Facebook Dungeon Overlord Evil Guide

Facebook Dungeon Overlord Evil Guide by hvymetaltooth

Note: since I’m too lazy to actually test out all the permutations and make this a true min-maxing guide, there’ll be a lot of approximations and hand-waving. The goal here is to exploit every existing game mechanic to your advantage. 

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Get yourself at least 2, preferably 4 extra FB accounts
Step 2: Sign up all accounts at once. Simplest way to do it is by having the sign-up open in several browsers (between IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and a host of others, this isn’t an isue), and click Allow successively. You should now have 3-5 dungeons fairly close together, maybe even in the same volcano.
Step 3: Designate one account your Main. There, the focus will be on research and room leveling. The others are resource suppliers, squatters, and, in a pinch, retaliation sources. Furthermore, I would strongly recommend plowing 10 bucks into Station Cash to purchase the goblin and tile additions on sign-up. Only the main account needs the bonuses. But if you have cash burning a hole in your pocket, feel free to boost the other accounts.
Step 3b: Look up the guide on how to pick up resources via the developer console: Facebook Dungeon Overlord Automatically Picking Up Resources Have a text file ready with all the commands to pick up resources in all your dungeons. Gathering resources will be just a question of pasting commands into the browser.
Step 4: Walk all dungeons through the tutorial. Focus on getting resources into your main to complete the quest line to level 2 ASAP. Once you are about a day away from leveling, switch all goblins from the dummy accounts to surveying nearby dungeons. Start with your volcano, then fan out. Since you’re power-leveling your main with resources from your dummy accounts, you should be ahead of everyone within a reasonable distance of you. This means that when you find a suitable dungeon within about 30 minutes of your main, you should have no problems claiming it.
Note on suitable dungeons:since we will be abusing thieves, primordials are less important. An ideal 2nd dungeon will be one with T4+ resources: quicksilver, moonstone, deep ochre, dense basalt, and higher.
Step 5: Once you have the expansion of your main set up, the resources of the dummy accounts will be used to level them to level 2 as well. The goal here is to squat quality 2nd and 3rd dungeon expansions, and prevent other players from getting them. See the existing guides for what kind of dungeons to squat. A slight tweak here is that you also want to look for p.fire and ruby. Since you have extra expansions, you can sacrifice overall quality a bit to get those two resources early. They will be used to build fire traps.
Step 6: Your priorities will switch here. Look up PapaBash’s thieving guide: you want to replicate his strategy in your main account. Right now, this means level 3-6 10 thieves ASAP, and raiding T1 expansions mercilessly. The only other units in your main will be level 1 warlocks.

Your priorities at this point are:

1) Leveling thieves in main to 10 first, then to 30, then to 47. This has to go hand in hand with trapping the entrance to your main starter dungeon, so that you maximize kills during retaliations. No point in raiding a T2 settlement from an unprotected dungeon.
2) Leveling rooms in main to maximize xp and goblins. This means vault to level 3 ASAP, then den and mines as high as possible.
3) Maximizing research in main account. This means warlocks (and only warlocks), library tiles and book cases.
4) Trapping main dungeons to deter enemy thieves. One spike trap per entrance does a fine job here.
5) Building out dummy account dungeons to maximize mining, resource processing and basic theft deterrence. With one exception, you don’t have to fill your dummy dungeons with anything but a few warlocks for thief deterrence.
6) Build retaliation army in one of the dummy starter dungeons. Note that a raiding army consists of two max level orcs and all the ranged units you can gather.
7) Leveling rooms in your dummy dungeons.
Step 7a)  Keep raiding settlements, as per PapaBash’s guide.
Step 7b) Look for enemy expansions with thieves from your dummy accounts. If someone takes a good expansion, raid them into oblivion if you can. If not, throttle back your thief leveling and focus more on leveling your raiders, until you can take them out. It bears to mention again that a proper raid consists of two orcs capable of tanking any enemy melee unit along with all the ranged units, and as many ranged units as you can muster. If you bring DEs, make sure they all can tank any enemy ranged unit, and take on most of the melee units.
The goal here is to frustrate players into being less active, so that you get farther and farther ahead of everybody nearby. If anybody within 30 minutes takes a good dungeon, they have to be raided mercilessly.
Step 8) At this point, you’ll probably start to run into some space problems in your main account. If that happens, start to use your dummy accounts to produce resources via workshops, forges and alchemy labs. No point in wasting a perfectly good 15-27 tiles on producing reinforced leather when you can gain more research instead. This means that one dummy starter dungeon will get level 3 production room upgrades, and will be the production center of your empire – at least for now.
Step 9) Level 3 should roll around soon for your main account. Depending on where you are in your research, you should either look for T5 resources, or get a complementary T4 resource dungeon. You have, of course, been squatting it for a while now. So abandon it, and claim it from your main. This dungeon will also focus 100% on research, with one or two thieves for scouting purposes.

Step 10) For those who delight in torture, it is time to start writing letters. Yes, letters. Let every Overlord you have raided know that you mean business, and that you will not tolerate competition. They either move out, or stop playing.You now should have three dungeons with around 40-50 warlocks doing research at around 1k-1.5k total research per hour, 3-6 thieves raiding T2 settlements as often as possible, a hallway of death in your main starter dungeon, and a cohort of dummy dungeons supplying you with whatever resources you might be missing at the moment. Your fellow overlords should have been raided into submission, and no one should be close to getting their third expansion. And if they are, they have to settle for your left overs. As a matter of fact, you should be able to get your 4th dungeon before anyone else hits their third.

At this point, it’s really up to you how you want to proceed:
* maximize research until conquest and unleash hell
* establish your main as the dominant force in the neighborhood

* keep your dummy dungeons around and race ever farther ahead of your competition, while squatting ever more quality dungeons. Summary

With 4 basic approaches, you can be so far ahead of everybody around you that you pretty much own everything in a 1 hour area. The approaches are:
* Dummy accounts turbocharge your main account in the starting phase.
* Script pick ups trivialize resource pick ups.
* Raiding thieves produce all the T1-T3 resources you’ll ever need.
* Your resource advantage is used to frustrate any Overlord nearby into submission. 

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