Heroes Charge Farming Stages Guide

Heroes Charge Farming Stages Guide by snapcall

This is mainly for new players. Generally you should aim to finish all of the Elite Quests so you get the cute pictures for reference. If you make it to further chapters, focus on the high priority units first then circle back for the low priority units.

Italics- denotes a lower priority unit, feel free to spend leftover stamina here

  • Chapter 1: War Chief, Machinist, Soulhunter
  • 2: Shadowleaf, Chaplain (to 3), *Shadow Shaman (to 2*)
  • 3: Vengeance Spirit, Savage One
  • 4: War Chief, Savage One, Chaplain, Depth’s Voice
  • 5: Silencer, Succubus
  • 6: Vengeance Spirit, Shadow Shaman (to 2*)
  • 7: War Chief, Souhunter
  • 8: Shadowleaf, Savage One
  • 9: Succubus, Lunar Guardian (I would just skip Chapter 9)

By Chapter 10, you should have a good idea and don’t need my advice :)

For Coins, feel free to deviate if you can level a good unit up to 3* or 4* because of lucky Crusade or chest stone drops. These are just my loose recommendations

Arena: I would recommend Old Curse, then Drunken Master to 4*, then Poisoned One

Crusade: Commando to 5*, Mystic to 5, Frost Mage to 5

Guild: Arcane Sapper to 4*, then I’d work on Disease Bringer

Grand Arena: Death Mage to 3* or 4, Cloudwalker to 5, then either Death Mage to 5 or work on Ember Blade

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