Facebook Dungeon Overlord What To Do After Finishing Quests

Facebook Dungeon Overlord What To Do After Finishing Quests by dolavium

Finished the quests and not sure what to do? Here are some general guidelines. 

General Goals: get lots of xp by upgrading your rooms

Dungeon Selection: see all the other threads about it. Just make sure you have at least one primordial earth mine. deep ochre would also be helpful.
Research Goals – Research whatever is necessary to get the following technologies:
1) Lesser Stonebinding – more tiles!
2) Lesser Command – more warlocks so you can get more tiles!
3) Stonebinding – more tiles!
4) Command – more warlocks so you can get more tiles!
5) Greater Command (only because it’s so close! If you are out of room in your research dungeons and can’t fit any more warlocks, you can do this after Greater Stonebinding)
6) Greater Stonebinding
I hope you noticed a pattern. SMILEY Along the way you may find that you need to pick up some crafting technologies. 

Building Priorities:

Priority 1: Level 3 vaults in all dungeons: more goblins + more experience = win. have the resources ready for this by the time you expand to a new dungeon.
Priority 2: Some basic raiders. Get a few thieves and dark elves so you can get more resources!
Priority 3: Some stack expanders: At least build 3 jewel cases/treasure chests and a rickety cart or two for each of your dungeons. Don’t let extra resources go to waste overnight.
Priority 4: Level 4 vaults in all dungeons
Priority 5: Level 5 Mines  – these are the easiest rooms to upgrade to level 5 for the experience bonus. Start with your expansions, but you can also upgrade your starter mine and downgrade it later if you need room.
As you go: Build a few Fire traps for each dungeon as you get the ruby and primordial fire and place them in your entrances, starting with your starter dungeon. Having fire traps in your starter takes care of NPC attacks, and having a couple in your expansions should kill player scouts.
1) Upgrade your vaults to level 3!
2) Use your starting orcs to constantly raid the tier 1 (smallest) settlements to get the leather you need for thieves and dark elves. Your warlocks should be able to take care of the retaliations. Build a spike trap or 2 if you can.
3) Use your level 1 thief to find a couple of inactive players (an inactive player is someone who has activated their mines and then stopped playing. You can send your creatures to raid their mine, farm, and vault for what you need). Check your starter dungeon first and then check other mountains.
4) Use your upgraded thief (or thieves) to raid the inactive players you just found.
5) Get 2 dark elves to level 10, and have them start doing triple raids together on the tier 1 settlements.
6) Focus on vault upgrades while you build a few more dark elves and start upgrading your mines. Always attack the same tier 1 settlement so you can get the burn-down bonus of 500 Primordial Earth + extra goodies.
6) Upgrade your starter temple to level 3 so you can get the dark elf leveling furniture. You will need about 5 level 25 Dark elves, or 2 level 70 dark elves to start raiding the tier 2 (medium) settlements on triple raids. 

A) Starter Dungeon: Combat:

1) Creatures:
a) 1-2 level 1 thieves: scout for inactive players
b) 1-3 level 20+ thieves: raid inactive players. get more thieves if you’re active and there are lots of juicy inactive dungeons around you, or none if there aren’t any.
c) 5-8 level 10 Dark elves. Send in groups of 2 on triple raids of T1 (the smallest) settlements
d) 5-8 level 15 dark elves. Send solo to triple raid T1 settlements
e) 2 level 70 dark elves for triple-raiding T2 settlements
f) Extra creatures can be warlocks
2) Rooms:
Keep at Level 2:  Guard post
Keep at Level 3: Storage room, Elemental confine, Workshop, Alchemy Lab, Forge,Temple, Den, Library, Farm, Tavern
Upgrade to 5: Proving ground, Mine if you have space
Notes: You will be raiding from this dungeon so you will need more traps (Fire/Freeze) at your entrance to take care of retaliations. If your crafting dungeon is really close to your starter then you can get rid of your Workshop, Alchemy Lab, and Forge to save on tiles. This requires lots of shipping, though, and for the first stages I find it helpful to be able to make lots and lots of crystite, ingots, etc. Use the first level storage expanders (storage shelves and ethereal cubes) if you need extra storage room.
3) Furniture:
a) Stack expanders and creature items (trapdoors for thieves, guard houses for elves)! If you login a lot, you’ll need fewer of these. If you login less, you can never have enough. See the wiki for an optimal number.  

B) 2nd dungeon: Research Dungeon:

1) Creatures
a) As many warlocks as you can fit
2) Rooms
Upgrade to 5: Mine, then eventually Den if you have a ton of extra Steel Ingots.
Other buildings:
a) Library: as big as you need it to be for the warlocks you have. You can upgrade it to level 3 if you need more tiles.
b) Farm: 4 tiles
c) Tavern: 2-3 tiles
d) extra tiles should be mine or trap
That’s it! You’ll need a lot of elemental confine tiles briefly to get your level 5 Mine, but you can remove them later.
3) Furniture
a) Bookcases! As many as you can.
b) Fireplaces get a few so you don’t need to login that often. 

C) 3rd dungeon: Crafting/Research:

To start with this dungeon will look and act just like your research dungeon, but will also have:
a) Level 3: Library, Workshop, Forge, Alchemy Lab
b) Storage Room
c) Elemental Confine
As you upgrade more crafting & storage rooms to level 5, you’ll probably have to start destroying library (and possibly Den) tiles to make room. Just keep as many warlocks active as possible, based on the tiles you have available. The priority in this dungeon is the crafting!
1) Creatures
a) As many warlocks as you can fit based on the tiles available.
2)  Rooms
The same buildings as the research dungeon, plus:
Upgrade to 5 in this order:
a) Mine
b) Storage Room
c) Den (if you have lots of extra steel ingots. you’ll need to build up to 6 other level 5 buildings in this dungeon so you may need to downgrade the Den later for extra tiles. Upgrade the Den in your pure research dungeons first).
—— At this point you’re at a whole new level, but go for these upgrades
d) Workshop
e) Elemental Confine
f) Forge
g) Alchemy Lab
3) Furniture
If you login many times a day, fill the forge with anvils and the workshop with drafting tables. You will probably need all your crystite for your dark elves so don’t bother with the alchemy lab furniture. If you don’t login that often, you won’t need any furniture. 

General notes:

1) Future dungeons should follow the research model. You won’t need more crafting or more attacking for a while, and research dungeons can always be converted to the attack model later.
2) If you find yourself short on money or resources, add as many turbo miners as you can for a nice gold mining boost.
3) If you’re short on Iron or Crystal, scout starter dungeons for inactive players. If you’re short on primordials, scout dungeons on the upper levels. Look for dungeons labeled “Dungeon Lair”, but I’ve found a lot of named dungeons with active primordial mines that are empty of creatures. Lots of players stop after their expansion.
4) Retaliations from the NPC settlements can start to hurt. Watch the replays to see how your creatures are doing. Whenever you can, add more fire traps and freeze traps (I find 3-5 firetraps for every freeze trap to be a good ratio).
5) People seem to have stopped using thieves, but I love mine even though they can’t raid settlements any more. Thieves are relatively cheap to upgrade, and they carry a lot. Use them to raid the inactive players around your starter for tons of free resources that can help you build your dark elves. Use level 1 thieves to locate inactive players. When the level 1 thieves aren’t busy (overnight?), send them on triple raids against the T2 settlements. Even if they die they should respawn by the time you wake up. Do not send Thieves above level 1 to the NPC settlements. Stick to inactive players!

Let me know what you think. Keep in mind that there are many ways to play and I’m aware that this isn’t the only one. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You'll just have to hide them from attacks and keep eveything in safe storage from now on until you're strong enough to deal with attacks like that, because hate takes forever to burn off, and if you're one of the only active raiders in your area you'll be getting a lot of attention. If you feel like you must fight back, arrange your dungeon in such a way that warlocks are close to the entrance but melee enemies have a long way to go to get to you, adding freeze and firetraps as you go.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Awesome guide, it set me on the right path. I've got a question though.

    I'm level 19 right now and have been double raiding some t1 settlements near me to try and raze them. I use pairs of level 10 dark elves. I was able to raze a settlement two or three times yesterday which was awesome but HOLY SHIT overnight catastrophe.

    I got raided by a military settlement, the raiding party was 12 level 10-20 elves and they absolutely destroyed me. They killed everything in my dungeon, so now all my dark elves are level 4 and my warlocks are gimped.

    What can I do to prevent this? Is it just part of the game? I feel like I lost more resources in that one attack than I gained in an entire day of nonstop raiding. I can't make any traps yet and I think my dungeon can only hold one anyway. I'm still quite a ways away from higher level dark elves since I need ~30k research to get the temple.

    Any advice?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just started with the game and your guide helped me to clear up some goals for my dungeons. Thx.

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