Shadowland Online Basic Combat Guide

Shadowland Online Basic Combat Guide by EternalPhoemix

Hi everyone~

you are still a newbie and want to know more about the battle system in this game and what you need to do so that you can succeed in defeating the undead army?

Well then come in dear friend, this tutorial will show you the basics you absolutly SHOULD know!

lets begin with the very basic thing there is to it: Your Hero and their stats

1 – Your Current Hired Heroes: here you can simply see the names of your current hired heroes. Clicking
on there names will show their infos.
Note: You cant have more then 5 hired heroes at one time. Your beginner hero CANT be fired!

2 – The Formations: This is an importent part of the whole battle system. Chosing the right formation is
crucial for you victory! Every formation got a different impact on your stats. This are the
formations: (from top left to lower right corner)
– Titans Array: Increases your Parry chance by 0,5%/level
– Charge Array: Increases your Physical Damage by 1%/level
– Hexagram Array: Increses your Magical Damage by 1%level
– Burst Array: Increses your Critical chance by 0,5%/level
– Shadow Array: Increase your Dodge rate by 0,5%/level
– Turtle.type Array: Increases your Physical Defence by 1%/level
– Imprisoned Array: Increases your Magical Defence by 1%/level
– Thorny Array: Increase your Counterattack chance by 0,5%/level
dont forget to set the formation you want to use as default!

3 – Selected Formation: here you can see infos about your selected formation. It will show you the
current level of your formation, what ability it has and how your heroes are placed. Should have
selected a formation which isnt your default, then here will also appear the button to make it
your default.


4 A-D – The heroes stats (from top to the bottom)

A – Power: This determines how strong your hero is with physical damage

B – Agility: This determines how often a heroes troop triggers there ability. For example Infantry units doing
counterattacks or Cavalary doing a parry (still has to be confirmed)

C – Intelligence: This determines how strong your hero is with magical damage

D – Commander: this determines the amound of troops of your hero (without equipment)

5 A-D – Attack and Deffences

A – Physical Attack: here you can see the TOTAL physical attack of your hero. Including basic damage, equipment as well as technology.

B – Physical Defence: here you can see the TOTAL defence of your hero. Inclusing basic defence, equipments as well as technology

C – Magic Attack: here you can see the TOTAL magical attack of your hero. Inclusing basic damage, equipments as well as technology

D – Magic Defence: here you can see the TOTAL magic defence of your hero. Inclusing basic defence, equipments as well as technology

Senior Tips: 1. Do you see that Physical Attack/Defence is highlighted? This means that this hero is a
Physical damage type. So you should focus on increasing his physical attack!
2. Did you know that a physical typ hero even gets a damage bonus from
magical attacks? (its the other way around for magic typ heroes) The damage
boost isnt as huge as from physical damage, but it still has a small impact of
the total damage dealt.


6 A-D – The troops of a hero (from top to the bottom)

A – Troops name: this is the name of the troops your hero is leading. Hovering of it will give you informations
about how they they are doing in battle.

B – troops level: The higher the troops level, the more damage they can do and take. the troops level is raising
with the heroes level. usally they reach a new level when the hero reaches level 20.

C – Troops Skill: This shows you which skill your heroes troop has. Hovering over it will give you a basic idea of
what this skill is for.

D -Soldiers: Here you can see the total amound of troops your hero has. Some peopel say that its the
HP of a hero. This is actually right, but it also determines the damage your troops
can deal. more troops = damage, less trops = less damage. 4 meanies punching
you does hurt more as if it would be just 1 right? ;)

Now i’ll tell you how the battles do work in this game. The key to victory is to know when which hero will attack which opponent!

look at this:

This is the order in which you heroes will attack. This is crucial to know so that you can build your stragedies to counter enemy attacks. Should for example your hero on Postion 2. finish all enemys on postion 2, 5 and 8, then he will start attacking enemys on the position 3, 6 or 9. should he also kill all enemy forces on this positions, then he will finally start to attack the positions 1, 4 and 7. Sounds rather complicated huh? Well it just sounds difficult

Formations which are used in battle do always have some advantage or some disadvantage against other formations. You will learn by time which they are Its all about where you placed your heroes. I’ll show you a madeup battle with 2 formations to make it clearer to you.

look at this:


in this examble assuming both got 5 heroes, you chosed the “Thorny Array” and the enemy the “Charge Array”. Since both sides got a hero on Position 1 the battle starts like this (Blue for your heroes, red for enemy heroes):

Postion 1 hero attacks, Postion 1 hero attacks

Now is where it comes to the problematical part… for you! since you dont have any heroes on postion 2 and 3 you also cant attack. Since the enemy got heroes on postion 2 and 3 the battle goes on like this:

Postion 2 hero attacks, Position 3 Hero attacks

You already got attacked 3 times before you could lunch your second attack. If the enemy got some pretty heavy attackers on position 1-3 then you would already have suffered some losses. I assume you know by now, how this battle would continue


~ Ways to get your heroes stronger ~


training your heroes:

This Shows you what level your selected hero is aswell as the experience bar (filling it will result in a level up)

This is where your start your training for the selected hero. You can choose between a training time of 30 minutes, 2 hours or 8 hours aswell as how much gold it costs you to start the training. Its recommendet to always choose 8 Hour training since its the best price/output you can have.

Here you can buy buy some extra experience for your selected hero. there are 2 options:

1. Your hero is already in training: If your hero is in training you can speed up his progress with paying some Battle Achievements. Each speedup gives a CD of 10 minutes. (speeding up doesnt reduce the total time of training)
2. Your hero is not in training: If your hero didnt start the training yet, you can pay some diamonds to give him alot of experience.


Upgrading your technology:

1 – Available Technologies: here you can see all Techs available. You can choose between phy/magic attack, phy/magical defence alswell as a tech that increases your troop amound.

2 – Informations of your selected tech: here you will see the name, the current level and the effect of your selected tech.

3 – improvment informations: here you can see what requirments you need to increase the tech even further aswell as which effect will be added upon upgrading it.


Upgrading your Equipment:

1 – Your Inventory: Here you can select any equipments out of your inventory and from your heroes.

2 – Upgrade rate: This bar shows you how high/low the current successrate for upgrading is as well as in which
direction the rate will go within the next 30 minutes. The rate is always changing at a full or
a half hour.

3 – Selected Equipment: Here you can see the equipment you have selected aswell as its “Faith” (fortifed level).

4 – Upgrade Informations: This will show you all needed informations about the item you are trying to upgrade.
You can see the overall stats of your equipment included your current faith,aswell as the gold
requiered to improve that item. The green numbers stands for the improvement of this
item upon a succeful upgrade.

Well thats about the basics i hope i could help out or at least make it clearer to you.

if you guys see anything that i can still improve, then let me know right away.

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