Shadowland Online Beginner’s Guide

Shadowland Online Beginner’s Guide by EternalPhoemix

Hello Everyone :)

Since there are alot of peopel ask about how this game works, i decided to make a Guide myself so that you could see how things work (at least until lvl 35 so its still under construction :p)

I’ll skip the choses of starter heroes for now since i dont have any materiel for it at this point, i’ll probally add something later on.

now for the very first Screen you will encounter: Your City

(for those who cant see the picture here is the direct link:


1 A-F:The Cooldown (CD) Bars (from top to the botton)

A-Levy-bar:it shows you how long it takes untilyou can collect money from your “Town Hall” again

B-Tech-bar:it shows you how long it takes until you can reasearch new technologies in the “Alchemy Lab

C-Fortify-bar:it shows you how long it takes until you can start to upgrade your equipments at the
Blacksmith” agin

D-Perception-bar:it shows you how long it takes until you can use your Battle Archivments (BA) to convert
them into exp for your heroes

E-Army-bar:it shows you how long it takes until you can use your heroes for NPC-fights or PvP
(conquering or Attacking) again

F-Worker-bars (2-3):it shows you how long it takes until you can build or upgrade a building in your town

*note: CDs are stackable. you can for example upgrade a building when the CD is at 50 mins. Should the CD counter turn red, then you have to wait the whole time shown until you can upgrade another building.

2 A-G:The Resources and a side button (from left to the right)

A -“The Eye”: Click on the button and it will show you:
– at the Town the level of your buildings
– at the Outeryard the name of the locations available

B-Gold:Shows your basic resources.
You need it to: – Buy equipments at the “Shop” or food at the “Market
– Upgrading buildings or your equipment at the “Blacksmith
– Start the training of your heroes at the “Dragon Trainings Ground
– Creating an Alliance
– Alliance technologies
obtainable with: – Selling equipment to the “Shop
– Selling Food to the “Market
– Through levy’s at the “Town Hall
(max 10 times +5 times with diamonds)
– Missions ontained at the “Elder
– “Gold Mine” at the outeryard of your town
– Tasks and daily tasks

C-Food:Shows how much food you have.
You need it to: – recruit soldiers at the “Barrack
– obtaining gold through selling it to the market
obtainable with: – planting crops on the “Farm” in the “Outeryards” of your Town
– buying it from the “Market
– Stealing it from the farms of other players

D-Military Forces: This shows how many troops you still have left to replish your
heroes troops upon losing them in fights
obtainable with: – Drafts in your “Barrack
– Paying food to recruit new soldiers at the “Barracks

E-Battle Achievements: This shows how many battle Achievements you have ( BA).
You need it to: – upgrading the technologies at the “Alchemy Lab
– converting them for exp at the “Dragon Trainings Ground
– getting support (loyality) in the “Sanctuary
– increasing Prestige at the “Town Hall
obtainable with: – Defeating NPCs and legions
– Missions from the “Elder

F-Prestige: This shows how much prestige you have. Its need for a higher rank.
obtainable with: – Defeating players of a different nation
– with “Promote” paying some BA’s at the “Town Hall
– Missions from the “Elder

G-Diamonds: This shows how many Diamonds you have.
You need it to: – Reducing all kind of CDs
– Further collections in your “Town Hall
– Paying the blackmarket to reset the market-limit at the “market
– Purchasing more trainingslots at the “Dragon Training Ground
– Purchasing more Workers
– Purchasing a guarding tower at the “Farm
– Reseting the gold mines at the “Gold Mine
– Sending heroes on expeditions at the “Cave
– Purchase equipments from the auction house at the “Market
– Upgrading Alliance Flag
– Reset or improve your heroes stats
obtainable with: – Purchasing with real money
– Through Events
– With alot of luck at the “Gold Mine

3 A-E: Location-Buttons (From top to the bottom)

A-World Affairs: here you can see daily events aswell as the players with the most prestige and the players
who are the furtherst at the “Gates of Ages”

B-World: this shows you the world map with all for you currently available regions

C-Region: this shows you the region you curently are in

D-Outside Town: this will lead you to the Outeryard of your City

E-Town: this will lead you back to your town

4 A – I: Interacting Buttons (from left to the right)

A-Alliance: this will show you the alliance-window. Alliances of your nation are shown here. When you got an
alliance it will show infos about your Alliance

B -Army: this will you to your army-section where you can Hire new heroes, equip your heroes and change
formations of your heroes

C-Ranking: this will show you the player ranking of your region, nation and the world

D-Fortify: this will lead you to your “Blacksmith” where you can up- or degrade your equipments

E-Mail: Here you will get messages from battles and other players. It currently also contains the Friendslist

F-Tasks: this will show you your main quests aswell as daily tasks

G-Recharge: this will lead you to the payment site for purchasing diamonds

H-Portal: this will lead you to your latest unlocked map

I-Portrai: this will lead you to the overlord window at the “Town Hall”

1 – 16:The Buildings (as shown on the picture)

1. Town Hall (unlocked at: from the beginning): The Town Hall is your very core of your might. here you can
do Levys for some gold, getting infos about the overlord
(you), look at your diplomacy for your subordinates aswell as for your superior and
you can exchange gift-codes there aswel. Upgrading the Town Hall will lead
to new buildings. Each levy drains 1 Loyalty.
No building can exceed the Town Halls level!

2. Gate of Ages (unlocked at: from the beginning): from here you will go to ride the world off from the undead
scums which nearly killed all mankind. Clicking on it will
show you all current maps where you can fight against NPC’s aswell as
Legions (at the end of all maps)

3. Dweelings (unlocked at: from the begining, Town Hall 11; 31; 41): The Dweelings are the living places
of your folks. Upgrading them will grant you a higher amound of gold at levys

4. Dragon Trainings Ground: (unlocked at: from the beginning): The Dragon trainings Ground is the place
where the dragons life. You can send your Heroes here to obtain more
experiences during training with the dragons. You can also buy additional
experience with paying BA’s or Diamonds. Upgrading this building will lead
to increased experience during training aswell as for experience which you
bought through BA’s or Diamonds. Further does itincrease the max level
of your heroes.
heroes level cant exceed the level of this building!

5. Blacksmith (unlocked at: Town Hall 3): this is a hot place were strong sweating mens
are working hard for your heroes. Here you can up- and degrading your
equipmentsaswell as directly visiting the shop. Upgrading this building will
increase tha max refinable level of yourequipments. the succes rate of upgrading
is changing every 30 minutes between 50% and 100%.
Equipments cant exceed the level of this building!

6. Barracks (unlocked at: Town Hall 10): here you can find your soldiers for your heroes.
In this Building you can pay food to recruite new soldiers aswell as draft
voluneteers. You can also check how your formations are doing. Increasing this
building will increase the max Military Force as well as the amound of volunteers

7. Alchemy Lab (unlocked at: Town Hall 8): Here you can find Mad Scientist…
unimaginable experiments… weapons with ultimate destruction power!
… well not really,just some normal scientist who work to increas your
combat technology In this building you can pay BA’s to increase your
technologies. Upgrading this build will increase the max lvl of your technologys.
technologys cant exceed the level of this building!

8. Shop (unlocked at: from the beginning): The owner of this shop sells some equipments
to your heroes… if the price is ok. here you can buy all kind of equipments as well
as sell your old gear or which you find on your way to save the world. Upgrading
this building will unlock more equipment to buy.

9. Market (unlocked at: Town Hall 5): Your folks are dealing with food here. if you pay
them you also can get some food. Here you can buy and sell your food. The Market
got a max limit for trading food per day, this includes food you sell aswell food you
buy. the food price is changing every 30 minutes between 0,5 and 2 gold/food.
Selling food at a high rate is recommended. Paying the Blackmark with a few
Diamonds will reset the daily trading limit. Upgrading this building will increase the
max trade limit+1000/level. Market lvl 30 will unlock the Auction House. Here
players can sell equipments to other players. other players can just pay with
Diamonds here.

10. Granary (unlocked at: Town Hall 15): All grain what a farmer cant store, will end up
here. Since they work for you its all yours anyways In this building your food
will be stored. Upgrading this build will increase the max storage of your
food by +1000/level

11. Sanctuary (unlocked at. Town Hall 11): Your folk belieaves in God… as well as in you.
In this Building your can train increase or reset your heroes stats with paying
diamonds. You can aswell pray, this require BA’s and gives you support which is
actually loyalty. Upgrading this build has the effect, that you will get for each 5
upgraded level 1 more chance to reset your heroes stats. a Higher level also unlocks
moremissions at the Elder.

12. Treasury (unlocks at: Town Hall 20): The wealth of your City is stored here. Upgrading
this building increase the max capacity of your gold

13. Finance Hall (unlocked at: Town Hall 30): Alot of smart person do work here,
They know how to handle money which benefits you. Upgrading this building will
increase the amound of gold you get from levys.

14. Sacrificial Grounds/Fort of Greatness/ Hunters Den (unlocked at: Town hall 35): This is a sacred place
where your Beginning Heroes will gain more power. here you can improve your
beginning hero with 1 out of 3 Skill-Trees which contain each 4 skills. You get 1
skillpoint for every 5 levels of this build.

15. Elder (unlocked at: Town Hall 11): This old fellow will send you scenarios with
just your beginning hero. So make sure to equip him well if you want to succeed.
Sceanrios will reward you with gold, BA, prestige and equipments. A higher
sanctuary gives him more scenarios.

16. Outeryard (unlocked at: from the beginning): This will lead you to the outeryard of your city.
here you can find the gold mine, the farm, the village and the cave.

Now im Coming to the Outeryard with some small explainations:

(again for those who cant see the picture: )

1 – The Gate: The Gate Leads you simply back to your Town

2 – Gold Mine: The gold mine is a small opportunity to gather 9 times a day a small
amound of gold. There is aswell a chance per goldmine to receive 10 Diamonds! After
digging 1 Gold Mine you will have to wait another hour to dig another on.
So you should try to dig all of them each day for a chance of diamonds!

3 – The Village (unlocks at Town Hall 10): The Village is a small mini-game which takes 30 seconds. Doing this
will determies how many extra soldiers you will get for the next hour upon drafting
volunteers from your Barrack.

( )

This is the gaming window, upon hitting the start button you will have 30 seconds to take
5 humans who will pass by as shown on the picture. There are 5 typs of Humans:
– Child ( -5 points)
– Old men ( +0 points)
– Women ( +5 points)
– Young men ( +15 points)
– Strong men ( +20 points)
The higher you score, the more volunteers you will get, simply as that

4 – The Farm: here you will plant your crops so that you can harvest your food. You can
plant up to 9 crops at a time. You will unlocky every 10 Town Hall level a new crop which
grows faster and also gives more food upon collecting it. Other players can steal up to 5
times from your crops draining its value by 10% of the maximum each time. So if you
should forget to harvest them… what ever happens, you will still get atleast 50% of it.
Ofcourse you better harvest them before another player can steal your crops ;) here you
can also buy with some Diamonds a sentry to increase your chance of hindering other
players from stealing your grain.
Keep in mind that it just INCREASE the chance. it doesnt
protect them for a chance of 100%.

5 – The Cave: here you can send your Hero on an expedtion paying him 10.000 gold or
Diamonds. You can get some strong equipments here. but in my opinion its not worth to
use it as a free-player. This just works well on high levels when you have alot of diamonds

had to split the tutorial a bit since it exceeded by far the letter limits xD

but ok, that was it for now! i’ll add later on more stuff to this and to other stuff! so stay tuned! ;D Also let me a note if i made a mistake or what i still could add!

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