Allods Online Paladin Guide

Allods Online Paladin Guide by eminencemanaxs

Basic things of the Paladin ( should not have changed in the 47 patch )Lets start of with looking at the four different paladins you can choose from.



Whats the difference between the 4 paladins?.

Each of the paladins have unique abilities.

Kanian – Kanians are the only paladins able to use spear.
Eleves – Pious brand which reduces all heals by 50% on victim.
Xadaganians – Raises a flag that reduces 50% of all dmg, including party members.
Orcs – Skill that burns Energy.

What to choose?
in a very crude way you could say that Kanian and Xadaganians are best for PvE
and Eleves and Orcs are best for PvP.

General Skills

All four Paladins share the same Talent and Ruby tree,
Builds can be generated at this link
Stats and gear can be calculated at this link



Every new paladin has one barrier. At lvl 22 he receives the second one and at lvl 40 – third one.
Paladin has special class abilities that can reduce, refresh or remove the damage stored in his barriers. ( see talents )
Barries can store more dmg than the pally has in Health, thous making it perfect for Raid boss tanking.
When hit the first time the dmg goes into barrier 1, and now has 10 seconds before it breaks.
The same goes for hit nr 2 and 3, which goes into barrier 2 and 3.
Hit nr. 4 can do two things.
1. if its lower than any of the 3 already stored dmg, the paladin will recieve the hit instantly.
2. if its higher than any of the 3 already stored dmg, the 4th hit will replace the lowest barrier dmg and refresh the duration of that barrier.
the previous dmg from that barrier is now hitting the paladin for the amount within it.
Barries do not absorb “fall dmg”

Lets take a look at the Talent tree.

Crusaders blow.
This is the main DPS skill for the Phys build Paladin.
Everytime the paladin lands a succesfull hit with Crusaders blow, it puts one Mark of the Phariah on the target. ( Aka. Marks)
What are “Marks”?. Marks are the “combo” points for the paladin, between 1-3 marks can be applied to the target.
Certain skills depends on Marks ( Retribution, Condemnation, Pennance, Sacred sunrise ) more on that later.
Rank 1-3 only buffs the dmg of the skill.
(Dmg increases through Str.)
(Passive Ruby buffs, Pious Anger and Rage of the Rightous)

Rightous word.Image
Rightous word are the ranged “mark” skill of the Paladin. This skill is good for 2 things.
1. Its good for ranged pulling of a mob.
2. Its extremely effective against mages cause Rightous word Ignores their stonebarrier buff. ( more on that later )
Holy PvP build should go for rank 3 and Swift Reprisal to deal with mages.
( Dmg increase through Str. and Magicpower)
(Passive Ruby buffs, Swift Reprisal)



Retribution is another skill for the phys Paladin.
This skill detonates the Marks on the victim and restores energy back to the Paladin.
Retribution is one of the skill that does the highest dmg for the paladin.
(Dmg increase through Str)
(Passive Ruby buffs, Angelic Harbringer)


Damage collected in the first barrier is reduced by 40-45-55% Depending on rank.
It’s your first skill that can reduce damage received. Now overcome is a must have for any Paladin.
If its is paired with the passive ruby Faiths grace it can heal you X amount.
It’s highly recommended that tanks take rank 3.
(Dmg Reduced through Str and Magic power)
(Passive Ruby buffs, Faiths Grace)

Light’s Guidance.


Lights Guidance determines how many Cannons you have available 10-30 depending on rank.
What is Cannons? Cannons are the mana of the Paladin, every healing spell and heavnly nova uses Cannons.
If you ask me all paladins should have rank 3 in this skill, Cannons restores them self by 3 means.
1.Timer 3 minutes per canon at Rank 1, 2 minutes per canon at Rank 2, 1 minute per canon at Rank 3.
2. Pennace Restores 6 cannons on a succesfull hit
3. Martyr skill restores 10-30 cannons depending on rank.

Light’s Infusion.


The perputual heal of the paladin consumes 2 cannnons.
This skill is pretty much useless in combat, since everytime u get hit it reduces the time of effect.
Dont waste points in this skill.
(Heal increase through Str and Magic power)


Instant aggro skill, must have for a tank Paladin.
Challange can also be used on other players. Saving a team member from being slaughtered in pvp.
Can be paired with searing justice (read ruby skills for description)


Must have for a Tank aggro and DPS for holy Paladin.
Deals instant damage and over-time damage for 16 sec ( Holy dmg ).
When Condemnation is active crusaders blow generates aggro.
In PVP condemnation is particular good for killing mages when combined with Rightous word.
The damage will tick behind the Stone barries. so rank 3 is must have for Holy PvP’ers.
(Dmg increase through Str and Magic power)

Note: To prevent the high resist stack up on Expertise.

Healing touch.

Another healing skill that is utterly useless (expect for support paladins). i highly recommed you dont take this skill.
Exhaust you for X amount of time, leaving you helpless in the period of time.
Can be paired with holy flare to grant yourself or person targeted 20% extra heals for 1 minute.
(Heal increase through Str and Magic power)
(Passive ruby buff, Holy flare)

Strike of Justice


Charge and stun skill is a must have for any PvP paladin.
Paired with the ruby Sword of the just it makes for a fearsome skill in PvP.
Instant cast and with only 14 second cooldown, it leaves no room for the enemy to play.
(Dmg increase through Str and Magic power)
(Passive ruby buff, Sword of the Just)
(Stun duration increase through Conviction)


Removes all dmg in the first barrier.
Rank 1 is a must have and rank 3 with passive rubies is a must have for a tank who
wanna tank Endgame.
(Passive ruby buff, Restless defender)


Damage stored in the first barrier is reduced by small amount, and refreshed to 10 seconds,
nr 1 moves to nr 3’s place.
Rank 2 is minimum for DPS i normally recommend rank 3 for PvP and Tanking, Its super important against,
Melee healers, Warriors and other high hitting classes, moving the right barrier to nr 1, for ex.
Vindication or Deliverance.
(Dmg reduction, Str and Magic power)



Sums up all dmg in the 3 barries and distrubutes them equally in 3 new 10 second barriers
Useless for PvP, but for tanks that can manage barries at pro level, this can actually be a life saver.
Rank 1 is by far enough as the only bonus gained from higher ranks is cooldown.

Surge of Light


Surge of light is a powerfull heal that heal the member in the party with the lowest hp first, then jumps to the next in the party.
This is THE heal to have, rank 3 is must have for any PvP’ers.
In PvP you are often under the effect of wound complexity, stack high expertise to negate the resist on the heal.
Especially Holy build pallies who have insane amounts of Str, Exp and Luck can really do awesome heals 200k+.
(Heal increase through Str and Magic power)
(Passive ruby buffs, blessed light)


This ability is the only way to create canons in battle ( but only a succesfull hit will grant cannons
so make sure your target is stunned ) Penance restores 4 canons at Rank 1, 5 canons at Rank 2, and 6 canons at Rank 3.
The silent duration depends on how many marks the target has. the dmg dont.
In PvP rank 3 is a must have to make short process of casters, also Phys builds should have this as
a DPS skill.
(Dmg increase through Str)
(Silence duration increase through Conviction)

Heavenly Nova.


AoE holy skill ( dmg isn’t high though) also generates aggro, so good for tanks who wanna tank
bigger group of mobs.
Another great feat. of HN is the effect to remove mage illusions. so rank 1 is a must have for PvP Phys.
Also slows the target for X seconds depending on rank. Holy build or Conviction build pallies should take atleast rank 2
to slow scouts and pesty wardens.
WARNING: be carefull not to get lulled into using all cannons on removing mage illusions. You will find yourself with no cannons
and as you should know by now, Surge of light ( healing ) also needs cannons.


45-47 Builds and Discussions


FERCIOUS AURA: Decreases the Paladins armor by 30% but buffs the damage of the paladin with 5% per stack.

PENALTY: from what understand this is a buff skill to Retribution that grants an addiditional 20, 30, 40 Energy to the templar, when marks are detonated.

RIGHTOUS PRINT: Again a buff to Crusader blows, buffs up the damagde “Strong impact” stacks up to 3 marks. for 15 seconds

NEVER DYING LIGHT: essentielly a much stronger version of surge of light.

HOLY POWER : reduces the cost of Overcome and Deliverance by 35/45/55%.

LUMINOUS INTENSITY: All Holy dmg dealt by the templar is increases by 5 % per rank and last 2 sec Longer.

DIVINE WRATH: Dmg done SOJ increased by 5%, and crusaders blow by 3 % per Stack

MORAL STABILITY: Stun and Fear length is reduced by 30%


POWERFULL IMPACT: all physical damage done by Temple, increases 3%

IMPOTENCE OF EVIL: Templar gets to 4% less damage from magic

PULSATING RAYS: stored in the second and third barrier damage is reduced by 3% every 3 secs

PERSISTANCE OF FAITH: Recieving a critical strike grants 1 canon no more than 10 stack maybe active at a time, 30 sec Cooldown.

Different builds: Calculater can be found at




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