Shadowland Online Buildings Guide

Shadowland Online Buildings Guide by Arviel

Good day Guys!

I hope this will help players alike have a little knowledge of SLO.

Basic info as i play through out the game.


Town Hall, the center of the city. First to Upgrade, or else construction for other building lower than Town Hall will not be allowed.

Finance Hall, Increase Collection percentage. Upgrade to receive higher collection in the town hall.

Dwelling, Same in purpose as the Finance Hall. Increase gold throughput by increasing the citizen in your Town!

Treasury, Every increase determines the maximum amount of gold you can handle! Better to upgrade for future use!

Shop, The available equipment being sold will not be lower than the level of the market. So better Upgrade it to buy better quality equips!

Granary, Here goes the food from the farm,upgrade in level gives additional 1000 food reserve capacity.

Market, Where we make the gold! Upgrade it to lv 30 and viola! Aution House will be available! sell you item for diamonds! Nice,

Barracks, This is where you get your Troops. Upgrade this for higher Army strength capacity!

Dragon Training Grounds, This is very important. This is where your here Grows in Level!  make sure to upgrade this

Sanctuary, Level this one to attain more Tasks. Also a big part is prayer. Increase support on player.

Blacksmith, Basically for fortifying your heroes equipments. Make sure to upgrade this to avoid being beaten by conquering enemies!

Alchemy Lab, All heroes strength and attribute are increased here. Tech bonus as they say. Very helpful!

Fort of Greatness This will unlock your heroes talents! The best of them all, Choose between guard,ride or magic! Unlocks if Town Hall is lv 35


Cave, This is where expedition is done by your hero, remember this is instant. Use either Gold or Diamonds (Mostly Diamonds) to attain very nice Blue Items!

Farm,Plant your crops here! 8 crops are available, but beware of crop stealers! Put up Sentries at guard tower to lessen the chance of food being stolen,

Gold mine, Attain Gold here by clicking mining spots! If you are lucky get 10 DIAMONDS for free! Thanks SLO team, (9 spots in total)

Village, This is for Drafting militia in barracks, cool mini game try to choose between Child, Elder, Woman, Young man and a strong man. You have to pick five times with in 30 secs but make sure you pick the strong man or young man! you dont want sending a child in battle!

I hope this answers you basic question with regards to inside and outside town.

Good luck and happy conquering to all!

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