Rusty Hearts Beginner’s Guide

Rusty Hearts Beginner’s Guide by wtc117

Hello everyone and welcome to my guide for noobs. This is a guide for those new to MMO’s or just new to RH. I hope to explain things not explained in the game’s tutorial, popular ways to adjust your gameplay experience, character basics, and tips and tricks for the game.

I will need (and happily welcome) community feedback. I haven’t reached level 20 yet – and only have 1 char over level 10 (Angela). So I may be wrong on some details, or some details may be missing altogether.

  • 1. Basic Controls —- What does what
  • 2. Control Setups —- Tips to making gameplay easier.
  • 3. MMO Terms and RH Terms — Don’t know what AoE is? Check this out.
  • 4. Choose your character!
    • A. Frantz
    • B. Angela
    • C. Tude
    • D. Natasha — [UNRELEASED]
  • 5. Quest Help
  • 6. Tips & Tricks
  • 7. Crafting and the Market!
Basic Controls

Because items can be customized – I will go over names rather than specifics and explain what these can do.

Basic Attack (Attack 1) — This is your melee attack. This is the button you’ll likely be pressing the most, especially early in the game. It will link your combos together, deal damage, etc.

Guard — The name explains it all. This will guard you from attacks, turning the damage into minimal amounts. You can get counter-attacks if you guard an attack properly. Not all attacks can be guarded, many people prefer rolling.

Grab (Attack 2) — This will grab a nearby enemy (bosses and subbosses excluded) and allow you to throw them/slam them into the floor/attack them. You can slam them into enemies as a way to attack as well.

Roll — Used to avoid attacks, Angela is the only one to actually roll. Frantz does what looks like a teleport, Lude does a short dash (and his roll is unique).

Jump — Allowing two jumps that allow aerial attacks, an aerial dash, and an “aerial slam”.

“Aerial Slam” — Guarding after your second jump will cause you to power down into the ground. This can deal damage to enemies and get you to the ground quicker.

Skills — These are mapped to your skills bar, these are special attacks unique to each character. Mouse-over them to see their damage output, special effects, cooldown time, and MP Cost.

Skills Bar “Switch” — Used to switch between two rows of your skills, allowing 10 skills to be mapped.

Buff Slots — These can be used for buffs or skills. I’m unsure if that’s a bug (being used for skills), but it allows skills to be mapped for when you have to switch between the two skills bar. I currently use this for skills with much longer cooldowns.

Control Schemes

Let me start off with “there is no best control scheme”. This section is mostly meant for keyboard, as people with gamepads tend to know how to map their things for how they want. (They tend to be more hardcore gamers.)

Some people may prefer the basic control scheme, but I prefer a heavily left-handed control scheme with right hand movement. Since moving and attacking is more important in RH than other MMO’s.

Optimization of a setup is:
1) Can be or get used to. If you don’t know what to press for what, that’s bad. So try to make changes early on before you get used to it too much.
2) Things that require less hand movement are usually better. Put the most used things in one area, the lesser used things in another.
3) Skill Mapping – Put often used skills in the easier to reach places. Lesser used? Put them a bit further. Some people even opt. to place their skills in skill rotation, so they can just press “1234” for example to do a skill rotation.

My personal setup:

Move left – Left Arrow
Move Right – Right Arrow
Move Up – Up Arrow
Move Down – Down Arrow
Attack 1 (Basic Attack) – A (Index)
Attack 2 (Guard) – S (Middle)
Grab – D (Ring)
Jump – Space (Thumb finger)
Dodge – Left Shift (Pinky)
Quick Slot 1-6 – QWE123 or QWERTY
Quick Slot 7-12 – RTY456 or 123456
Buff Slots 1-4 – XCVB or ZXCV
Camera Controls — LOLcamerainthisgamedontbother
Awakening — F5, yet to find out what this does.
Quit Skill Page (Skill Page Changer) – Right Shift. I keep it near my movement. It’s my only right hand control other than movement.
Pick Up Item – F — Easy to reach

Change Quest off of “Y” to any unused key.

MMO and RH Terms

Read this list of common MMO terms. Removed list for char. space

RH Terms

  • N/H/VH/BM – Difficulties. Corresponding to “Normal” “Hard” “Very Hard” and “Blood Mode” respectfully.
  • WTT – Short for “Want To Trade” (See “WTB” and “WTS” on above link)
  • Style – Style Points in dungeons.

Terms I use

  • Recipe – Materials needed for crafting a specific item.
  • DMC – Devil May Cry [This came is so based off DMC, I don’t care what anyone says.]
Choose Your Character!

What type of character do you like? The juggler? An in-your-face sword user? A supporting mage that attacks from afar? [Insert Natasha Here when released]?

A vampire that rivals on being as badass as Dante from DMC, he boasts a great swordsmanship or a bloodrage with an axe. This is a character that you won’t mind getting up an personal with. Mixing a bit of magic and his weapon mastery, he has strong close-range/mid-range attacks. If being a total badass is for you, Frantz is the choice for you.

A half-witch that uses an enchanted magical sword or a scythe of great prowess. She is the magic user of the group, boasting many long range magical attacks, the only healing ability, and support/AoE spells. If being in the middle of combat is something that scares you, Angela is the choice for you.

An in-your-face brawler, Tude is the Nero of the group. Boasting an arm that has been transformed into a demon-like claw due to an accident earlier in life; Tude knows no weapon better than his own fist. He can wield a gauntlet or a claw, but either way he’ll need to get up on his opponents. A great juggler, once he gets in an opponent the opponent is surely dead. If sitting idly by on the sidelines isn’t your thing, Tude is the choice for you.

Quest Help

Need help with a quest? If a good number of people need help on certain quests, I’ll add notes on them here. So far all quests seem to be straight-forward unless a person is glitched (remember, this is Closed Beta.)

There are currently two quests that are known to not complete upon completion. (I need to find their names.)

Tips and Tricks
  • Need to get a high combo? Simply remove your weapon and you can easily find yourself getting a 100+ combo.
  • Once you have access to the fountain area, don’t sell armour/weapons! Dismantle them for mats!
  • Taking care of ranged opponents before dealing with melee opponents will usually leave you being hit less.


Crafting and the Marketplace

While playing the game you may notice you pick up a lot of materials. Using these, you can create your own weapons, armour, and consumable foods. When I am given a compiled list, or create a compiled list, I’ll add more information on recipes.

You will notice some NPC’s have a “Craft ____” option. You can view recipes by using that option, and you can see what you can create by checking the “Only Show What I Can Craft” box.

The Market is an utter mess in CB due to people using outrageous prices, and the fact things will be wiped for OB. However all game economies generally run on supply&demand.; The rarer, better items will cost more than the common items. However materials used for crafting may be costly due to the high amount of people using them to craft.

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