Allods Online Warden Two Hand Mace Spec Build

Allods Online Warden Two Hand Mace Spec Build by rayzinx

Hello fellow wardens!
Im happy to show you my build of Two hand mace build :)
General Knowledge
Burst Nuke damage
Great at killing mobs if specced right
Melee damage is about 75% dmg of a warrior in my opinion which is beast for a warden
Reveal Invulnerability if your best friend :)
Loss of mana so quick you will piss your pants when see how fast we lose our mana
Wisdom is needed for high pet damage and also finesse


Starting off with the build
This class when used right can be a pvp massacre I can beat almost any class around my level except melee healers :( haha. The main point of this build is dps so hard before your mana runs out. Luck plays a beautiful role in our class and should always be kept at a high amount 20%+. YOU NEED WISDOM I REPEAT WISDOM = FRIEND
It is so important because its our finesse. Armor penetration will also be good so we can have extra damage with our pets. Int should be at a general average you dont really need int as much as the other stats but you dont want it to be REALLY LOW. Perception also plays a big role in our class try to get it below 15% miss in my suggestion. Because if you miss theres not point in actually wasting your attacks because we run out of mana and if you miss your attack IT WILL COUNT FOR NOTHING . The reason why we use two hand maces is to deal massive amounts of damage in short amount of time . Lighting and Vortex damage is extra which causes our mana drain. Our pet is just extra damage which plays a big role.

————–1 – 20————–

1- 20 should be a pain because you dont really get to use two handed maces but its doable make sure you get a good weapon im not sure what you can do during these levels because I went fist build during those levels and decided to respec to two hand mace at level 20 to try it out. One thing I can suggest is use Call lighting and use your pets command attacks. While those are in your attack rotation whack them with your staff or fist with Bears blow for the extra dps.
Your talent build and skills should look like this at level 20.
Reveal Invulnerability is why this build was made possible that 150% extra damage on your next melee hit is so beautiful. When I was around 25 I could crit 2 – 8k damage with a twohand mace which is just incredible.
Bee swarm is like your bread with your butter this is the Wardens disorient spell which annoys the ( Potty mouth ) out of all the classes. 12 Seconds of pure whackage with your mace = wins
Sorry for such low detail on this section :(

————–20 – 30————–

This is when the fun starts . When your level 20 remember to get your first two hand mace at lab thirteen hehe its just pure sexy . … y41vo1s20g
that should be your talents at by level 30
Bears blow will be your main attack as a two hand spec.
Renew should be rank 3 as of somewhere in between now. It is our HOT ( As of now renew is 15 minutes but in the future they may change into a healing buff that last 10 seconds and its a 1 minute cool down I cant tell if this is bad or good it might ruin parties a bit but I saw in a video a person getting ticks of 20 – 80k per seconds and was taking on 5 people soooooo its still squishy)!~–_MA (Video for new renew)
Natures touch is 45% bonus healing to our hot so its really good :)
Always get int gear/trinket and use renew and change back your old equips. As a level 30 I was ticking about 1 – 2.6k each 6 seconds which is really good.
Aqua vitae should be at rank 2 as well as this is our LIFE SAVER.
Ive gotten 10 – 15k HP ticks and gotten to full hp in many fights its like they have to kill 2 Wardens :) Killing 1 is already hard enough hehehehehehe.
Great hunt rank 3 is needed at level 30 because of the 15% Extra damage from the talents which is beast for 20 seconds :).
Snake blow is required as well as you can hit and run every 5 seconds causing some classes not to attack you if used correctly.
Call of the Wild is a must because of the dps on it 3 Bestial clones = Win Also eats through Mages barriers and illusions making them getting owned by wardens :)
Oak bark is just so we can take 50% phys damage out of every monster for 12 seconds which is really nice. Also if you have the orc racial it stacks taking out a whooping 75% phyical damage and 50% magic damage out of every ones a attack and it splits to our pet. SO if a warrior was about to crit you for 10k it will be 2.5k instead WHICH IS A LIFE SAVER AS WELL.
That should be all you need to know as of 20 – 30

————–30-40————– … y41vo1s20g
( I spent the 3 extra rubies on Lighting mastery because it helps like a beast if you do plan on getting those rubies IF THEY DO happen to fix the buggyness so you do not have to respec in the future.) These rubies as of now are REALLY hard to get such as getting judge rank and etc etc.
This is when it starts getting a bit tricky MANA drain will be so hectic but our dps will be so good it wont matter.
Boars blow should be rank 3 by now as it will be used as a starting attack and is very useful because of the knockdown. Only thing stopping it to be main attack is the 18 CD the damage is stronger then Wolf’s blow attack range.
Aqua Morte should be at rank 2 by now and if used correctly can be devastating to almost all classes and Group pvp. First use great hunt and make your pet attack the opponent. Usually after 2 – 4 hits they should have an open wound causing them to bleed. When they get to 40% hp pop on at there face and whatever they heal turns into damage. :) Then BOOM they explode and die
At level 40 you should also have static charge at rank 2 for that extra 100% damage when you lighting strike after you use vortex which is just really beast. Lighting rod should be rank 3 as well as it will make your cool downs lower causing you to able to use Vortex every 8 seconds instead of 20 and Lighting strike every 2.8 seconds .



Warriors in general will try to charge at you at almost all times and try to catch you off guard while fighting a mob. If that what happens use these skills in these orders.
Rank 1 Rip 3 sec stun
Call of wild extra dps
Activate Great hunt 65% Extra Damage for your pet for 20 seconds and 45% chance to inflit Open Wound. Also during those 20 seconds you get the 15% melee attack bonus.
After those three are established if you got static charge from talents use Vortex and switch off with lighting strike. ( Lighting will be at 2.8 seconds delay and vortex will be at 8 seconds delay which will be extra fast burst damage .)
As you keep the Lighting and Vortex rotation run through the warrior in multiple directions and whack him with Bears blow and Boars blow whenever Boars blow is on CD use Bears blow.
Use Rip whenever you can during the fight.
If you happen to run low in hp during the fight use aqua vitae as it can almost always restore me to full hp at most times . ( Faith becomes a big roll when in healing.
Also if you can throw in a Lethargy potion into his face with an open wound AND I REPEAT IT will mess with there skills so bad and it will mess up there attack rotation.
35% attack speed lower HOW YA LIKE MEH NOW


Almost the same as fighting a Warrior ^^^^^ but instead they heal :( . Shouldnt be hard at all to kill for people around your level if you happen to get them to 40% Pop a Aqua morte in there face and they will regret ever fighting a warden ever again :).
When fighting a paladin when they charge at you use Vortex as it stop them because its a holy spell! (Founded by lamontx) THANKS BUDDY!


This is how it goes for scout . As this class WILL ALWAYS TRY TO CATCH YOU OFF GUARD. First they will and ALWAYS use knockdown arrows with double shot if they happen to stunlock you and NOT Kill you before there arrows run out heres what you do.
Get your pet to rip so they will get a 3 second stun. Do what you basically do for dps Bears Blow/ Boars Blow
Add in Lighting/Vortex rotation
When you do happen to get to low hp AQUA VITAE PLOXER.
BEE SWARM when there about 50% hp as they will run and give you enough time to finish them.


In this case most likely you will be fighting a caster and they will be trying to kite you.
Basically all they are trying to do is run and kill you before you actually attack them.
If your in this situation this is when Snakes blow comes in handy.
As they are running away trying to kite you
Command your pet to use RIP as i call (REST IN PEACE )
After that snakes blow there face so they cannot run like a (I HAVE POTTY MOUTH)
ALWAYS KEEP GREAT HUNT up and do what you always do in terms of dps and keep snakes blow on them AT ALL TIMES.
Once at 40% or so pop an AQUA MORTE on there face and they will go cry and explode into a billion pieces as they will try to Aqua vitae hehehe :).
BEE SWARM there pet as it will be annoying having a little ( I HAVE POTTY MOUTH ) slapping you.


Our EASIEST class to kill.
BEE SWARM them as they you will have 12 SECONDS TO BREAK THERE BARRIERS :)
Call of Wild Rank 3 Will make this classes barriers drop SO FAST like a (I HAVE POTTY MOUTH) (I HAVE POTTY MOUTH) (I HAVE POTTY MOUTH)(I HAVE POTTY MOUTH)
After you break all there barriers with fast attacks and your attack rotations you should be able to keel them. If they teleport use your pet and command rip.
While you are fighting a mage USE VORTEX as much as possible it will annoy the (I HAVE POTTY MOUTH) out of them.


Basically a Mage but with Heals and a pet.
When fighting a Summoner
Grants you automatic pwnage to the Summoner as there pet will flee and you can dps on them for 12 seconds.
Just normal DPS rotation when fighting a summoner.
When at 40% Pop an aqua morte ( BOOM EXPLODE ) GG PWN


Generally 99% of the population of healers are melee healers. This is what you do when you fight one. I have REALLY HARD times killing these guys as they heal way too fast before you can dps. But with Aqua morte anything is possible.
Great hunt plays the biggest role as you need them to have a open wound. When your pet attacks them and they you see a open wound tick the Aqua morte when there pot is on causing them to lose life. Before putting the aqua morte i usually tick my int trinket so it can cause them to lose more life during aqua morte. Generally you can kill these guys but you have to be prepared as they dps and heal at the same time! Vortex is also your friend :)


For psi:
(if you see it first)
1) Target psi
2) cast vortex then rip
3) ????
4) win.
(if he/they/she sees you first)
1) if the psi is good he will shockwave you then cc your pet
2) when shockwave is done he has mental twin up. if you see hypnosis on your pet, cast recall
3) when your pet comes out of recall cast call of the wild
4) ???
5) win.
free cg (founded by lamontx)


Hope you wardens try this new spec I will respond to the comments below sorry if it is really messy and hard to understand my grammar is terrible. I will be adding more and fixing stuff as time goes along :)
If you have any questions feel free to ask ! Im willing to help ya! Also if you have any other builds similair and that you think are better im will be willing to accept them and improve this Warden build to make it the best it can be.
If you have any questions feel free to ask ! Im willing to help ya!
( If i am changing the the links and tweaking it will mean that im trying to improve these builds to the best to its ability) As of now its a something to try out and in general it works out for me . Making the warden class new to play besides the caster or fist.
Wow I cant believe I wrote 2144 Words I wish i had this dedication in school

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