Art of Conquest Hero Choice and Linari Spending Guide

by Takkelete

So I’m a mostly f2p player (I started on a couple realms to get the feel of the game before purchasing my first hero and putting down the $7/month for patron and the subscription) and I thought I’d share what I believe to be the best way to spend Linari and how it ties into amassing heros.

Frequently I see players here asking which heroes they should get for this or that race. The short answer is all of them. Heros all generate energy every two hours which can be converted into Honor (and that converted to transmute crystals and then equipment), resources, experience etc. So having more heroes sooner is crucial to staying on top of your realm.

If you have a couple dollars to spend each month, I would heavily recommend purchasing patron (more so than buying the first hero for $10). It delivers you linari daily which in turn allows you to buy more hero chests, which in my opinion is the only thing one should spend their linari on. Below is how you should acquire each hero.

Heroes obtained through rank: Avalon*, Avril*, Rufio*, Grimms, Gazul, Vega, Virion

*You actually have to buy one of these three in the void

Heroes obtained through void: Avalon/Avril/Rufio (Stage 10, 300 Adam), Mako (Stage 20, 300 Adam), Gan (Stage 40, 1000 Adam), Wrixus (Stage 60, 2500 Adam), and Nora (Stage 80, 3500 Adam)

I would strongly recommend buying each void hero as soon as you get to them/are able. Again, this goes back to having heroes sooner putting you further ahead. The only one that it makes sense to skip is Wrixus if Dwarf (as Nora is only slightly more expensive and crucial to Dwarves)

Heroes obtained ONLY through purchase: Jacques

Heroes obtained through hero chests: Elena, Gafgar, Denji, Bane, Vallari, Tiadrin, Cleo, Rose, Yip

The following are each race’s key heroes, note that Dwarf has the most key heros to play and thus may not be best for fully F2P players

  • Human: Avalon, Vega, Virion
  • Dwarf : Jacques, Grimms, Gafgar, Nora
  • Lich (spider/scorp): Gan, Rose, Vega
  • Lich (undead guard tower breaker**): Gazul, Vega, Elena
  • Rakan: Avalon, Mako, Denji, Vega
  • High Utility Heroes to Prioritize when opening chests: Elena, Cleo, Bane
  • High Supply Cap Heroes to Prioritize when opening chests: Bane, Denji, Gafgar (Because Gladiators can hold two weapons they are able to produce the highest supply cap as you head towards late game)

**Post on my theory craft/playtesting guide for this coming soon

With Patron running you receive enough chest currency and Linari to open about 1.2 hero chests per day (1.7 chests if you manage to reach Valor 9). Every two days the hero chests available for you to purchase rotates. At any given point I am focusing on getting 2-3 heroes. If one of those heroes is not available I save my Linari and chest tokens for the next rotation. NEVER spend your linari/chest tokens on Heroes you already own. Each time you open a hero chest you’ll receive some exp/stat cards for the hero. Save these until you eventually open the hero (which is why keeping a narrow focus is best here as it allows you to use all this bounty sooner. The drop rate appears to be between 2 and 2.5% to receive a hero on any given chest open (if you already have the hero you receive 600K exp instead which is a waste). In addition, you receive a guaranteed hero every 40 chests. This brings our total hero acquisition rate up to a hero every 20 chests or so, which honestly isn’t too bad.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have edits you think I should make or anything you’d like to add. I’ll stick around for questions for a bit.

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