Art of Conquest Hero Tier List

by MyOther_UN_is_Clever

Here’s a tier list of heroes assuming you are human. (With notes if you are not).

God Tier: Avalon (Summoner & Buff), Cleo (Mage & CC), Bane (Tank & Control), Jacques (DPS), Vega (Healing),

A Tier: Virion (Summoner & Tank), Elena (Commander & Buff), Rose (Summoner), Yip (Buff & CC), Denji (CC & Tank), Tiadrin (Support/omni-helper), Mako (DPS)

B Tier: Avril (Mage & CC), Wraxius (DPS & Buff)

Usable But do NOT Invest In:

C Tier: Gan, Grimms, Gafgar, Nora

D Tier: Gazul, Rufio

Note, Vallari is missing from the list. I do not have her, but of the premium mages, she ranks last. Looking at her, I can see her being useful in a large hero team doing a lot of passive damage, especially if your dragon is Red or Black.

All Races: Avalon, Virion and Elena can summon units. At level 20, these units can be silver (with item) At level 40, these units can be gold (with item). Maxing out command and this ability gives 2 (probably 3 at cap) squads, and can even work in the abyss. Even without being human, it’s strongly advised to use these heroes. Vega’s ultimate heals all allies on the map for quite a lot of health for quite a lot of time. For everyone not undead, this is a game changer, especially on Void “No casualties” missions. Elena & Vega both have “Saving lives” which reduce deaths, and therefore resource losses.

  1. Beginning game free heroes: Avalon, Avril, Rufio (2 in tutorial depending on your choices, 3rd as first hero available in void for 300 adamantium)
  2. Early game free heroes: Vega, Grimms, Gazul, Virion (All Earned via rank)
  3. Void Heroes: 3rd starter (halfway through 1st map, 300 Ad.), Mako (end of 1st map, 300 Ad.), Gan (end of 2nd map, 1000 Ad.), Wraxius (end of 3rd map, 2500 Ad.), Nora (end of 4th map, 3500 Ad.)
  4. Purchase Only: Jacques (the first hero you purchase on a server is $10, afterwards they jump to $100. So make sure you don’t purchase any hero except Jacques).
  5. The rest are best earned through the “chests” that rotate.

Undead (Defense): Rose, Wraxius, Gazul, and Cleo should all be primary heroes. Gazul is probably now God Tier for Undead. Rose, Cleo and Wraxius are all God Tier. Wraxius is NOT straight forward, read up on how to use him (don’t ask me, I read it somewhere on here but am not an expert).

Dwarves (PvP Siege): Nora buffs rocketeers, which is meta for Dwarves. Grimms becomes very important since he extends ammo and reloads troops. Gafgar is ok, probably B tier. Bane and Virion are just too good for the same role, and Gafgar isn’t adding a lot as a “Dwarf.”

Red Pandas (Defense): All the Red Panda heroes are excellent for any race. Functionally identical to human ranking.


Fire Dragons (Red & Black) synergize well with Vallari and Nora who also do burning damage (explosions triggered on burning damage death).

Blue Dragons synergize well with Avril to trigger more freezes (stun).

Green Dragons have no synergy with Vega (unfortunately), although that would be awesome…

Gold Dragons have no synergy with anyone and I can’t see how they would, since their special is % health damage.Who to Prioritize?

  1. Pick 8 heroes that are not Rose & Jacques. These are your eventual abyss team. You won’t have all 8 immediately, that’s OK. Just have your plan so you aren’t wasting resources on heroes that will get benched later.
  2. When using cards, focus everything on one of these 8 heroes. Do NOT use XP cards on Rose or Jacques, but use stat cards as it makes sense to for pvp & void.
  3. Prioritize non-staff users until you can get a “Magister’s Rod” which increases XP by 20% (even xp cards). Make sure to use this when leveling and when using xp cards. Keep all of these items until you have one for every staff user. There is a “lock” button in the transmutation area.
  4. If you want a long term strategy, get Yip early and always have enough XP cards for whenever you are about to castle level up enough to increase his “enlightenment” ability. Always deploy Yip to increase overall XP gain. Don’t use battlebits if you have the time to do actual battles.
  5. As long as you aren’t short on stamina potions, always deploy Rose, Jacques and Yip (and as few other heroes with them as possible), on the hardest dungeons. They earn triple XP, and dungeons are a limited resource (especially the high level ones).
  6. The XP cost to get heroes to 20 is a pittance, so early game, don’t hesitate to use other heroes. Just avoid using any kind of card on them.

Specific Tasks

Void: Rose & Jacques are incredible in the void, but since you only get 10 energy no matter how much stamina they have, you usually only get 3 battles with them. Choose wisely!

Abyss: Can’t use Rose & Jacques. Tiadrin is probably better than Denji for Abyss.

Dragon Raid: Gazul’s is gimped in here, never use unless you’re undead. Denji earns his “A tier” rank here, as he heals himself for the long-haul, and also applies a huge damage multiplier to the dragon.

Siege: Gan is useful in Siege. His “Earthquake” ability is worth a good catapult worth of damage, but doesn’t loot resources.

Duels: It can be helpful to put all your heroes, even your crummy ones, in the backline in Duels. That’s because of the combat modifiers coming from Might, Magic, Stamina and Command. Just make sure they’re well protected and won’t rush out front from something like Avalon’s war drums. If they die easily, it’ll give the enemy morale boosts that wipe out any positives you gained from bringing them.

Other Things to Note:

Avril’s Rapid Cast does not work at the beginning of battle anymore as of the most recent patch. In addition, it does not stack with the Royal Library Divine Set (Resplendent), or the special staff, commonly given out during events, that say “-1 to cooldowns.” Since it does not work at the beginning of battle, the -2 cooldown staff still helps, although if you lead with her wall, it’s a waste (better to use +frost staff).

Rufio dies. A lot. No point to using him at all past early game. If he’s in the void, I wouldn’t even buy him, the adamantium is worth more.

Gan’s thorns are useful against stopping cavalry charges, but it’s functionally the same at any power, so no need to pump him. The damage is OK, just not noteworthy

Grimms is useful to keep around for Jacques, but he doesn’t do much beyond ammo. Late game, his mortar barrage does little more than tickle the enemy…

Yes, Gazul does demoralize your own troops, unless your troops are undead.

No, Gazul cannot be used to create troops to disband for resources. They give you 0 resources.

Yes, most abilities stack with similar items (Bane’s damage reduction and what’s found on the Gladiator set or Judgement Greaves).

Yes, many items of different names stack with each other (Scholar’s Tome for XP and Dreamweave set for XP is the big one).

Always put +attack speed on heroes with “proc on attack” passives you use.

You can reset 1 hero’s abilities every 48 hours for free. Play around with abilities and allocations. Some abilities are worth just a few points, some should be maxed or not used at all.Yes, you can have too many active abilities and it becomes too hard to click and battles too short to use them all.

Gazul’s Skeleton Sacrifice works without any skeletons, it just doesn’t get bonuses.

Gazul’s Soulless Scourge takes forever to show up, is hard to see, and does NOT work in dragon raids.

Gazul’s Resurrect does NOT work in dragon raids, either.

Yes, Gazul is a Dragon Raid dunce.

Yes, XP is split equally across heroes. So one hero in a dungeon earns 10x the amount as 10 heroes in the same dungeon. However, when you add in XP modifiers (Yip with scholar’s tome and Dreamweave set), you can get extra XP and multipliers on multipliers (Loaded Yip & Rose lets Rose get 50k xp from a 6 star dungeon).

Yes, XP becomes an incredibly steep curve, everything after 25 becomes a large investment, and it only gets much worse.

No, heroes cannot max every ability they have. It would take 268 points. At most, they can have 50 (levels) + 80 (cards) for 130 points.

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