Brave Frontier Grand Gaia Chronicles Teambuilding Guide

Brave Frontier Grand Gaia Chronicles Teambuilding Guide by Zugon

This guide will be for all Grand Gaia dungeons as the team construction for each one is pretty generalized.

Generally it is best (though not required) to use units that counter the element of the dungeon, except in Magress’ and Atro’s, where you simply want to avoid using a weak element, though this should generally be applied to all of the 6 dungeons anyways.

In the unit listings, ideal units for their element will be italicized, but they are by no means necessary to clear the dungeon. They won’t be if they’re the only one for that element. Any units I consider inadequate for the battle I won’t list at all, even if they do fill the roles.

Units who do not have their 6* form released on Global are marked with (JP)

Units currently unique to the Global version of Brave Frontier will be marked with a (GB).

As of now I’ll only update the guide based off Global releases. The basic markup still works the same even with newly released units, you just have to consider what role they play.

The Normal Route
AKA “Slow” method.

Typically something a lot of people will do, as it’s very hard to get Maxwell before clearing at least some of the GGC dungeons. There’s a fairly simple formula to constructing these teams:

  • Defensive Leader
  • Defensive Leader OR BB Leader
  • Healer
  • Damage Mitigator OR Filler
  • Status Nullifier OR Filler
  • Filler

Defensive Leaders:

  • Ramna, Agni, Reed, Dalimaone(JP), Ultor(GB)
  • Signas, Sergio, Oulu, Kuhla, Eve, Meltia(JP), Tridon(GB)
  • Luly, Lidith, Gravion, Lemenara(JP), Ragshelm(JP)
  • Grybe, Falma, Exvehl, Zazabis(JP)
  • Sodis, Heidt, Legendary Jona(JP)
  • Zephyr, Shida, Grahdens(JP), Legion(JP), Cardes(JP)

Naturally for 15% Damage Reduction leaders, you only want to use them where the element fits respectively.

15% Damage Reduction leaders work the best here, +30% HP leaders also do great, but may run into recovery problems with healers on the lower end of the potency spectrum.

Grahdens and Cardes get a big bonus of doing two effects at once, but only effective in Magress’ and Atro’s dungeons. One thing to note about Atro’s dungeon, is that due to their light element, Grah and Cardes suffer elemental weakness in those dungeons, so exercise caution when bringing either.

BB Leaders:

  • Bordebegia, Ulkina, Dia
  • Felneus, Phee, Karl(JP), Noah(JP)
  • Zelnite, Faris, Miku, Lucca
  • Uda, Lodin, Orna, Lucana, Shera(JP)
  • Narza, Zellha, Deemo & Girl, Duelmex
  • Lilly Matah, Elza, Kuda, Ardin, Oboro, Cardes(JP)

BB Leaders are important to keep your party healthy, as well as speed up the fight through extra healing and offesive BBs, their effect on survival is much further amplified while a Damage Mitigator is present.

Lilly Matah and Orna function the best here, as the bosses often spam multi-target attacks, thus generating large amounts of BC from those. Narza also has that effect, but doesn’t need to be leader to do so.


  • Lancia, Ulkina
  • Elimo, Dean, Merith, Tesura(JP)
  • Altri, Tia, Claris
  • Rashil, Lucana, May
  • Themis, Tilith
  • None

In a pinch, where a dedicated healer isn’t available, or you only have access to the weaker ones, you may want to amplify your regenerative capabilities through HP regen, HC generation or Heal-capable attackers.

  • Phoenix
  • Tiara, Phee, Arius, Primm(JP), Selena
  • Zelnite, Luly, Faris, Lidith, Leore, Twins,
  • Ronel
  • Alyut, Will, Yujeh, Heidt Luna(JP)
  • Alice, Iris(JP)

Damage Mitigator

There’s not too many in this aspect, so I’ll just list them off. None of them are crucial, but they are if you are unable to counter-element the dungeon. (except Magress’ and Atro’s)

Oulu, Darvanshel, Narza, Shera(JP), Noah(JP) Edea, Elimo, Popoi(JP), Nevsky

The 50% damage reduction ones may be used in any dungeon, but if possible, avoid using them in their weak dungeons. (e.g. Oulu in Eze, Darvanshel in Selena, Narza in Magress) They are still much better than nothing regardless though.

Tridon(GB) also functions as a damage mitigator.

Status Nullifier

Only needed in Eze, Magress and Atro dungeons. In the rest of the dungeons, they’ll simply be a convenience, or to be used in the earlier levels, and most times, completely unnecessary. Ignore these if you are fighting in either Vargas’, Lance’s or Selena’s dungeons.

  • Ulkina
  • None
  • Lidith, Altri
  • Exvehl
  • Melchio, Narza
  • Lunaris

The following have the effect in their leader skill, and should only be used if absolutely necessary.

  • Darvanshel
  • Reeze, Noah(JP)
  • Twins
  • Ronel
  • Nevsky, Tilith, Priscella(JP)
  • Semira


At this point, your party is a free slate. Try to consider where your current markup falls short, and shave it off by asking yourself questions such as:

Not using a second Defensive leader or a Damage Mitigator? Try using a DEF buffer.

Healing isn’t so great? Fill in with HC buffers, HP Regen buffers or Attack Healers.

Not using a good BB leader, or not using one at all? Grab a BC buffer, a BB Regen buffer or an instant BB filler.

Everything doing great? Full on blast with damage! (though don’t bring squishies if you can help it)

Now once again, it is very important to fill these last slots with units who counter the dungeon’s element (except in Magress’ and Atro’s), unless it is crucial to support a lackluster role, you should avoid covering absolutely everything and drag in counter-elemental units.

And that’s it. You’re done! If you’re using a full mono team, consider bringing elemental seals to top off your defense. Otherwise, recovery items and Fujins/Revives/Idols are excellent item choices. Titan Elixirs are also great to help the more fragile members of the party survive.

The Crit Route
AKA “Maxwell” method.

If you’ve got Maxwell, and you’re looking to beat up the Grand Gaia dungeons, whether you’re finishing them off or doing your first, this is something you can do. These teams can potentially be screwed over by RNGesus, but if that doesn’t scare you, go ahead and go with this. Likewise to normal teams, the formula’s pretty simple.

  • Maxwell Leader
  • Maxwell Friend
  • Crit Buffer
  • Spark Buffer/Damage Dealer
  • Attack Buffer/Damage Dealer
  • Damage Dealer

Crit Buffer

Yes, Maxwell is a crit buffer herself, but unless you want to use Amanohabaken and a Havoc/Geldnite/Death Axe(which is totally fine don’t get me wrong), you’ll need a more potent crit buffer.

  • Aisha
  • Mariudeth
  • Faris
  • Orna
  • None
  • Duel-SGX, Kuda

Duel-SGX has the highest crit buff out of them, but still use whoever counters the dungeon’s element, if possible.

Spark Buffer

The second most important role, but by no means a necessary role. They will still bring more damage to the party than a single strong elemental unit.

  • Bordebegia, Luther, Zegar(JP) Randy(JP)
  • Raydn
  • Douglas
  • Zazabis(JP), Garnan, Behemoth
  • Sodis, Deemo
  • Elza

Ideally use a 70% spark buffer, but still retain the boundaries of dishing out elemental weakness damage.

Attack Buffer

The least important role, and better off not using one if they’re not a strong element for the dungeon.

  • Michele, Orwen, Randy(JP), Vargas Ciara(GB), *Ultor(GB)
  • Kuhla, Lucina
  • Lucca
  • Falma, Eze
  • Hogar, Leorone, Atro
  • Kuda

There are also Elemental Attack Buffers which can be used in conjunction with the above, without overriding eachother.

  • Ramna, Blaze,
  • Signas
  • Luly
  • Grybe
  • Sodis
  • Zephyr

As per attack buff calculations, most of the time, it is better to use a stronger unit, than it is to use a weak attacker buffer. This applies to the starters especially.

Damage Dealers

Very simple and applies to a lot of units. Basically you want someone who can bring as much pain as possible, but make sure they aren’t a Random-Target user as those types of attacks cannot cause criticals.

It’s important to make sure they (once again) counter the dungeon’s element, but this time, don’t avoid using weak elements in Magress’ or Atro’s dungeons.

It will be best if you refer to this source ( to figure out who is the best damage dealer(s) for you. Make sure you sort by “SBB Lord Damage”!

And then that’s it for a crit team. Items you bring into the dungeon should be a full set of Fujins, and Holy Flutes. Brute Elixirs and Elemental Ores will help top off your damage, but aren’t something you need to have. Good Luck!

If I missed something or you have suggestions, please comment below! (I’ll probablyread it) Just remember that, as I said before, I don’t list everybody since I believe they’re insufficient or unnecessary for their dungeon or role, even if they are a legitimately passable.

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