Rusty Hearts Guilds Guide

Rusty Hearts Guilds Guide by thecookieavenue

Ctrl+F is your friend & what do you do to your friends? You take advantage of them. So use it!

Okay, before I even mention anything. Kudos for being the first actual guide in this thread. Anyways, in this guide, I will attempt to teach you almost everything that has to do with guilds. I didn’t have to share anything of my knowledge so you should be appreciative. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask someone else. Lol, I’m just kidding, you can’t confidently ask me, I’ll be glad to help. As I mentioned earlier, make sure you use Ctrl+F. It will help you locate anything out of the imaginable. If I’m missing any information at all, please do tell me. Thanks in advance! I hope anyone out there that has viewed this thread to be able to learn something from me. Oh, and this guide is brought to you by the Immortal Guild & Me.

** I worked hard and took my time on this guide. So, please do not copy/plagiarize anything of my work. Thanks!


I. Creating the Guild
II. Introduction to the Guild Menu
III. Guild Warehouse
IV. Guild Skills

[ I. Creating the Guild ]

An Introduction
Creating a guild is harder than looks. To create a guild, you must be dedicated and be responsible for you and your guild members’ actions. You must also do what’s best for everyone, whether you like it, or not. Creating a guild isn’t only dictation, you must learn to please your members. A wrong decision might
lead to a wrong path. Imagine having everyone leave in your guild, what would you do? By creating a guild, you must know what type of people to recruit and what is your guild’s aim. For example, some guilds are pve, pvp, or both. Deciding from your guild’s aim, you should know that you should recruit players
that fits the criteria. After deciding which is which, you can read on ahead.

Creating the Guild In-Game
To create a guild, you must be able to reach the Shopping District Fountain, in which can only be reached at a certain level. You must also have 5o,ooo gold in your inventory. After all these items are met, you’ll be able to create an actual guild in-game. When you are sooner able to reach the Shopping District Fountain, you will also be able to reach an NPC named Nadia. She can be found where you can locate two knight guards standing infront of a gate. Go forward until the game loads you to another room. In that room you will able to see an NPC sitting in the office. Get closer to the NPC until at the bottom right corner you can see the words “Press X.” Using common sense, press x. A box beside the NPC should appear and select “Guild.” From there on, it should be self-explanatory. Those who do not have 5o,ooo gold in their inventory will not be able to create a guild so make sure you 5o,ooo gold in your inventory! Also, some guild names are taken. Using common sense, you should know that a guild name cannot be used twice, meaning you can’t name your guild a guild name that’s already taken.

Other Resources
Creating a successful guild isn’t easy. But, here are some links to make it easier.

A guild/clan hosting website that gives you a free sub-domain and of course, clan/guild modules. A lot of guilds use this website since it’s very handy, hope your guild finds it handy too.
List of Guilds
You can list your guild here, maybe to advertise, what not. The thread was created to relwom. I don’t know if he/she still continues to update the list but it’s worth a try.
Rusty Hearts Guild Forum
Give your members updates, recruit, advertise, do anything you want that has to do with your guild.

[ II. Introduction to the Guild Menu ]

The Guild Menu
The guild menu can be achieved by pressing the letter ‘T’ in the keyboard. If you are using a game controller, that I can’t answer. As a guild leader the guild menu is your everything. You can change authority, nicknames, invite players to your guild, go to the guild hall/warehouse, etc. So, knowing there’s a guild menu, you should take advantage of it. In this section of this guild, I will teach you the functions of almost everything in the guild menu.

Guild Menu Functions

‘Guild Info’
When pressing the the letter ‘T’, the window that pops up is the ‘Guild Info’ section. In this section I will explain to you what each button does that you can locate at this tab.

– ‘Basic Guild Info’
Here is obviously the basic guild info. You can find the guild name, the amount of guild members out of the guild member limit, and is the guild’s guild master.

– ‘Detailed Guild Info’
The detailed guild info section is where you can find the guild’s level, the guild’s exp out of how many is to be achieved, and how much gold is required to level up the guild. The guild master can also level up the guild by meeting all requirements.

Guild Leveling Requirements

Level 1 to Level 2 – 8o,ooo gold & 24o,ooo Guild EXP
Level 2 to Level 3 – To be Updated
Level 3 to Level 4 – To be Updated
Level 4 to Level 5 – To be Updated

– ‘Guild Announcements’
Guild annoucements is where anybody who is at rank can make announcements to all its players. To create a guild announcement, the player must press the ‘Create’ button and type in the announcements.

– Bottom Buttons

‘Invite to Guild’
One of the basics in the guild menu and should also be self explanatory. This button will enable those who are at the rank, set by authority, to invite in-game players who are not in guilds, to join the guild. I believe that after the limit of players in the guild are reached, you will not be able to use
this button.

‘Disband Guild’
This button is for guild leaders who want to disband, keyword there, the guild for any particular reason. This is probably the easiest button in the guild menu.

‘Set Authority’
The set authority button enables the guild leader, or those who are at rank, to set what New Members, 5th Class, 4th Class, 3rd Class, 2nd Class, 1st Class, Vice Masters, and Guild Masters can do. You can set whether to let them be able to invite members to the guild, be able to deposit anything to the guild inventory, create guild nicknames, and so on. To set authority to any ranks, you can choose which rank to set authority to at the drop down menu.

‘Guild Hall’
When the guild hall button is pressed, the player will be “teleported” to the guild hall. In the guild hall you will be able to add guild exp, meet other guild members, have meetings, etc. Further in the guide, there will be more information about the guild warehouse.

This section is made just for the fun of it. I will seriously not tell you what this button does because it is, no question, self-explanatory.

‘Guild Member Info’
A place where you can edit ranks, nicknames, etc. to all members.

– Editing Member Ranks, Nicknames, Etc.
To edit a guild members rank, nickname, etc., you can simply right click on their name if you’re authorize. There on, other items edit will be available.

– ‘Change Guild Rank’
This option simply changes a guild members’ guild rank by those who are authorized.

– ‘Create a Guild Nickname’
To change a guild members’ nickname, this is the option.

– ‘Remove from Guild’
Anyone who is authorized may choose this option to exterminate any member in the guild, except the guild master, of course.
– ‘Friend Invite’
Friend invite will let you send a friend request to the selected member.
– ‘Whisper’
To be able to whisper to any online members.
– ‘Write a Letter’
This option will let you write a letter to selected member, common sense.

[ III. Guild Warehouse ]

Getting in and out of the Guild Warehouse
Getting in the guild warehouse is fairly easy. Just press ‘T’ and locate for the word guild hall. To get out of the guild warehouse you can do two things, press the ‘esc’ key or press ‘T’ again and press the button where guild hall use to be.

Guild Noticeboard
The guild notice board can be located in the guild warehouse. Here you can add exp to the guild, and check history of added guild exp.

Adding Guild EXP
Before saying anything else, obtain guild exp you must party with other guild members in a dungeon. Make sure the party only consists of guild members only. After guild exp is obtained, you can go to the guild notice board and select ‘Add Guild Exp’. Then, choose the amount of exp you want to deposit. Everything else is self-explanatory.

History of Added Guild EXP
By selecting this option, you can view latest added guild exp to the guild. You can view their username, the amount of guild exp they deposited, the date, and time.

[ IV. Guild Skills ]

I have no knowledge of guild skills, yet. As soon as I know any information, I will keep you guys updated. If you have any information about guild skills, it would be appreciated if you shared. Thanks in advance!

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