Crystal Saga Sengolia Battleground Basic Guide

Crystal Saga Sengolia Battleground Basic Guide by Humpybunny1

Sengolia is a level 30+ even which you can participate in at 15:00 and 19:00 server time

The goal of Sengolia is to destroy the other team’s crystal

Rewards are 240 honor 20 bronze badges and 1 silver badge

Loser or tie receive 80 honor 10 bronze badges 0 silver badge

You can also obtain more silver badges by killing people which give you 3 points per kill and you can get 1 point per 5 minutes not AFK inside sengolia

30 points you get 1 extra silver Minimum 6 kills

50 points 2 extra Minimum 13 kills

75 points 3 extra Minimum 20 kills

100 points 4 extra Minimum 30 kills

Some classes can get kill very easily and some cannot I would try to Aoe people if you can or go 1v1 so You do not want people to Ks you But best of all is if you attack the other team’s crystal for a quick win. If you didn’t know already last hit gets kill in sengolia just a quick note

Most server usually have 1 team dominant at least in my experience so if your on the dominant team i recommend aiming for the crystal otherwise you can defend

Plus if the non-dominant team don’t attack you might as well help your team out instead of standing at crystal all the time.

There are other parts to Sengolia like the Spirit/Demon Guardians but they’re not beneficial so I would just ignore them

There are also towers these give exp as you kill them but in my experience the exp is not that great maybe 1-2% also you get damage periodically around them so I usually
ignore them unless neither team’s attacking.

The Best Strategy In Sengolia in my opinion is if both sides attack the crystal but if you are in a situation where your team doesn’t do that and you think it’ll be a tie anyways I would farm silvers that’s my opinion and also attack crystal before you attack towers!exp is minimal at best

Here are some pictures below

This is the npc you accept the reward from there is a different npc for the demon faction but i am on spirit this time

This is the crystal/towers for spirit team there’s one for demon also but i don’t wanna put too many pictures

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