Rusty Hearts Getting High Rank Guide

Rusty Hearts Getting High Rank Guide by sikarix

Basically, your Rank depends on your Style Points and the number of times you got hit. The higher your Style Points, the higher your Rank will be. Conversely, the more you get hit, the lower your Rank will be. Each dungeon map seems to have a different threshhold as to exactly how many Style Points gives you what rank. Early on it takes much fewer Style Points to get SSS than Lib 1F or Lib 2F.

Now, on to how to actually get a high rank.

As for not getting hit, well that’s gonna be mostly up to you to play well. I suggest paying close attention and making use of skill cancel to block and dodge. Took me some practice but I’ve gotten pretty decent at it now. I never use my AP for Berserker. Also, it’s best to approach a group of enemies from one direction rather than being surrounded. If you are surrounded, instead of attacking, it’s better to just dodge out and reapproach from the outside.

I’m going to make a list of ways to get high Style Points, from fastest to slowest.

1) The fastest way is if you can one-hit kill everything. The game gives you a huge Style Points bonus if you one-hit kill a mob, such that if you run through the dungeon one-hit killing everything it’s almost impossible not to get SSS. Obviously, this only happens when you’re running dungeons way below your level.

2) The next fastest is if you can Chain Kill a lot of things. If you can group things together and hit it with an AoE that kills everything it will give you a large Style Points bonus. This is most easily seen in Cafe 2F where those bugs come out of the wooden boxes. AoE 10 or 20 of them at once and watch your Style Points go up 400 or more. I’ve gotten 4000+ style in that dungeon solely because of those bugs.

3) Next is Rising Hit (or whatever it’s called, basically air combo or juggle). This is my backup if there isn’t an opportunity to Chain Kill. If you can make a decent air combo on a monster it will give you a pretty decent Style Points bonus. On a 78 hit air combo on one monster(starting from 0 on combo counter), I got 201 Style Points. Would love to do it in PvP but Ang has no knock ups. =P

4) If you absolutely need SSS (or even S) on completion of a dungeon (aka Lib 1F before CB2 notice board change), you can Just Guard every attack of the boss and slowly accumulate Style Points. Each Just Guard gives you 10 Style Points. You do not need to counterattack to get the points, but I unequipped my weapon and countered when I did it. On Lib 1F boss I went from ~1600 to ~2100 Style Points just off of Just Guards on the boss.

5) And by far the slowly and least cool, is the simple ground combo. If you’re this desperate, you can unequip your weapon when there is one monster left in the room and just ground combo ad infinitum and have your Style Points go up slowly.

It is important to note that while your Rank decreases as you get hit, there is a significant dropoff at 16 hits. According to heratli (thanks) you lose one rank when you go from 15 to 16 hits. But furthermore I’m not sure if it’s even possible to get SSS if you have gotten hit 16+ times. In Cafe 2F I’ve had 3800+ Style Points, but with 16+ hits was still SS.

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