Allods Online Tank Warrior Guide

Allods Online Tank Warrior Guide by dalisra

0. Content
1. Version & Updates
2. Introduction
3. About Author
4. Disclaimer

5. General Tips
6. Warrior Tips

7. Tanking Stats
8. Tanking Spec
8.1. Spell Tree
8.2. Powerful Blow Tree
8.3. Charge Tree
8.4. Slash Tree
8.5. Rest of the Rubies

9. Gear
9.1. Oreshek Fortress Drops
9.2. Darkblood Citadel Drops
9.3. Castle Blight Drops
10. Addons
11. The End

1. -==Version & Updates==-

1.5 – Added loot from Castle Blight.
1.4 – Changed looks a bit, added Darkblood Citadel loot.
1.3 – Added loot that drops in Oreshek Fortress.
1.2 – Improved tank build.
1.1 – Added information about stats.
1.0 – First version.

2. -==Introduction==-

Most of this thread is about Warrior Tanking in Heroic Dungeons. I will try to fill this guide inn with more information about Astral, once my team gets there. I will try to keep this thread up to date, and once I find some free time I will be adding more information. I also made a list of all warrior drops in heroic dungeons, and that is useful not only for tanks, but for every warrior spec. I added paired weapon, 2h weapon and even some level 39 leather items that are good for warriors.

3. -==About Author==-

My name is Dal. I have played many different MMORPGs, the one that I played most is World of Warcraft. I started Allods with warrior called Dalia on ZAK realm and been playing with it up until now, this is my first charracter in Allods, and I realy enjoy playing it. I can understand Russian language (not that well but still), and I have friends that have played Allods for a long time, they know a lot about this game and they help me out with all aspects of the game. In this guide I will try to share my knowledge with the rest of you who are interested in Warrior Tanks.

4. -==Disclaimer==-

My Guides or Tips might not be suited for everyone, and if you don’t like them don’t use them. I will be sharing my own thoughts, so you dont have to do the way I say, if you dont like it. I am pretty sure there are lots of people who will dissagree with me on certain things, and that is okay as long as you create a constructive and explaining reply.

5. -==General Tips==-

1. For people who play a lot and wants to level their character fast: Fatigue resets every day at 4am(or was it 5am?) GMT, so only Rest before you go offline and know that you wont come online before reset or right before reset.
Explanation: Lets say you are level 14, you have gathered 10k fatigue, and you need 10k experience to get to level 15. Now you could spend those 10k fatigue and get your level right away, but then your leveling will slow down, why? It’s simple: the lower level you are when you kill monsters the more experience you get. If you are still lvl 14 and continue with your quests, killing monster will give you 100% exp, but if you are lvl 15 and you continue with same quests, you will get arround 70% exp. Even quests sometimes give you reduced ammount of exp when you get too high level compared to your quest. However there are exceptions to this rule, for example if you struggle killing mobs at lvl 13, you should use your fatigue to get to lvl 14 asap and get reputation gear, that way you will kill monsters much faster and gain more exp.

2. Get reputation gear! Believe me, it’s worth doing those repeatable quests over and over again. I have seen so many players who complain that they can’t kill mobs their level or level above, but once they get rep gear they start to brag how they kill monsters in 1-2 hits. Hardest levels will be the ones right before you can equip reputation gear: 9, 13, etc..

//TODO: Add more tips.

6. -==Warrior Tips==-

1. Don’t levelup as tank, it will be hard to levelup, rather go as dps (2h or paired) and change spec once you get to lvl 40(if you still want to be tank). However it is possible to levelup as tank, seen many people doing it, but I would not suggest it. People are doing normal instances mostly just to get quests, and most often with help from a higher level players. There are no dungeons like in WoW which you can do and levelup while doing them, real dungeons where you need a tank starts only at lvl 40. Even priest that is several levels higher than mobs in the dungeon can tank it.

2. Don’t believe people who say that Warriors can’t tank, or that Paladins are better tanks. Warriors are tanks that are needed in most cases. Once you get to level 40, you will have about 1 month of farming in heroic dungeons (while your ship is building) and for those heroic dungeons, warrior is the best tank. Only later in Astral you will find few bosses that hit very hard and slow, and for those bosses Paladins are better. However there are still plenty of bosses in Astral that do light damage but hits fast, in which case warrior is better tank.

//TODO: Add more tips.

7. -==Tanking Stats==-

The only and one stat that you will be missing at lvl 40 is Luck, so put all your points in Luck, simple as that. Rest of the stats you will get from the gear.

Primary Warrior stats:
Strength: Increases your damage.
Finesse: Increases your damage by ignoring enemies armor.
Expertise: Increases your hit chance, and improves your healing abilities, by ignoring wound complexity.
Luck: Increases chance to do critical strike and reduces chance to get glancing blow.

Warrior stats that are important for tanking:
Stamina: Increases life.
Endurance: Reduces the chance to get a critical strike from mobs, and increases the chance to get glancing blow.
Agility: Increases dodge rating.

Warrior stats that have some impact on tanking:
Willpower: Increases chance to resist control abilities, and reduces the duration of such abilities used on you.
Rage: Increases wound complexity.

8. -==Tanking Specc==-

Lets go in detail through this spec. I will only talk about spells and talents that are important to a warrior tank.

8.1. .::Spell Tree::.

Tier 1:
Powerful Blow: It’s one of the main damage spells that generates you combat energy. Max it.
Charge: Only good for leveling. Leave it at lvl 1.
Slash: Useless. Leave it at lvl 1.

Tier 2:
Agonizing Blow: One of the strongest finishing moves. Max it.

Tier 3:
Malicious Blow: Aoe tanking spell. (Tooltip is wrong, instead of restoring energy it has a 35% chance to give you same buff as Shield Sweep does – Impenetrable Barrier). Max it.
Shield Sweep – Aoe tanking finishing move with an awsome buff. Keep it at rank 1, since further putting points in this skill does not improve it.

Tier 4:
Roundhouse – Here tooltip is wrong again. Inflicts damage and has a 35% chance to cause bleeding effect. If target is knocked down damage is increased by 75% and chance to cause bleeding is twice as big. (So on knocked down targets you have 70% chance to add bleeding effect).
This spell has a long cooldown, so use it everytime its off cooldown and try to hit targets that are knocked down. (Remember, Agonizing Blow gives 50% more damage on targets that are bleeding).
Bonk – Finishing attack that does damage, knocks down and stuns, pretty awsome attack. Though it’s only good in PvP and on trash mobs. We will put all extra points in here.
Wrist Breaker – dissarms your target, important spell, use on bosses as often as you can, reduces their damage. Max it.

Tier 5:
Gut Punch – Finishing move that silences your target. Important spell fighting against casters. Use it as often as possible on casters. Max it.

You will have three points left. You can put them anywhere you like. I suggest getting Viscious Spin to increase AOE damage.

Now lets go throught the talents.

8.2. .::Powerful Blow tree::.

Important things to get here are Augmented Armor (5% more armor), Shield Slam (attack with shield), Defence Mastery 2x(25% increased block) and Solid Defence stance that gives you a reduced chance to recieve critical strike by 66% (this is the main aura that you will be tanking bosses with). To get those it’s pretty simple, on the way you get some bonuses to your stats and few spells that are very usefull for tanking.
Make sure to use Take Cover spell each time before pulling, because you can’t use it in combat.

Here is my old spec (which worked great too) with Grapple instead of Defence Mastery and Shield Slam:
This is the spec that I started tanking heroics in.

8.3. .::Charge Tree::.

Here you need to get at least lvl 1 Insult, tauting ability.
Renewed Vitality – stance that reduces damage –  (if your tooltip says it reduces damage by 1000%, all it does is just takes away 1000 damage from the hit, for example: lets say monster hits you for 1.2k, then you will get only 200 damage, since that aura reduces damage taken by 1000). The amount damage is reduced by depends on how much endurance you have.
Then few passive abilities like Invincible, Die Hard, Living Armor and one realy important one – Augmented Armor.
Adrenaline Rush and Furious Regeneration spells speak for themself.

Now many will start to wonder why I do not take two talents that increases my dodge by 50% – Evasion Expert, it’s simple: right now my gear has realy low agility on it, my dodge is close to 0%, so it’s just waste of rubies to try to get those talents. However if later in game I will get gear that has lots of agility and my dodge rating will go up then I will consider taking those talents. (To give you example how this talent works: lets say you have 10% to dodge, and with those two talents you would increase your dodge by 50% which would at the end give you 15% chance to dodge).

8.4. .::Slash Tree::.

Cruelty – most important spell, increases your aggro by 400% for 20 seconds, and only 30 second cooldown, use it all the time.
Motivating Prescence: Increases mana regeneration to all your party members by 400% for 15sec and restores your energy (I think it gives you arround 60 energy).
Augmented Armor that increases your armor by 5%. On the way you will get 5% more strength, Blade Mastery and Skillfull Parry skills, which all are good for tanking.
Intimidation – straight forward spell, prevents target from attacking for 20 seconds, does not work on bosses.
Protect the Weak – another important tanking spell. You put this spell on someone in your party (it lasts forever and you can change your target in combat), usualy on the one who generates a lot of aggro (you cant put it on other warriors or paladins), it will reduce his/her aggro by 15%, on top of that each time party member who has this spell on him gets damage your cooldown on Intimidate and Insult are reduced by 50%.

8.5. .::Rest of the Rubies::.

Once you get to level 40, you will see that you will still be missing about 3 rubies. You will be able to get those rubies once you do the last World Mystery Quests. I would suggest getting Skillful Parry to rank two(50%), get 5% more stamina and Protect The Weak (they all are in Slash Tree).

So full tank tree would look something like this:

If instead of Protect The Weak spell you want to take Master Basher spell, you could take Ram instead of one empty rubie:

Full Grapple tree would look something like this:

9. -==Gear==-

You can start doing Heroics at lvl 38, while it is impossible to tank at that level, you still might be able to join with your friends or guild if they have an open spot, as damage dealer. Before you start doing heroics you need to get as much lvl 36 gear as possible (rep gear mostly), however it takes some time to get reputation gear, since there are only few rep quests and you can do them only once per day. Loot in heroics is lvl 38-39 (lvl 39 gear is epic, and has purple collor, in Astral and some lvl 40 raid bosses dropp lvl 40 gear). Usualy lvl 39 gear dropps only from last bosses in heroic instances.

Some of the info about gear you can find in

I will try to create a list of all the loot you can find in heroic dungeons that fits warriors and list them up below.

9.1. .::Oreshek Fortress::.

-Combat Troll (1st Boss)-
Cloak (38): Salvaged Velvet Drapes
Ring (38): Ring of the Searing Eye
Bracers (38): Vambraces of the Conspirator
Earings (38): Sturds of the Status Seeker

-Osip Kushinin (2nd Boss)-
Sword 2h (38):
Gloves (38):
Spear 1h (38):

-Timur Dustrov (3rd Boss)-
Crossbow (38):
Paired Swords (38):‘s-sabers

-Gudimir Belsky (Last Boss)-
Crossbow (39):‘s-crossbow
Ring (39):
Sword 2h (39):‘s-enforcer
Paired Maces (39):

I will also add leather drops from this boss (lvl 39) that warriors can use until they get Plate ones. (Difference is just amount armor).
Leather Boots (39):
Leather Belt (39):

-Trash in Oreshek-
Trinket (38):‘s-trinket
Right now this trinket dosnt work, but once fixed this trinket will increase chance to parry and block by 100% for 20sec.

9.2. .::Darkblood Citadel::.

-Carlos de Douceur(1st Boss)-
Spear 2h (38):
Shoulders (38):
Bracers (38):
Boots (38):
Head (38):
Shield (38):

-Huge Twilight Tarantula (2nd Boss)-
Paired Maces(38):

-Twilight Shadow (3rd Boss)-
Looks like this bow is not working, since it has no stats on it.
Sword 1h(38):
Spear 1h(38):

-Armando de Doucer(Last Boss)-
Mace 1h(39):
Paired Sword‡(39):

Leather Bracers(39):
Leather Gloves(39):

-Trash Mobs-
Trinket (40):
This trinket has 15 sec cooldown, a must have trinket for every PvP warrior out there, makes you invincible (heals critt you for 36k hp).

9.3. .::Castle Blight::.

-Lord Fetidflesh (1st Boss)-
Sword 2h(38):

-Andrian Valir-
Mace 1h(38):

-Ghost of the White Knight-
Paired Swords(38):
Paired Axes(38):
Spear 1h(38):

-Mor’Ghuun (Last Boss)-
Paired Fist Weapons(39):‘s-grasps
Paired Axes(39):
Spear 2h(39):
Axe 2h(39):

Leather Shoulders(39):
Leather Head(39):

Couldn’t find any loot from trash mobs in this dungeon.

//TODO: Add a list of the loot from the rest of the heroics.

10. -==Addons==-

Right now addons are not supported. Though it is still posible to get few old ones. You can read more about it in russian forums: (text in english)

11. -==The End==-

I know it’s far from beeing a full tanking warrior guide (I will keep adding more info to it if I see that this is usefull). I just wanted to post and see what response I will get. Thanks for reading, if you have any questions you can ask me both on forums or in-game.

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