear as if you are casting an Area-of-Effect spell. Remember that you can accidentally line-of-sight party members over the bridge with the circle, so try to make sure your group is clumped up to gain the most healing.

As the bath goes on, these areas will be outlined in blue, called Athenian Thunder. After 2 seconds, lightning will strike the area, and deal a large chunk of damage! Avoid these at all costs.

How can I complete this instance successfully?

The majority of the group should bunch around the half of the bridge that is near to the 6 stones. You will still take damage in this area (thus gain EXP), but stay relatively close to your safe zone, so you can run back as necessary. This also helps keep everyone in your line of sight, so that they can get healed. Each party member will gain a Holy Water item, and as said before it is the only way to heal the constant damage you’ll be taking.

(The empty part of the bridge is the SAFE ZONE– standing here means you take NO damage, but gain NO exp)

When you drop down to under 3 hits (watch your current health. If you have 900 total health, and take 400 damage a tick, you will die in 3 hits), run to the safe side of the bridge. DO NOT run around the corner– you will get line-of-sighted and not get healed. Stay on that side of the bridge until you get healed 2-3 times, and then run back. You should also run to the safe zone if lightning is about to strike the end of the bridge.

The instance ends when you receive a message that ends with “You feel rich with energy”. At this time, dozens of lightning strikes spawn, and you no longer take damage / gain exp.

Tips for making this instance easier:

  • Stagger your heals. Define an order for the first couple of rotations (Player 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5).
  • Separate “heals” by 3-4 ticks of damage. That means after player 1 heals, player 2 should wait about 3-4 ticks of damage, then heal. This helps avoid “double healing”, meaning 2 players will be on cooldown at once.
  • It is better to heal late instead of healing early. Why? Overhealing. If a player has 9900/10000 health, and you heal them for 2100, 2000 of that healing is wasted! Late healing at least assures every point of health healed is used.
  • Do your best NOT to die. If you die, you make it harder for the group– because they’ll be short a healer.
  • Avoid lightning at all costs! It’s extra damage you don’t need to take, since it doesn’t give exp for getting hit! (See a later post on page 2 with a link to proper safe zone standing!)
  • The coordinates (X:42 Y:33) are IDEAL. You can stand here and gain exp (by which you’ll take damage), but never get hit by lightning.
  • Drag the holy water onto your skillbar for easy use. When you enter for the second time, you will need to remove the old holy water, and replace it with the new one, or the hotkey will not work!
  • Stay in line of sight, so a) You can heal everyone and b) they can heal you! It’s the only way to maximize your EXP gain.

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    3 – 3 – 4 – 3 for 4 People bath

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    is it 3-3-3-2-2 or 3-3-2-3-2?

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