Heroes Charge Team Composition and Formation Guide

Heroes Charge Team Composition and Formation Guide by AyameNoop

Before reading this guide, you should read Imonarch’s guide on team formations and basic team building. This guide will expand further on what he has covered. Just to note: he uses a slightly different terminology from me; basically he lumps all damage dealing specialists into one category called DPS, while I split damage dealers into Nuke and DPS, also he lumps all support heroes into one category while I split it into buff/debuff depending on how the hero affects the game

Hero Type:
Each hero will have a primary type based on what kind of damage they deal; either Physical or Magic. Some heroes are hybrid, and can do both a mix of physical and magic damage. Just because a hero is marked as Physical or Magic does not mean that they only deal one type of damage (though such heroes exist), but that is their primary damage type.

Generally you should group physical heroes into one team and Magic heros into another. That being said, most of the fun in Heroes charge comes from building hybrid teams that look odd at first, but somehow work well together. The key is to experiment.

Hero Roles
Each hero generally has a main role as well as many secondary roles that they offer. Generally the main role is seen as the hero’s best contribution to the team and not necessarily what that hero is best at.

Heroes with this trait are able to survive and take large amounts of damage, either by having large HP pools or by having high dodge/lifesteal

Heros with this main trait are best known for dealing a high, stable, regular amount of damage

A sub trait of DPS heroes that do damage in large irregular bursts, instead of steadily.

Heroes who provide and apply boosts to your team.

Heroes who have skills that affect the enemy team negatively

Heroes who have the ability to heal themselves and others

Heroes who are focused on dealing damage to the enemy team as a whole

Crowd Control (CC)
Generally heroes who are known for good CC have skills that stun and immobilize the enemy team

Now that you have an idea of hero roles, lets move on to formations. The basic formation in heroes charge is the 2-2-1 formation, like the 4-4-2 in Soccer. Ironmonarch has covered formations so I’ll only touch on it here.

What this formation means is that your team has
2 Backline Heroes
2 Mid line heroes
1 Front Line hero (better known as a tank)

Now each hero in the formation has each a primary role to fulfill. The basic distribution is:

1 Tank
2 Damage Dealers (either Nuke or DPS)
2 Buff/Debuff/CC

sometimes 1 Buff/Debuff/CC hero can be swapped for a 3rd Damage hero.

Are you confused now?
Don’t be. Just think of your team as having 2 “formations”. One formation describes how many heroes you have in each part of the team (such as defence, midfield and attack in soccer) and the other formation shows how the heroes in your team fill each of the given roles (such as how many DPS heroes you have)

Roles of each hero
Now that you have a understanding of each of the hero roles. We’ll go down to each individual hero. The hero’s damage type will be listed first, followed by their primary and then any secondary roles in order from most to least.

Admiral (Hybrid, DPS, Durable, CC)
Arcane Sapper (Physical, DPS, Durable)
Bear Warrior (Physical, DPS, CC)
Brute (Physical DPS, Durable)
Chaplain (Hybrid, Heal, CC)
Cleric (Physical, Heal, Buff)
Cloud Walker (Physical, DPS)
Commando (Hybrid, Buff, AOE)
Death Knight (Hybrid, Heal, Durable, Buff)
Death Mage (Magic, Durable, AOE, CC)
Deathgore (Physical, Durable)
Depths Voice (Physical, Durable, CC)
Disease Bringer
Drunken Master (Physical, Durable, DPS, Debuff)
Ember Blade (DPS)
Emberstar (Magic, Nuke, AOE)
Fallen Dominion (Physical, DPS, Durable)
Ferryman (Magic, DPS, AOE)
Frost Mage (Magic, Debuff, AOE)
Hidden Needle
Ice Mage (Magic, CC, AOE)
Imperial Executioner (Magic, CC, Nuke)
Iron Hoof (Physical, Buff, CC, Buff)
Lightning Elemental (Hybrid, Debuff, AOE)
Lightning Master (Magic, AOE, DPS)
Lunar Guardian (Hybrid, DPS, Buff, AOE)
Machinist (Magic, Nuke, DPS)
Master Mage (Magic, CC, Nuke)
Mountain (Hybrid, Durable, CC)
Mystic (Magic, Buff, Debuff, AOE)
Ninja Assassin
Old Curse (Magic, Nuke, AOE, CC)
Phoenix (Magic, AOE, DPS, Durable)
Pilot (Physical, DPS, AOE)
Poisoned One (Physical, DPS, Debuff)
Professional Killer (Physical, DPS, Durable)
Psychic Sword (Hybrid, CC, Buff)
Psychopath (Magic, Nuke, DPS)
Rifleman (Physical, DPS)
Savage One (Physical, Debuff)
Shadow Shaman (Magic, Debuff, Heal)
Shadowleaf (Physical, Buff, DPS, CC)
Shallows Keeper (Physical, Durable, CC, Debuff)
Silencer (Physical, Debuff, DPS)
Sniper (Physical, DPS, Nuke)
Soulhunter (Magic, Durable, Nuke)
Succubus (Magic, AOE, DPS)
Swordmaster (Physical, DPS, AOE)
Tusked Storm (Physical, Buff, DPS)
Vanguard Warrior (Physical, CC)
Vengeance Spirit (Physical, DPS, AOE, CC)
Wandering Spearman (Physical, DPS)
War Chief (Physical, Durable, Buff, DPS)
Warrior Monk (Magic, CC, AOE)
Wind Master (Hybrid, DPS, AOE)

*ps list is incomplete. Please help and comment

Team Building
Now that you have an idea of how many of each type of hero you have, lets see how the heroes can fit into a team

One of the teams with the most synergy is the cookie cutter physical team consisting of:
War Chief (Durable, Buff, DPS)
Vengeance Spirit (DPS, AOE, CC, Durable)
Shadowleaf (Buff, DPS, CC)
Lunar Guardian (DPS, Buff, AOE)
Commando (Buff, AOE)

Now lets see why this team is so good.
Formation: 2-2-1 (good distribution of heroes)

Team roles:
Warchief is the tank, he also provides a boost to lifesteal for the entire team. This synergies as the majority of the team’s damage will be Physical.

Vengeance Spirit and Luna Guardian fill the DPS slots for the team. Both have strong AOE skills that allow them to hit back line enemies. Luna provides a buff that increases the Physical damage of the team and VS adds some CC ability with her Ultimate. vengeance Spirit can also tank with her high HP pool when Warchief is dead.

Commando provides a very useful buff as the majority of the team is Agility based.

Shadow leaf provides another physical damage buff as well as CC ability from her Silence.

so the team roles are
Tank (War Chief)
Damage (Vengeance Spirit, Luna Guardian and a bit of help from Shadowleaf)
Buff/CC (Shadow Leaf, Luna Guardian, Commando)

making a perfectly balanced team with great synergy!

But I don’t have XX hero, what should I do?
Well using the template, you can switch around heroes who have the same role. For example, say you do not have Vengeance Spirit but have Old Curse. You can swap Old Curse into the team as your Damage; you will lose some synergy as Old Curse is a Magic based Hero but Old curse will also contribute to your team’s CC ability with his Ulti and provide nuke damage.

Now that you understand hero roles, remember nothing beats experimenting and trying out new formations till you find one that works for you!

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