Shadowland Online Starter’s Guide

Shadowland Online Starter’s Guide by Zeusolympus

This guide was made for new players to help them speed up a bit. Original credit goes to Cyborg from Darksun in Saros/Leonor,
And several other people
Alright this is a start up guide to shadowlands it has been tested and will work.

Ok getting into the guide. Ater starting the game and doing the first things the game has you do,
you need to go to your shop and buy all of the [Eternal items for your hero.
It will be the best gear to start with. After you get it fort it all as you lvl. To get more BA when you start, take advantadge of the Sanctuary’s Wizard tasks. (the old man standing in the city). Don’t just finish them as quickly as possible. You can play each of them 5x pr day and wille acquir ba each time you do them. If you do them enough time, then you will eventually get the complete Soldier suit. This suit will give you an added bonus of Command, Strenght, Agility and intel, and will be used on every new hero untill you can move the hero into another suit

Best thing to do in the game after getting that gear,is lvling your buildings to lvl 30. You should rush your townhall to lvl 31 though. This will add to your coolbar so you get 4 hours before a red bar, instead of 2. Meaning you can upgrade the rest of your buildings faster.Keep in mind lvling your main hero and keeping all his gear forted as high as you can. However, be carefull not to lvl your heroes to high. At a certain point of lvl you get less BA from legions fights. You can see which lvl at the bottum of this page

The parts of your town you want to lvl first are as follows:

– Blacksmith
– Dragon training grounds ( the higher level your DTG is the more experience you get when lvling you heroes)
– Alchemy lab.
– market ( if you have a few diamonds)

The reason for lvling market is, as a new player you will probably have an overflow of gold. When you lvl market to lvl 30, you get to use the auction house. If you have a few dias, buy an expensive items, preferably purple or orange, as cheap as you can get it. Then spend your overflow of gold forting these, you can degrade them later when you need the gold, which you will.

The rest of the town you can lvl in any order you like.
After getting to lvl 30 with your town we will talk about gear to help you get higher in the game,
remember mages need a lot of int to start in this game and there is not a lot of low lvl gear for them.
So a melee fighter is better. In 1.4 you get the victory sword it is the best sword you can get for a bit
in the game.
If you have spent a little money in the game using the ah and buying a high forted one well help a lot.

Now for the heroes in the game the starting hero’s that you can get are all junk, so don’t spend a lot of time on them. You will get better ones a bit later.

The best first hero’s are as follows:
– [Merlin]
– [Attila]
– [Carl]
– [Kalex]
– [Philippe]
– [Andromeda]
– [Castor]

Keep in mind the best hero’s for you depends on what kind of hero your main hero is.
Here is the wiki to where to find them all
Alright we have outlined your start up of the game, and the better hero’s in the game.

Now we talk higher lvl gear.
The next best set is the firm suit, you will want 3 or 4 sets of this depending on what your hero’s are.
The best mage set for a bit in the game will be the shining suit.
The better gear will come later in the game here is a list of items and where you find them

Following this guide depending on how much you play this game, you can be up to 3.5 to 4.5 in the gate of ages in 3 to 4 months. If you spend a little money to buy a little gear from other people if can go a lot faster.
This all has been tested in game and does work

Thank you for reading this guide, and have a nice day.

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