Heroes Charge How to Build Your Team Guide

Heroes Charge How to Build Your Team Guide by Imonarch

Hi there
I see everyday thread about what is the best heroes for my team, that why i’ll make this guide.
First i’ll speak about team setup, there is many setup possible.Then i ll make a list of heroes by type for complete your party setup.

Team Setup

Tank is the heroes ll take the damage
DPS is the heroes ll make damage
Control is the heroes ll make control skill ( silence stun sleep stone warp transform freeze ect…)
Support is the heroes ll help your team with buff
Heal is the heroes ll give life to your team

Here i ll put many Team setup and some not recommended. Here you can choose one and build your team.
I ll start with not recommanded setup:
Front 1 Tank
Mid> 2DPS
Back> 2 DPS
This formation is bad you have only DPS and for win a match you have to control or support your team, that better than full dps you ll loose vs a team who have control, cause freeze all your team or other.

Front> 2Tank
Mid> 1-2DPS
Back>1DPS 1Support
Here the point is the 2 tank in the same setup, i see many team with 2 tank but all loose vs me. IF YOU WANT have 2 FRONTLINE you have many heroes
who have agility or Intelligence stat (who can make real damage) 2 tank ll not DPS and AE ll own them and you ll not make any damage
(check the stat at the end of fight if you have 2 tank) 2 frontline you can tank + (psychopath Soulhunter Arcane sapper Depth Voice ‘Lightning elemental not recommended for pvp he ll die before Ult’ fallen dominion or the SwordMaster!

Well now the recommended setup, and for start the most common setup, (that the most common setup you can found in ladder).
PS: try to not pack your heroes at the same position, like 1-1-3 or 3-1-1 or ect… you understand what i mean. cause enemy AOE (that why again 2 front tank is bad they ll loose life as the same time and it’s better to get control or dps)

most commom 1
Front> 1 Tank
Mid> 1 Control 1 DPS
Back> 1Support 1DPS

Front> 1 Tank 1FRONT DPS
Mid> 1 Control 1DPS
Back> 1 Support

IF YOU WANT ABSOLUTELY 2 Tank you can do this
Front 1tank
Mid 1tank (wandering spearman Only) 1DPS/control
Back 1Support 1 DPS

if you want 3 DPS you can
Front 1 tank
Mid 2DPS
Back 1support 1DPS

Front 1 tank
Mid 1DPS 1control
Back 2DPS

But now you understand if you want do other setup try to have at least 1 tank 1 control 2 dps 1 support you can switch the position.

heroes pick up

now about the heroes that ll help you to choose you a team with the upper setup.

Heal Class (useless in PVP) only for Crusade
Chaplain is the best Heal heroes cause AOE heal you shall up her for Crusade only.
Shadow Shaman have a 3heroes heal it s bad so don’t use him use chaplain.
i finished with Heal heroes.

Front tank
You shall have Warchief in purple is the best tank ever. (till nerf if they do one) (DPS ult, DPS skill, buff, resurect)
Death knight (best tank for Crusade cause of his Ult he can stay full life for every stage without changing tank with chaplain as support if you don’t have rent it)
Admiral (you shall up her in purple for valkyrie in trial lv50 is ok for do the lvl60trial and maybe the 75 if you have strong woman DPS) the only woman tank!
Moutain (have AE stun skill),
Warrior monk (have AE stun skill and Ult),
Drunken Master (DPS ult debuff AE skill AE stun skill),
Shallow Keeper (Stun ult, single target debuff skill),
Cleric (absorb dmg Ult, heal, absorb damage skill, AE def buff skill),
Savage One (AE Stun ult, buff, debuff)
Brute (DPS ult, DPS skill, buff)
Role of the tank is to tank not dps that why Warchief is the best cause he tank more longer than the other tank cause of purple skill.

Fronline DPS
SwordMaster the best frontline DPS.
Psychopath (DPS ult, DPS Skill, Team Buff, Buff),
Soulhunter (DPS ult, Heal skill, Hp buff, armor buff),
Arcane Sapper (DPS AE Ult, debuff, buff, buff),
Bear Warrior (DPS ult, DPS skill, buff, buff),
Lightning Elemental (only for crusade he ll die before is ult in PVP) (DPS ult DPS skill, Buff, buff)
Fallen Dominion ???

Frontline Control
Depth voice(Control Ult, DPS skill, Control Skill, Dodge skill)

Death Mage (DPS/Heal Ult, DPS skill, Control Skill, buff),
Succubus (AE DPS ult,DPS skill, DPS skill, Dodge skill),
Emberstar (DPS ult, DPS skill, control Skill, buff),
Necromancer (DPS/Heal Ult, DPS skill, debuff skill, AE buff),
Lightning Master (AE DPS ult, DPS skill, control Skill, buff)
Machinist (AE ult, debuff, DPS skill, buff),
Lunar Guardian (DPS ult, DPS skill, AE DPS debuff skill, Team buff)
Ferryman (DPS Ult, DPS skill, buff, AE debuff),
Frost Mage (DPS ult, AE DPS skill, buff, Enemy team debuff)

MID Control
Silencer (Control AE Ult, Control skill, debuff DPS Skill, buff)
Master Mage(DPS ult, DPS skill, Control skill, buff),
Old Curse (Control ult, DPS skill, DPS skill, buff)
Ice Mage (DPS ult, Control skill, Control DPS skill, team energie buff),
Imperial Executioner (DPS ult, DPS skill, Control skill, buff),
Vengence Spirit(Control DPS Ult, DPS skill, energy debuff, hp buff).

MID Support
Tusked Storm (Team Buff ult, DPS skill, DPS skill, buff).

Back Support
there is only 2 support in the game for now
Commando (DPS ult, Buff Team skill, Control skill, Buff team skill)
Mystic (DPS ult, energie buff, debuff skill, Buff team skill)

Back DPS
Leaves Shadows (AE DPS ult, DPS skill, Control skill, team buff skill),
Wind Master (AE DPS ult, debuff DPS skill, DPS skill, Dodge skill),
Poisoned One (DPS ult, debuff DPS skill, buff, buff),
Pilot (Back/Mid line Ult, control skill, DPS AE skill, buff);
Professional Killer (Heal/Buff ult, DPS skill, buff, buff),
Sniper (Backline Ult, Debuff, AE DPS skill, buff)
Psychic Sword (useless ult lol?, Control skill, DPS/debuff skill, Team buff).

the power write is maybe not the real power, you can have a team with less power 10000 and loose vs a team who have 9000. depend of ult casting ect….
just because he have a complete team and not you. Exept for tank warchief have less power than other tank but the role of the tank is to tank not deal damage.
that why warchief is better than a tank who have more power than him.
your LV is really important (account lvl) so don’t miss free stamina and if you really want invest money try to stamina all day after getted your main team. you can loose vs a team who have 4 heroes and 5 lvl more than your cause maybe purple+1 and your team just purple (that happen in crusade…). sry but hard to explain lol

now you can choose your setup.
if you want check heroes skill before unlocking them or use them, you can check here http://forum.ucool.com/showthread.php?13809-heroes-skill

PS: try everyday to make only Elite stage and collect the more soul stone you can for collect new heroes or upgrade them
Don’t sell your EXP item.
and max skill your main team and get all day Soul Stone for upgrade them.

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3 Responses

  1. jerry says:

    get that comando up asap, she will prove quite useful. I also use wind master as well as cleric fire panda and shadow chic, the archer one. and any hero can be good with the proper star level. put two of the same characters against each other one has one star and one has two but all else is equal and the two star will win every time

  2. Mod says:

    This guide is terrible. The author has no clue how to use synergies to build a good team.

    Example: arcane sapper + shadow shaman is super strong in PvP.

    Arcane WRECKS teams that specialize in magic DPS but he dies easily. Shadow Shaman’s Vayne’s Blessing skill prevent’s a hero from dying and he casts it on the hero with the lowest hp fairly early in the fight. This will almost always get cast on arcane, usually allowing him to stay alive long enough to cast his ult.

    Thinking about hero role and line up is important, but you should also think about the actual skills of the heroes and try to build them to work off of each other.

  3. jani says:

    hei and thanks for the guide.

    someone sugestion of what heroes i should use of thos i have?

    im level 33. on campaign 5. and rank 4500 arena
    savage one 2 star – ice mage 2 star – depths voice 2 star – commando 1 star – chaplain 1 –
    admiral 1 – lightning master 1 – emberstar 1 – shadowleaf 1 -phoenix 1 star – machinist 1 – shallows keeper 1 – psychic sword 2 – vanguard warrior 1 – succubus 3 – cleric 1

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