Art of Conquest Hero Ability Builds Guide

Note: This guide is more for the Human Race.


Most important with Rufio is to maximize his stats and tankiness. So, max Strong Physique and Resilience in that order.After that you may begin increasing his DPS. This is best done by using Chopping Blade and Destructive One.​


Most important is maximizing Avril’s stats, so Gifted Mage is the number 1 important ability. After that, getting 1/5 Rapid Cast and maxing Blizzard is most effective.


It is important to maximize Vallari’s passive abilities. The 3 abilities for this are Crackling Flames, Lotus Fire, and Burning. After that, you may put some points into Fire Dance, but other heroes have more important active abilities you should use.


Avalon is the most important hero for Human. He boosts health of your entire army plus the attack of archers. To properly build his abilities, first max Ardent Aura, then Archer Mastery. He needs 1/5 in Natural Leaders, then the remainder of his abilities should go into War Horn.


Elena should have a maxed Magic Resistance and Saving Lives.
You should keep at least a few points in Strategic Retreat and place the remainder in Call the Cavalry


Vega is built exactly like the other races. Max Favor of the Sun God first, then Saving Lives.


Virion needs first a maxed Swordsmen Master, then Crusader Resurrect, then Crusader Shield. To be truly effective for minimal loss duels and seiges, he will need adequate points in Light’s Safeguard as well to help him stay alive.


Gan is very important for duels for 2 of his abilities. These are Twisting Thorns and Earthquake. Both should be evenly leveled, and maxed if you have enough points. These are used to crowd control (cc) and slow enemy ranged units, allowing your army to deal more DPS than the enemy.​


Tiadrin may have 2 builds. PvP: Max Aura of Retribution, then split points between Divine Light and Sacred Shield. Alt: Max Purge the Lands. It will be important for us to have an an army of Purges ready to unleash on enemy Lich strongholds.


As a non-lich player, Gazul has little utility. His last ability is worthless in duels unless highly leveled. He can hurt your army also if you build him incorrectly. NEVER use Fearsome Aura. Otherwise his last ability is the only one worth putting points into.


Cleo should first have a maxed Tome of Creation, then maxed Tome of Wisdom for extra stats. If you have more points, you should max Book of Eclipse.


Put at least 1 point on Stygian Lantern, then max Lunar Light and Cursed Light. Note: Wraxius is a niche hero that will not have much utility until late game (i.e. – seiging strong players’ strongholds).


For non-lich players, Rose should have maxed passive abilities. Most important are Speed Hatching, Mother of Spiders, and Toxic Touch. Then, you may add points to Spider Mastery to boost spiderling power.


PvP: Max Ammo Wagon and Reload Ammunition to augment effectiveness of Jacques. Seige: Max Siege Mastery


Max Iron Shield, then Startling Blow. If you have extra points, place them into Pyro Pincers. This ability is to aid DPS late in PvP battles. Aim it toward enemy archers. Pyro Pincers has little effect on frontline troops or spiders.


Max Destructive Rage, 1/5 in Fast Loading, then extra points into Air Cannon.


In order, max Expanded Capacity, Double Charge, then Spray and Pray. If you still have extra points, DO NOT put them into Rocket Launcher. This ability uses lots of ammo, does not always hit, and Jacques’ basic attacks will produce more damage once he is leveled.


In order, max Eagle Eye, Killer Instinct, then Crack Shot. Extra points may be placed into Scatter Shot.


Max Tailwind, then at minimum put 1 point into Sword Squall and an even spread between Cyclone and Gust. The utility of these are to maximize the stun effects.


Max Barbaric Blessing, then max Provoke. Extra points should be placed into Cornered Beast and Spinning Axe.


Max Powerful Physique. Then, max Spin Strike and Deflect. If you have extra points, place them into Meat Dumpling. Meat Dumpling is highly effective for giving your offense an extra push to penetrate your opponent’s frontline.


Baelrog may have a tank build and a damage build. Your build will depend on personal preference. Tank: Max Overawe then Indomitable Spirit. DPS: Max Revenant, Shock Wave, and Totemic Curse. Note: Overawe is still important when dueling non-Lich players. Need to weigh gain of DPS and loss of enemy de-buff.


Max Maul, Bloodthirst, Feral Instinct, and extra points placed into Lupine Link. Full Moon has some utility in Abyss.

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