Brave Frontier Cardes Attack Patterns Guide

Brave Frontier Cardes Attack Patterns Guide by bluemagic123

I’ve noticed that most guides about trial 004 only seem to be half-accurate about attack patterns. The fact that his attack patterns seem to be somewhat variable, and the fact that his skill names can get immediately hidden by Luther’s and Phee’s skills make things even harder.

The following are things I have noticed about Zebra and Cardes. Feel free to correct me or help on anything. For the reasons I mentioned above, it is possible I have made mistakes. In addition, I’ve never been able to get Cardes below 50% after his second healing; his attack patterns may or may not change.

As with Maxwell, the turn-counting starts at 1 at the beginning of the entire battle (this time against Zebra). For trial 004, however, we will reset the count at 30, instead of 20.


For the most part, the guides about Zebra are pretty accurate. He will use a very powerful AOE every 3 turns, and will use Deadly End once at 50% and twice at 25%.

However, one thing that should be noted is that he will only use Deadly End twice the turn after he reaches 25%. In addition, I do not think that this second attack does 42000 damage. Theoretically, with guarding + mitigation, it should only do 10500 damage. However, it still managed to OHKO my Rin with 11000+ HP behind a Tridon shield.


Other guides are seen are accurate when they say that Cardes will revive his helpers every 6 turns. However, there is one thing I just want to clarify. Remember your turn-counting, similar to Maxwell? He will revive his helpers whenever this count is divisible by 6. In addition, he will summon his helpers when he first appears; this first time has nothingto do with the turn count.

In addition, something other guides neglect to mention. Whenever the turn count is divisible by 5, Cardes will use one of his ultimate attacks: Abysmal Fall (something like that) or Deadly End. He seems to have a higher chance of using Deadly End than Abysmal Fall. Abysmal Fall takes away a large percentage of your entire squad’s HP, and this instance of Deadly End is just like Maxwell’s Destiny. In this respect, Cardes behaves like Maxwell. However, sometimes he will use two ultimate attacks in one turn (more testing is needed to find out whether or not this is random).

I have not paid attention to whether or not Cardes can use Abysmall Fall on a different turn; however, it is likely he can, because I remember him using it a lot, so you should try to be mitigating every single turn.

Now onto Cardes’ threshold attacks. Other guides are correct in stating that Cardes will heal himself and his allies for 200000 HP (Foreign Light) when he reaches 70%, and again at 50%. However, from my experience, Cardes will notuse Deadly End at the same time at the 50% threshold. I was not able to tell for the 70% mark because I keep forgetting to pay attention to Deadly End at that part.

Cardes will say stuff at 70%, then again somewhere between 50% and 70%; he will not say anything at 50%. I do not know about lower percentages since I have not made it that far. In addition, Cardes will use Deadly End the secondtime he reaches 50%. He did not use any ultimate attack on the next turn divisible by 5 after he did this. Then I lost before I could test this again, so more testing will be needed.

So basically, Cardes does seem to follow attack patterns, but they are much more variable than those of Maxwell; unless someone can look at the code, then lots of testing will be needed. If anyone knows anything about this, feel free to talk!

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