Heroes Charge Mistakes to Avoid Guide

Heroes Charge Mistakes to Avoid Guide by Rola


Never under any cincunstance you should do that. Even if you have very few heroes.
You should always save your xp items. At every single levelit gets harder and harder to level your heroes.
it gets out of control at level 50 and at 70… man.. it hurts. from level 70 to 71 you need 24000 exp for each hero.
thats 80 green jar or 400 vials.
Everyone needs at least a core of 10 heroes so they can play arena and crusade. i recomend 15. So you are looking at 800 jars minimum. every level.
and make no mistake a single level in a single hero in an arena team might make all the diference. Specially if u get acess to new gear in thta level.


Always buy as much stamina as you can afford. Team level is the single most important stat in this game. even more then stars on heroes.
i cant even count how many times i lost to a guy 2 levels higher, even his team had only 3 starts and my was full of 5s.
the reason behind that is because all skill take your level into consideration, so no matter the hero or the skill, it will be more powerful at a higher level.
the sole exception to this reason is the one Midas tough a day, that gives you 40 exp. forget the gold, its good, but the xp is even more important.
im not saying you shouldn’t spend summons or buy other stuff, but always do after u already got your stamina covered.
i always buy stamina up to 200 whenever i can. i always take stamina over summons of gear and i suggest you do the same.


Some people dont like him and i cant understand why. his aoe heals are priceless for crusade, i use him since day one and he honestly has no suitable replacement.
On top of that, he can turn on enemy for your side, turning the match into a 6×4 fight. Crowd crow is awesome, but Mind Control is just INSANE.
give him a vote of confidence. i bet my reputation you wont regret.


Dont ever do that. resist the temptation of getting that epic gear u so desperately want and you think it will make a difference right now. even if u have to wait weeks to complete a hero, take the heroes soulstone. It will help you so much more in the long run.


Even tough i dont agree with the comon sense that you should only enchant after blue+2 , enchant is the biggest money sinker in the game, so only enchant your core heroes, only stuff that will make a difference, and unless you are insanely rich like Cell, never enchant the last level on any epic.
the enchant bonus is gradual at every level, so its a lot more cost efficient to enchant blues to 2 star and purples to 4 then going all the way. i only enchant all for very good items.

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2 Responses

  1. boubou says:

    The enchant stats don’t transfer to the hero after the promotion. So basically, say I’m level 60 and the last gear on an important hero is level 72. then I know it Worth to enchant some of the gear because that enchant will last me for the next 12 level… if my hero is lvl 71, and his last gear is 72, I don’t want to enchant because when his gearset is complete I can promote and start gearing the lower level gear for more bonus.
    My guess, is that you want the enchant to be active as long as possible and enchant are only needed when you struggle to get past something (Crusade, outland or trial). You can enchant all your grand arena team, but it will cost you a lot in the long term.

  2. Tommy says:

    should i enchant all gear before promotion? i know it says enchanting will be removed and materials returned after promotion, but when i get that last piece of gear i need to promote, does it make a difference if i do or don’t enchant that last piece for the next level after promotion?

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