Facebook Dungeon Overlord Automatically Picking Up Resources

Facebook Dungeon Overlord Automatically Picking Up Resources 

How to create a resource collector bot without any coding knowledge:

1. Go to your dungeon
2. Collect any resource
3. Press Shift+~ to open console
4. You can use ctrl+a to select all the text
5. Find your dungeon ID. ex:  &dungeonId;=12345
6. Get a browser that can reload in intervals (opera, firefox extensions, auto reload extensions for chrome)
7. Replace the dungeon id with yours. Also replace the resource name (GoldResource, IronResource, ResearchResource you get the idea): http://dungeonoverlord.station.sony.com/MyLairServer/DelegateServlet?act=pickupResourcesJSON&dungeonId;=39910&rsrc;_type=FoodResource&amount;=40000
8. Open up as many of these links as you need. One link per resource per dungeon.
9. Sorry this involves leaving your browser open.
10. Set the webpages with your links to reload every 15 minutes or so.
And your done!  

So yes, if you copy the console command that picks up resources in your dungeon. you can just refresh the link and it will pick up anything you have at the time. 

Also it displays any event that hapened in the game since last update which is pretty nifty.
Weirdly enough, it doesnt do any heartbeat checks from the game itself, at least my “_s” from the server stays the same. 

{“_type”:”PerformMiracle”,”_alerts”:[{“dungeonId”SMILEYxxxx,”alertTime”:”2011-02-06 xxSMILEYxSMILEYx.xxx”,”alert”:{“result”:”GOOD”,”task”SMILEYxxxxxx,”mountain_tile”SMILEYxxxxxx},”type”:”SURVEY_COMPLETE”},{“dungeonId”SMILEYxxxx,”alertTime”:”2011-02-06 xxSMILEYxSMILEYx.xxx”,”alert”:{“result”:”GOOD”,”task”SMILEYxxxxxx,”mountain_tile”SMILEYxxxxxx},”type”:”SURVEY_COMPLETE”}],”_s”:”hashid==”,”_result”:”ok”,”pickedUp”:over 9000!}

I would imagine someone already made a collector script that does it all day long so I they dont have to visit the game. 

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7 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone ever found a script for this?

  2. Anonymous says:

    not working

  3. i think the console has been disabled unfortunately =[

  4. Anonymous says:

    The server has changed, so I think there should be a new link for collecting stuff.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Do you know if there is a server command to cancel a goblin shipment? I know you can cancel market purchases and attacks, but there's no button to cancel a shipment from one dungeon to another, but there might be a server command for it…

  6. try using google chrome, seems like firefox doesn't work

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think I am doing something wrong. I copyed the link but when i want to use it Firefox tells me it wants to save some JSON file somewhere. It should not be that way, right?

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