Allods Online General Warrior Guide

Allods Online General Warrior Guide by apatheus


As in most MMOs, the Warrior tends to have the damage to be a good DPS class and the survivability to be a good tanker as well; Allods is no exception. The Warrior is a melee class with the ability to wield a large assortment of weapons to deal damage as well as being able to wear plate armor to tank.

Warriors do not use a mana pool for their attacks, instead they use a 100/100 energy bar (adjusted to 115 while using perfume). This energy bar goes up at a rate of 20 energy every 2 seconds. Most of your attacks will consume a certain amount of energy while others require Combat Advantage on top of that. You have attacks that use energy but give you Combat Advantage as well. With Combat Advantage you gain the ability to perform additional attacks. Learning to time your attacks based on your Combat Advantage is a vital key to your success as a Warrior.

**About the Author**

Because the fame and attention is the sole purpose of this guide(just kidding).

I’ve been playing Allods from Closed Beta 4 under the IGN Apatheus. I did not gain much of my experience from CB as I never went for level cap as I was experimenting with classes. However I was lucky enough to have been in two great guilds in which I learned the ropes and more. The majority of my time spent as a Warrior was consumed by tanking heroics, astral allods and raids.

I write this guide as a way of giving back to the great community that helped me when I was clueless and as a thanks to the game that gave me many enjoyable experiences. I do not dare to say this guide is anywhere near completion as I imagine, with the help of the community, there will always be more to add, fix and update.

**Table of Contents**

1. Builds

2. Talents

3. Ruby Abilities

4. Leveling


6. PvPing

7. Experimentation

8. FAQ

9. End notes


Everyone was spoon-fed at one point in their lives.

I will post several general builds and discuss changes that could be made. Always try to feel out builds for yourself as it makes you a better player and lets you make customized changes when you need to.


Endurance/Stamina: … vhy8q304w3

This is a basic Endurance/Stamina setup. Many things can be changed here to better suit your needs:

Powerful Blow Tree: You may notice the excessive use of rubies that are blank or unnecessary (Take Cover). You can remove this WHOLE bottom-right area and use it elsewhere or pick and choose between more stamina or health. If you require more damage output you can instead get the other Powerful Blow ruby across the blank space or move up and snag the Finesse/Expertise rubies.

Charge Tree: There are not many changes that could be made. You do not need to make the branching-off to the right from that Finesse ruby if you do not want to, but Arm Breaker, Reinforced Skull and that extra Strength ruby can come in handy.

Slash Tree: There is a good amount of customization that can be made in this tree. If you have trouble keeping aggro from certain members you may choose to pick up points in Stalwart Defense or you could break off from Cruelty and pick up Inciting Shot to pick up more monsters. If you need a short-term CC you can move down and pick up Intimidation (although I do not recommend it).

Agility(Dodge-Tanking): … 71y82384w3

This is a basic Dodge-Tanking setup. As mentioned above, Agility affects your dodge, block, and parry chances. This makes picking up the dodge and block rubies VERY important (I choose not to pick up the parry rubies as parry is not substantial damage mitigation and since rubies are so tight in Dodge builds, they can be better utilized elsewhere).

Powerful Blow Tree: Not much room for change. You could attempt to reach the stamina or armor rubies or Blade mastery but you may have to give up something vital, which is not recommended. Solid Defense and Take Cover may be worthwhile; I did not put them into the general build as I hear from many tanks that Take Cover does not last long enough to make the rubies worthwhile and Solid Defenses was not working properly(If this is incorrect and Solid Defenses is working properly then I would only recommend it during fights against bosses and slow/hard hitters).

Charge Tree: Again, not tons of change as the Dodge rubies are pretty much required. Stony Resilience is also very important.

Slash Tree: If you have threat issues you can pick up Stalwart Defense. Parry rubies are not picked up for reasons explained above.


The beauty of DPS builds is that they are flexible enough for solid PvP and Off-Tanking if done properly.

Two-Hand: … vhy8230gw3

Paired: … vhy8230gw3

The above builds do not focus heavily on Off-Tanking, but they allow for good PvPing as well as great DPS.

The main difference between a paired Warrior and a 2H Warrior is the Talent tree. A paired Warrior will generally have Bulldozer in their build and 2H Warriors normally have Arcing Blow and Kick (if they choose to) and tend to not use Bulldozer as it is not efficient energy usage.

If you wanted more of a Off-Tank-friendly build I would recommend putting some points in Malicious Blow and Sweeping Strike to help your AoE tanking abilities.

Powerful Blow Tree: The two Blade Mastery rubies are large boosts to your DPS as Powerful Blow is your bread and butter (the boost to Arcing blow is great for the 2H Warriors too). Picking up Lucky Strikes can be worthwhile for 2H Warriors. You can go for Golden Blade if you so choose, but it’s not major.

Charge Tree: Taking the generic loop around to Stony Resilience is recommended as there is some good stuff there. You can pick up Intimidate to help with your Off-Tanking ability. I like breaking off from the Finesse ruby and getting Reinforced Skull, Improved disarm and the strength ruby for the extra damage boost.

Slash Tree: Nothing much else of use here. You could get Battle Frenzy for PvP (not recommended) or branch off from Intimidation and pick up Inciting Shot and Trained fighter for the DPS boost.


Although you can get away with spamming two abilities, it’s not always the best choice.

Here I will cover all of the talent tree abilities and a brief description of each.

Powerful Blow – Your bread and butter no matter what the spec. This will be your primary method of gaining Combat Advantage and dealing damage. Max it as early as possible.

Charge – This move is useful in PvP when you need to get up close to your target. It is not limited to PvP however as being able to get to monsters faster can help you tank or begin DPSing faster. Putting more points into this talent is generally only useful for reduced cool-down time. If you like to PvP I say max it, if not, it doesn’t hurt to skip over.

Jagged Slice – Deals little damage and adds a strong bleed effect. Generally useless as the effect is nothing jaw-dropping and it is not very energy-efficient. Don’t bother unless you are experimenting with some bleed-intensive spec.

Rapid Slash – Follow-up attack after Powerful Blows, Hacks and Arcing Blow. Deals little damage, but adds Combat Advantage. Some people like the effect, but I do not think it is worth the energy usage. If you are a 2H spec Warrior and you think you may like the effect, you can put points into it.

Agonizing Strike – Another bread and butter move for Warriors; always max it out. This is your primary Combat Advantage dump. It’s best to use it after a bleed or knockdown is active on your target as there is a damage boost when the conditions are met. Max this out.

Forceful Kick – Deals small damage and has a chance to knockdown your target (this chance increases as you put more points into it). This is primarily a talent for 2H Warriors and it is best used when chained with a Agonizing Strike or Arcing Blow. If you are a 2H Warrior max it out.

Malicious Blow – 180 degree frontal AoE attack. Deals decent damage, has a chance to restore energy, and gives Combat Advantage. This talent is generally useful for tanks and is great when paired with Sweeping Strikes. Tanks should max this out unless they decide to use Cleave as their AoE ability.

Sweeping Strike – Another 180 degree frontal AoE attack. Deals good damage and has a chance to put up a buff that boosts block and damage reduction. This is a good Combat Advantage dump when paired with other AoE attacks. May want to max this out if you intend to tank.

Bulldoze – Deal decent damage and knockdown the target. This ability is recommended for paired Warriors as it is not efficient energy/Combat Advantage usage for tanks or 2H Warriors. If you’re a paired Warrior and you intend to PvP you should max it out. If you do not intend to PvP, it’s probably not that great.

Arcing Blow – Deals heavy damage which can be increased if the target is knocked down. Excellent ability for 2H Warriors; should be ignored by tanks and paired Warriors. If you are a 2H Warrior who wants to PvP, max this asap. If you are a 2H Warrior who wants to PvE mostly, it’s not as valuable.

Bash – Deals decent damage and has a chance to stun the target for a duration of time based on the amount of points put into the ability. Useful mainly for 2H and paired Warriors in PvP, but can be somewhat useful in PvE to keep trash down. I would get at least rank 2 no matter what your spec and rank 3 if you PvP at all.

Shattering Strike – Disarming ability. Very useful no matter what your spec or situation. You can disarm melee players in PvP and make them nearly useless or you can disarm trash monsters and some bosses in PvE to reduce their damage output. Max it out.

Cleave – 180 degree frontal AoE attack. This is more of the AoE for DPS Warriors as it adds a stackable buff on you that increases damage while lowering armor as well. The buff is not all that hot for tanking since you don’t want to be hit harder, but you can always just take the buff of manually. In PvP you could use this (or Malicious Blow) in order to easily remove a Mage’s Illusions, but rank 1 would be all that’s needed for that. As for PvE, this is good for DPS Warriors and tanks who don’t mind dealing with the buff.

Vicious Spin – Good damage 360 degree AoE. Good for DPS in PvE, but in PvP the fact that you cannot move while using it can be a hindrance. It gives the same debuff as Cleave in that it reduced your armor but increases your damage dealt. Tanks could use this if they don’t mind the cast time, the costs to perform it and working around the buff.

Gut Punch – Silence ability; silence duration is based on the amount of points put into the talent. Useful in both PvP and PvE for any spec; good against casters. At least 1 rank is recommended, but going beyond that is up to you.

Bloodbath – Deal several decent damage hits periodically. While performing this attack you can’t move, but the attack is a debuff on your target, so even if they move out of your melee range the hits continue to inflict damage upon your enemy. Can be decent in PvP against Mages assuming you already have the Combat Advantage built to use it. Could deal decent damage in PvE, but not recommended as Powerful Blow and Agonizing Strike beat the DPS of Bloodbath.

3.**Ruby Abilities**

Even more stuff to fill up your action bars.

Here I will cover the abilities you can gain through the use of Rubies. I do not cover the rubies which offer a passive effect as it is quite obvious what they do and adding descriptions for all of them would be cumbersome nearly useless.

Powerful Blow Tree:

Hack(3 ranks) – Slows down your target for a duration based on the amount of rubies used. Bonus effect of dealing additional threat. By the effect you can see it’s good for tanking, but the slowing effect makes it useful in tanking as CC and in PvP for any spec.

Solid Defenses – Not too subtle. Good ruby ability if you are low on Endurance.

Take Cover(2 ranks) – Increase block chance but slowed down in return. Decent for agility-based tanks, but some argue if it is even worth the points as it can only be used before a fight and only lasts for 20 seconds.

Shield Slam(3 ranks) – Knockdown with shield. Not very useful in PvE as it is only a knockdown and bosses cannot even be knocked down. Seems to be an ability centered around PvP.

Ram(3 ranks) – Shield stun that lasts for 3+ seconds. Can be a decent CC option in PvE for tanks and may also be useful in PvP.

Charge Tree:

Stony Resilience – As of now this ability offers a flat damage reduction from all incoming damage based on your armor, stamina and endurance. In the future this may be fixed so that it works as the tool-tip describes: a flat decrease in only physical damage. Good for all builds.

Intimidate(2 ranks) – Taunt ability. Good for tanks to pull aggro on a monster. This ability can also be used on players in PvP to force them to only be able to target you.
Adrenaline Rush – Double energy rate for a duration of time. Good for any build to be able to use more abilities faster when needed.

Furious Regeneration(2 ranks) – Regenerate health over time. You cannot move while using this ability and it can be interrupted. Good in PvP to health during a fight as it can be used in combat and heals a decent amount of health. Viable in PvE as well if the healer has a lot more important priorities.

Second Wind(2 ranks) – Health over time. This ability differs from Furious Regeneration in that it just gives you a buff that heals you instead of waiting for a cast-time. Does not heal as much as Furious Regeneration though.

Headbutt(3 ranks) – Stuns yourself and your target for an amount of time determined by how many rubies you have invested in the ability. Can be paired with Reinforced Skull to half the stun duration. Not that great for PvE, but can be a useful ability in PvP.

Jagged Slice Tree:

Cruelty – 400% threat from all abilities. Very useful for tanks unless you think you can out-damage your DPS with a sword and board (you can’t, for the most part). Useless for DPS and in PvP.

Battle Frenzy(2 ranks) – Cancels any fear effects in exchange for being unable to gain any Combat Advantage for 10/5 seconds depending on how many rubies spent. Can be useful in PvE to quickly break out of a fear, but not being able to gain Combat Advantage may not be a worthwhile exchange. In PvP it’s not very useful as there are not many fears to deal with and the Fearless ruby does not hurt your ability to gain Combat Advantage.

Intimidation – 20 second silence. Very useful in PvP as it can make a target near useless although it can be broken out of by certain abilities. In PvE it is a decent CC ability, but it is not a good idea to rely on it instead of Mage/Psi CC.

Inciting Shot(3 ranks) – Use your bow to inflict decent damage and causes additional threat. Useful for tanks who need to generate some threat on a target from a distance or want to pull a monster fast. Can be viable in PvP to deal extra damage on targets that try to kite you or as a finisher.

Brutal Throw(3 ranks) – Throw your weapon, inflict decent damage, gain additional threat, but become unarmed for a duration of time. Not useful in PvE, but can be used to try to close the distance between yourself and a kiter in PvP. If used in conjunction with the Solid Grasp ruby you can cut the disarm time in half.

Stalwart Defense(2 ranks) – A buff you can cast on a group member, given they are not a Warrior or Paladin. The buff causes the target to generate 15%/30% less threat depending on the rank. Good for beginning tanks who have trouble holding threat. There is a secondary effect that is currently not working as intended. That ability causes your Intimidate cool-down to be halved every time the buffed target attacks.

Might over Magic – Allows you to block magic attacks with a shield and has a chance to reflect some damage. The block chance is based on your dodge chance. Reflection if damage is not working.


Everyone has to do it, so why not do it better?

I’m not a fan of leveling guides because I believe leveling is an excellent way for beginners to learn the class and troubleshoot different play-styles so they are not just programmed zombies who fall apart at the face of change.

With that said I will give some general advice and a brief description of the essential abilities and when to use them and what to expect when leveling.

General Leveling Tips

One point is fatigue. Allods has a fatigue system that, when leveling, makes up about half of your experience while leveling, so it’s a pretty big deal to know how to use it. For every monster you kill and every quest you turn in you are given a certain amount of experience. That experience is directly added to your experience bar (the purple part). You will also be awarded that same amount of experience in the form of fatigue. This experience is not directly added to your experience pool but in your fatigue pool (light blue).

This leads to the question: “How do I get that saved up fatigue experience?”. Simple, talk to one of the Goblin Innkeepers that tend to be in towns and (you guessed it) inns. Talk to them and you will find the option to Rest. When you select the “Rest” option all your collected fatigue experience is added to your experience bar and a hidden cost is charged (it’s nothing huge, but I don’t think some people notice). I recommend only turning in your fatigue when you have enough to level or to turn it all in when it’s maxed.

One thing to take note of is that fatigue is not unlimited. There is a limit to how much fatigue you can gain (indicated by the faded blue portion of your experience bar). This amount is based on your level and resets every day at 9:00 P.M. server time.

Another point to build upon is reputation. As you level you will transition through different zones and for every zone there tends to be a unique faction that you can build reputation with as you level there. The normal quests are never enough to reach maximum reputation so you must make a choice to do the repeatable quests to max it out. Many find them too tedious and skip over them, but I heavily disagree with doing this.

If you want to level at your maximum potential and not get beat down by the monsters waiting for you in the higher-leveled zones then you will want to complete the repeatable reputation quest for each faction and buy the blue gear after you finish (it’s pretty cheap and almost always an upgrade).

The best time to do the faction repeatable quests is either after you finished all the quests in the zone or when you have maxed out your fatigue and have nothing better to do.

The last point I want to hit for general leveling information is quest importance. At times you may find that you feel a zone is too easy or you’re just anxious to move on to the next zone and skip a few quests to do so. This generally isn’t a good idea as you might skip over your World Mystery quests.

World Mysteries are quest-chains that follow a story and general theme and reward bonus rubies and new abilities when completed. You can find your World Mysteries and see your progression by opening your Quest Log and going to the World Mystery tab (looks like a sun). World Mysteries span across zones so you may miss a previous portion from an earlier zone and not notice until you reach 40 and find out you still have some incomplete World Mysteries forcing you to retrace your steps and complete them.

Just finish up the zone and do a quick once-over of the quest-giver areas and make sure you’re really done.

Warrior Leveling Tips


Because your server has enough DPS Warriors.

I’ve posted the tanking builds above, but I would also like to give some information about how to tank. I want to avoid getting into specific encounters as that is a whole other guide in itself and instead just stick with when to do what and how to do it.
The biggest concept when tanking is Threat. Threat is basically how much monsters hate you or want to kill you. If your threat is higher than that of the rest of your party members, the monster will choose to direct normal, single-target attacks towards you.

As a tank you have a variety of ways to make sure your threat is above that of your fellow party members, the major one being Cruelty. While tanking it is recommend to make sure you have the buff from Cruelty up whenever possible as it raises the threat generated from all your attacks by 400% for 20 seconds, with a 30 second cool-down this means there will always be a 10 second downtime when you do not have cruelty up. You should try to time this downtime to maximize your potential. You do not want the downtime to occur when you need to build threat on a fresh monster. Try to time your cruelty buff so that you can get in some solid hits on a fresh monster.

There may be times when you either lose threat or you have not yet even had a chance to gain threat on a monster that is sprinting to one of your softer party members. The best way to prevent your party members from getting punched six feet into the ground is by using taunts. Taunts come in two flavors: the World Mystery Quest taunt that requires Combat Advantage and the Charge ruby tree Taunt, Intimidate. Taunts force a monster to attack you for a certain duration of time or until they damage you enough. As elite monsters dish out damage much quicker than normal monsters you will begin to realize that Intimidate is really only good for getting that monster to target you instead, don’t rely on it to hold threat for any good amount of time; pop Intimidate and start getting some good hits down on the monster.

Types of Warrior Tanks

Warriors can tank in two ways: Endurance/Stamina or Agility (you will still need a certain amount of Endurance and Stamina in this kind of build as to not get stomped as I will explain).

The 3 Tanking Stats:

Stamina: You want it, but it’s not a major priority (unless you seriously lack stamina). I believe a healthy range is 50k – 75k before perfume and potions. Going below 50k hp is kind of risky, but unfortunately those tanks who are just starting out with Agility builds will tend to have around this much health. I also do not recommend going TOO overboard with stamina either as you will have high health, but your health will be soft due to lack of agility or endurance.

Endurance: Another stat no tank can ignore. This stat determines the chance you will receive a critical strike or a glancing blow. As an Endurance/Stamina tank this stat should be your highest, possibly second only to stamina (I prefer higher Endurance, though). As a Dodge tank, Endurance is not as huge of a priority, but it is still needed. Some like to use 5% critical hit receive rate as a bare minimum which is achieved at around 275 Endurance.

Agility: Agility affects your chance to Dodge, Block and Parry incoming attacks. As far as I understand when you are dealt a blow, using a 40k hit as an example, it goes through several checks before getting to your health bar. The first check is a dodge check, if you dodge the attack you mitigate ALL damage. If you did not manage to dodge the attack the game will determine if you will block the hit, if you do you will take 25% of the damage from the hit, 10k using our example. If you fail the block check as well the final check is a Parry check, if you manage to parry the hit you will take 50% of the damage, a 20k hit using our example. I recommend around 290-300 agility as a solid amount. If you try to go higher above that you will be losing out on higher stamina or endurance, but going too much lower will drastically lower your dodge.

And as for your other stats?

The remaining stats to take into consideration when tanking are your offensive stats: Strength, Expertise, Finesse and Luck.

Strength: Boosts your damage, who would have guessed. Strength is nice and all, but it is more of a luxury stat as you have many more important stats to worry about that are of greater priority whilst tanking. Like all stats don’t let it get TOO low, keep it above 230 or around there.

Expertise: A missed attack is a wasted attack, a wasted attack means no threat. You want your miss chance to be below 10%; around 285-320 is a healthy amount.

Finesse: Depending on your party setup this stat may fluctuate, but should never be ignored as it is vital to dealing decent damage against armored foes. If you typically run with a Summoner you can relax somewhat on Finesse but I do not recommend it. As a rule of thumb I like to keep it near Strength, sometimes even higher.

Luck: As a tank you’re not out for big critical hits, but landing consistent glancing blows will not aid your threat generation at all. Shooting for 190-230 will probably be your best bet. This happens to be quite fortunate for Warrior tanks as many people in heroics will complain about the lack of gear with Luck on it (this changes in the Astral and in Raids, however).

Armour: Damage reduction, sounds like a tank stat to me. Armour, like Rage, Willpower and Conviction tends to come with the gear, but that is not always the case with beginning tanks. For starters I would recommend 2800 as the bare minimum, but I would not go beyond 3600 as going further gives few little bonus.

Tanking Tips:

– Groups of monsters that have ranged attacks may be annoying as they force you to run to them. If you notice a wall directly blocking you and the enemy you can use this to your advantage. Simply range attack the monster, run behind the wall and in most cases the monster will be forced to run to you.

-If a monster happens to pop your Die Hard take note of the time remaining before your bonus health vanishes. If you communicate with your healer properly you can hopefully receive a heal just as your health drops back down, preventing your death.

-Although Stalwart Defense is not working 100% properly it is still very useful to use on teammates that tend to pull a lot of threat. I recommend putting 1 ruby in it for beginning tanks as their threat generation may not be top-notch. More experienced tanks should not bother with it.

-You can use Cruelty while your arrow is in flight. Use your basic ranged attack and spam your Cruelty button as the ranged shot charges and hopefully your Cruelty buff will take effect before the arrow hits. If you also target an additional monster and use Inciting shot you will have a decent amount of threat built on two monsters right from the start.


How to successfully be a rage-driven psychopath.

PvPing as a Warrior can be awesome fun if you enjoy getting right in your enemy’s face and hitting them for laughably high amounts of damage, but can be frustrating when you are being kited, feared, frozen, stunned, knocked down, slowed down and blinded.
A great perk with Warrior PvPing is that it can be done with most weapon setups. You can be a running bullet-bag distracting the enemy front line while your teammates burn them down, a maniac with a huge two-handed weapon or use paired weapons dealing consistent damage while keeping your enemy stunned.


You thought you knew it all.

This section will be used as a way of me to post/log new/different aspects regarding Warriors and updating them as I learn more. Feel free to become part of this.

Ranged/Kiting PvP Warrior

Ranging with Brutal Throw and Inciting Shot. Kiting with Hack, Hasty Retreat, speed trinket and any other method of you running faster and/or your enemy moving slower.

Your damage will come from the ranged attacks and bleeds, you will close back in on the enemy to either refresh bleeds/slowdowns or to just melee them at an opportune moment.

Possible Build: … yc10r45h4f

Pure DPS Warrior

Ignoring all forms of protection and survivability and going for every bit of damage you could dish out. This is very situational and not recommended as you can die rather fast.

Possible Build: … y412begg41

Armor Tanking

The two common methods of damage mitigation for tanks are either through endurance/stamina or agility. Armor, like conviction, willpower and rage tend to scale with gear, but some blues and green pieces of gear have it as a boosted stat. This trend does not follow into purple and legendary drops so it is assumed the stacking of armor is not intended.

This is all fine and well, but it seems armor is much more effective as the % damage reduction would have you believe.

Could be a bug, but whatever it is, armor is a very powerful damage mitigation stat; don’t throw away that 1,000 armor quest chest-piece and collect some reinforced gear is all I can say.

8.**FAQ Section**

Answers to your favorite questions.

Q: When can Warriors wear plate armor?
A: Warriors can wear plate at level 20.

Q: What weapons can Warriors use?
A: I’ll answer that by saying what Warriors CANNOT use. Warriors cannot wield Staves, Daggers, Paired Daggers, Wands, and Off-Hands

Q: Can we wear cloth armor?
A: Warriors cannot use cloth armor

Q: Where should I put all my stat points for each level I get?
A: Subjective answer, but most would agree your best bet would be putting them ALL into Luck. This is not because Warriors want to land a lot of critical hits. This is due to the fact that heroic gear (as of now) does not drop ANY gear that has luck as a stat. In order to get gear with luck you will either need to get gear from Astral, Raids or from inferior blues/greens from the AH or as drops.

When you do start acquiring more gear with all of your required stats you can redo your stats with a Water of Life and put them in whatever stat you may be lacking.

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