Rusty Hearts New Player Guide

Rusty Hearts New Player Guide by tuzkii

  1. Introduction
    ~ Creation of a Character
    ~ Game Interface


This guide is used to help all the new players, whether it is Closed Beta or in the future, Open Beta. So if you know all these basic things already, don’t read it.

Help from anyone is welcomed, correction to any of the following information would be much appreciated. Let’s cut the chatting and get going with this.

This guide will be colour coded; there will be important things and minor things that you might or might not want to know so keep note of these colours.

Acronyms UsedHP: Health Points
MP: Mana Points
PvE: Player Versus Environment (Monster)
PvP: Player Versus Player

Creation of a Character

After successfully launching the game and logged into your PWE account, you are now capable to create your personal character.

Let’s look at the character selection page.

On your screen, you now have 3 different persona walking slowly. This is where you can choose your job/character.




Your final step would be to choose the character you want and insert a name.

Double click on one of the available slots and it will bring you to the character information screen.

Alias: Character Name

Then voila, you now have your own character!

Game Interface

Red Section

  1. Character Name & Level
  2. HP Bar (Red) & MP Bar (Blue)
  3. # of Resurrection Scrolls
  4. Party Leader Icon

1. Character Name & Level

Obviously, it’s the name you inputted when you first create your account and your level.

2. HP Bar & MP Bar

Red bar indicates your HEALTH POINTS.
(When you die in the dungeon, you could revive yourself with a resurrection scroll)
Blue bar indicates your MANA POINTS.

3. Resurrection Scrolls
Resurrection Scrolls are used when you happen to die in a dungeon.

4. Party Icon
Not much to say, it indicates that you are the leader of a Party.

Blue Section

  1. Stamina
  2. Skills Slots
  3. Item Slots
  4. EXP Bar
  5. Cash Shop
  6. Cash Box
  7. Character
  8. Contents
  9. Community
  10. System Menu

Green Section

  1. Quest List
  2. Character Name & Title
  3. Chat Box

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