Facebook Dungeon Overlord Resources and Market Guide

Facebook Dungeon Overlord Resources and Market Guide by osore

As a general guide hasn’t been made yet I decided to share some of my insights in a form that can help other players. I want to start small and start building up from there with various useful information. feedback is much appreciated

Part 1. Knowing What to Mine and When to Sell it.

It is important to note that this guide does not deal with selling the resources that you have gathered through raiding. It should just help you decide what to mine based on the current market tendencies and raw data.

I’ll start off with a basic breakdown of resources and how to crunch the mining times and black market prices. As distinguishing 10 tiers of resources is a bit of an overkill I’ve decided to narrow it down to 4.

The Format:

Resource Name; Production per hour; amount of gold you can mine in the same time from a gold node, assuming maxed mining techs. This is basically the very minimum price you should ask for if you are mining said resource instead of a gold node – that also means if you see a resource below this price on the market it is generally better to buy it than to mine it yourself); ; in red i will put the black market price – the absolute maximum you ever have to pay for any given resource – remember that there is nothing stoping you from sending more than one goblin to buy from the black market, you just have to send them one at a time;BM – price you pay for an hour’s worth of mining of the selected resource [black market markup]

Gold; 72/hour – I use this number for all the other calculations you see below – it is the base mining yield for a single goblin working on a gold node for an hour. Also take it into consideration when calculating costs of travel times. An hour long trip of a goblin costs you 72g*[tech bonus]*[mine bonus] but even when you have an amazing +300% mine with +50% tech a single hour won’t cost you more than 500g which is 1g per unit of the resource he can carry. eg. it is not worth sending your goblins for 1g cheap Iron if its a 3 hour round trip done from your best mining dungeon but overall transporting goods isn’t so expensive :].

Iron; 60/hour = 1,16g/unit 4g/unit – selling for 2g nets you quite the profit. BM:240g/hour[x3.3]

Crystal; 42/hour = 1,71g/unit 8g/unit – selling for 2g is still profitable BM: 336g/hour [x4,6]

T2 [x5]
Primordials; 24/hour = 3g/unit 15g/unit – if you’re mining and selling @ lower than 3g youre losing money. BM: 360g/hour

T3 [x10]
Moonstone, Ruby; 4.8/hour 15g/unit 150g/unit BM:720g/hour [thats x10 our base already]

Deep Ochre, DenseBasalt, Quicksilver; 3,6/hour 20g/unit 200g/unit BM:900g/hour

T4 [black market markup x20+]Diamond; 2.4/hour 36g/unit 750g/unit /x20/

Mithril Ore; 3.6/hour 25g/unit 500g/unit /x20/

Feldspar; 0.6/hour 120g/unit 3000g/unit /x25/

ShallowMantle; 0.6/hour 120g/unit 3000g/unit /x25/

HeartofEarth; 0.06/hour 1200/unit 30000g/unit /x25/

AbyssalMantle; 0.12/hour 600g/unit 15000g/unit /x25/

Adamantite 1.8/hour 50g/unit 1400g/unit BM:2520g/hour [x28]

If you want to make any money on the market suggest you price your resources between the minimum price for a mined resource and the maximum [being the black market price]. As you can see Tier 4 resources seem to have the most potential for profit as the window between the two prices is largest and they are scarce enough that a price war between two players is unlikely and very hard to get through raiding. The downside is that not too many people will be able to afford or use the high tier resources until much later in the game and they are not used in large quantities until the very highest tier creature training and furniture.

Part 2. Remote mining in the equation.

If you want to include Remote Mining in your calculations it is pretty straightforward. We are going to ignore travel times [assume it just adds 1g to the overall price per unit of the item or something if you want to but the overall time added by travelling is pretty small compared to mining].

Just take the blue number next to the resource you are interested in and multiply it by the total % bonus of the mine in in the dungeon you want to send you’re goblins from [preferably the worst mine you have] times the difference in mining technology

(1 + [shown mine bonus / 100)*(1+[shown tech bonus/100])*minimum cost of mining the resource

example 1. If i have a small sized mine – 70% bonus with all the furniture, a 50% bonus to mining gold from technology and i want to mine Shallow Mantle with 0% tech bonus it would cost me 1.7[mine bonus]*1.50[tech difference]*96[basic rate] = 244.8g per unit – effective cost.

example 2. I have a decent size mine with 150% bonus to mining but want to send some goblins to mine a nearby primal water node. I have gold mining at 50% and primordial mining at 25% which means the equation looks like 2.5*1.5/1.25*3= 9g – probably the worst case scenario for primordials.

example 3. I just took an expansion with some Primal Earth but need some Deep Ochre to upgrade the mine to level 5. Should I remote mine or buy from the market. Gold mining is at +25% my mine is giving me a 50% bonus 1.25*1.50*17= 31,8g. So if the price of Deep Ochre on the market is below 31g I should buy it instead of remote mining.

Part 3. Quick Overview of Crafted Resources and their prices*

*treat them as a guideline only!!! the minimum prices are calculated using the lowest reasonable cost for each of the basic resources written in blue in the previous chapter. You should expect at least a 30%-70% increase in the price of a crafted good over the price of pure resources due to a few factors including but not limited to: specific resource availability and the quantity required, the time it takes to craft and limited queueing ability, crafting rooms taking up space that could be used as a mine(!!!) etc. The higher the tier of the item the higher markup you can expect. Also take note of the fact that some of those items may actually cost less due to various players selling resources at dumping prices. I have written pluses ‘+’ where i expect the price to be just a bit higher (+) to much higher(++++) than the one listed

Crafted Resources;

Crystite [50 Iron, 100 Crystals, 10 Gold] 240g ++

Ashen Stone [75 P. Earth, 75 P. Fire, 50 Gold] 500g ++

Explosive Grog [20 Gold, 200 Primordial Water, 100 Primordial Fire, 50 Food] 970g++

Prismatic Glass [200 Crystal, 200 P. Earth, 200 P. Fire, 200 P. Ice, 200 P. Water, 40 Gold] 2800g+++

Mana Spark [5000 Crystal, 300 P. Water, 300 P. Fire] 10000g+


Steel Ingot [200 Iron, 100 P. Earth, 50 Gold] 600g++

Cold Iron Ingot [500 Iron, 100 P. Ice, 100 Gold] 1025g++

True Silver Ingot [700 Iron, 100 P. Ice, 10 Quicksilver, 250 Gold] 1595g++

Dense Iron Ingot [2500 Iron, 100 Dense Basalt, 300 Gold] 5125g++

Mithril Ingot [2000 Gold, 2000 Iron, 1000 Crystal, 1000 Primordial Water, 500 Mithril Ore] 22500g+++

Adamantite Ingot [7000 Gold, 15000 Iron, 4000 Primordial Fire, 4000 Primordial Water, 250Adamantite Ore] 65000g++++

Workshop: [assuming a price of leather = 1g which is not always the case]

Reinforced Leather [75 Iron, 75 Leather, 20 Gold] 190g+

Goblin Twine [75 Crystal, 75 Leather, 20 Gold] 220g+

Whirling Gizmos [200 Gold, 500 Iron, 50 Leather, 1200 Crystal, 75 Primordial Water] 3140g++

Again, this is just a rough guideline covered by some basic maths and a little theorycrafting. Comments and discussion welcome.

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