Crystal Saga Party System Guide

Crystal Saga Party System Guide by NightNight


Once again I, NightNight, bring you a guide. In the past you’ve seen my guides about Private Shops and Guild Management. Today, I bring you a guide on the Party System.

Here is the list of the buttons and their functions

  • The list of the party’s in your area. Double click on one to request joining the party.
  • The ”Join Party” Button, it has the same function as double clicking on a party name in the party list.
  • The ”Refresh” Button, it refreshes your area’s party list.
  • The ”Create Party” Button, clicking it will set you as a party leader and you will be able to add members to your party. I’ll explain this later on.
  • Your Party’s name, you can change it at any time.
  • The ”Leave Party” Button, clicking on this button will make your character leave the party. If you are the Party Leader, another person will e assigned as the Party Leader.
  • The ”Disband Party” Button, as a party leader, clicking this button will disband your party, wich means that everyone will leave the party and that you will need to join or create a new party to be in a party.
  • The Free-For-All loot option, clicking on this will enable the pick up of items of any colors for everyone without rolling. This means that the fastest clicker gets the item(s).
  • The Party Loot option. Clicking this will enable the party members to Pass or Roll on the Item(s) that anyone in the party picks up in your current location. I’ll explain this more later on.
  • The Party Loot Sub setting, the ”Green” mean that any item that is trimmed with Green or better will be placed in the Roll or Pass System.

Adding members to your party
If you want to add new members to your party you will need to click on their avatar or name and then select ”Invite to Party” option from the menu. The player will then need to approve the party invite request.

The Party Loot System
When you select ”Party Loot” option in the Party Settings the following will occur upon clicking on an item that is on the floor:
The item will show in a box at the bottom of your screen, with two(2) options. the first option says ”Roll” and the second says ”Pass”
If you click on ”Roll” you will roll a percentile dice(1 – 100). The player that rolled the highest number gets the item.
If you click on ”Pass” you will not roll on the item, this means that you will not get the item, unless everyone passes, then you have a small chance(1 out of 5) of getting the item.
Also, at the bottom of this box there is a time bar, this bar will fill up in approximately 60Seconds, if you do not choose an option before the bar fills up, you will automatically Pass.

If you see any errors in this guide please let me know, I accept any suggestion to improve this guide.
Kind regards,

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