Brave Frontier Secret Gem Farming Guide

Brave Frontier Secret Gem Farming Guide by Sebachoo

Want a brand spanking new 40% to all stats sphere? Well, you can make it now in JPBF! Get ready, because this is definitely a painfully long process!


All quests mentioned are RC5 unless otherwise stated. I’ll add a section on individual stat sphere materials when I can find the information or when it appears on wiki. For the most part I get all of these from the slots in Randall, so don’t throw them away!

Secret Gem

  • Buffer Jewel
  • 40% HP/ATK sphere
  • 40% DEF/REC sphere
  • 2 curse cores (暗禍の神核; Alkemu’s thunder and dark parts; Q9 and Q10)
  • 2 evil eyes (黒邪瞳晶; Jirayen’s dark claw; Q2 and Q7)

40% HP/ATK sphere

  • 40% HP sphere
  • 40% ATK sphere
  • 2 cataract ores (大瀑布結晶; Yugreia’s fire part, Q5 and RC4 Q9)
  • 2 shock hearts (雷脈の心臓; Golvorg, Q3 and RC4 Q1)
  • 15 sakura leaves (桜養の葉; Alushtar; Q5 and Q7)

40% DEF/REC sphere

  • 40% DEF sphere
  • 40% REC sphere
  • 2 cataract ores (大瀑布結晶; Yugreia’s fire part, Q5 and RC4 Q9)
  • 2 fiend hearts (魔獣心珠; Grudkia; Q4 and RC4 Q7)
  • 15 sakura leaves (桜養の葉; Alushtar; Q5 and Q7)


Will only include a guide on the highest mission possible for a drop. These will be expanded upon when I have more information/time. These are very brief at the moment. Example teams are exactly that, an example. If you find a better team then please tell me, I’m very interested.


Location: Golvorg is in the city. Claudalus is in the big tree at the very top of the map, normally runs left then left.

Battle tips: Golvorg is a single thunder target fight, Claudalus has three parts (fire, thunder, light). When Golvorg pauses for a turn without attacking, guard all water types and squishier units. Claudalus is simple. No crit resistance so Raaga / Reys leads are fine. Eve is a very good choice as she provides a DEF buff as well as elemental buffing. Golvorg’s single target-ness and Claudalus’ BB drain means that Bestie / Kikuri / etc., is a good choice. For optimal points fight Claudalus first because he’s got more parts.

Example team: Raaga (lead) / Eve / Lava / Edea / Kikuri / Reys (lead)


To come.


Location: Yugreia is top right, while Alushtar will appear in the white palace once Yugreia is defeated.

Part with rare drops: Yugreia’s fire wings.

Battle tips: Yugreia has four parts (fire, water, earth) while Alushtar has three (fire, light, dark). Both bosses drain BB. Alushtar has some intermittent powerful ST attacks (I’ll need more information on when these happen), and her wings die very quickly. No crit resistance. Quaid, Will, Melchio, and Rinon are all good choices for their elemental buffing.

Example team: Raaga (lead) / Quaid / Melchio / Aaron / Lava or Michele / Reys (lead)


Location: Jirayen is in the city. Alushtar is in the big tree at the top of the map.

Part with rare drops: Jirayen’s dark claw.

Battle tips: Alushtar the same as above. Jirayen has four parts (fire, thunder, dark). Jirayen has some intermittent powerful ST attacks that attack two (or more?) times on certain terms (need more info). Will lock LS for a couple of turns at lower HPs, but in my experience it’s not too much of an issue. No crit resistance. Light units might benefit from having an elemental weakness invalidation sphere as Jirayen’s damage mainly comes from the dark parts (I think?).

Example team: Raaga (lead) / Eve / Melchio / Edea / Lava or Michele / Reys (lead)


Pro-tip, Q10 has a much higher drop rate. Don’t do Q9, I’m only including Q9 so that I don’t have to write about Alkemu later.

Location: Alkemu is left, left, up. Runs to the white palace.

Part with rare drops: Alkemu’s thunder part. Can take a very long time to drop.

Battle tips: Alkemu has five parts (fire, water, earth, thunder, dark), and is heavily BC resistant. When the main body is above 50%, Alkemu will remove buffs every four turns from a single unit, and every six turns will unleash a ridiculous AoE that can be UBB’d or guard + mitigated THUNDER PART IS CRIT RESISTANT, SO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE DON’T USE REYS. PLEASE, PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU.

Example team: Raaga (lead) / Quaid / Melchio / Aaron / Lava / Ark (lead)


To come.


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