Smash 4 Custom Moves Collection Guide

Smash 4 Custom Moves Collection Guide by InfernoOmni

I’ve been grinding Custom Moves since Sunday off and on. In between then I’ve taken days off completely, opted to play Xenoblade Chronicles, and I’ve been playing Smash 4 matches in between. I am currently already at 230/280ish Customs. Use this method if you’re starting completely from scratch. Here is my recommended method:

  1. This method assumes you have at least 150K in the bank. I had 350K. You can work with less, but this means that during the Crazy Hand runs you should choose Money Missions more frequently.
  2. Go to Customs mode and choose Yoshi. Assuming you don’t already have the necessary badges, equip him with high offense/high defense stats. Speed is unnecessary.
  3. For his specials (if you have any), choose his Super Downb and Timed Bomb Eggs. Keep regular Egg Lay and regular Egg Roll.
  4. Go into Crazy Hand mode. Opt for Metals/Giants first. Hordes second. Teams third. Free for all last.
  5. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT STAGE YOU’LL BE GOING TO. You can see a preview of the stage from behind the ticket. Avoid enormous stages. And avoid walk-offs with stages with Metals.
  6. Vs. Metals put 20-30% damage on them. Lure them near the edge of the stage. Egg Lay them. They don’t struggle and will more than likely die.
  7. Vs. Giants spam Yoshi’s down air. With good damage badges a single d-air can do over 50%. And they’re very, very easy to hit due to the size.
  8. In teams, avoid taking damage. Use your opponents as a meatshield and spam Timed Bomb Eggs. Team Attack is off. At 30% Yoshi’s “Super” Downb kills at 30%. Even lower if you’re closer to the top of the stage.
  9. Vs. Hordes just spam his Egg Roll.
  10. If you’re low on money, do Coin rewards at higher turns. Most grant around 4K at higher levels. I’ve gotten about 25K coins in one run with Yoshi before. You can make money in Crazy Orders.
  11. If you’re not low on money, don’t be afraid to do the CD’s missions. Once you collect them all they stop appearing leaving more room for better rewards (badges, equipment, specials, etc.)
  12. Check your rewards stash every 5 or so rounds. Items to be on the look for: Homerun Bat Badge (starts you with a homerun badge), Quick Hitter (speeds up the bat animation), First Hitter (grants you 10 secs of invincibility if you land first hit), and Vampire/KO Heal badges.
  13. Once you get the Homerun bat, feel free to add this to your equipment. You can still get through the early phases with a slow homerun bat and even the midstages.
  14. Rinse, wash, and repeat until you get the badges you need. You’ll be getting Customs in the process. The rest is self-explanatory.
  15. Be careful using the bat against counters (Marth, Lucina, Ike, Shulk, are the main culprits). They WILLcounter your Bat and it’s not worth the gamble when you reach 20 turns+.
  16. It’s not the end of the world if you lose the bat with Yoshi. But if you lose the bat with some characters fighting a Metal can take up a lot of time.
  17. The amount of % you have on you determines how much HP you have when you go into the Stamina Match. A great method is to fight Metals before a Crazy Hand fight as they have severely reduced knockback ratios and cannot kill as you as easily.
  18. Yoshi’s d-air is amazing against Crazy Hands. His entire kit works well as he can shield well and his mobility allows him to dodge well. Be careful though. The left side of the stage has a very strange ledge that sometimes doesn’t allow you to autosnap and grab it. Think: Melee battlefield.
  19. Know the difference between Universal Badges and Character Specific Weapons. Universal Badges have the name “Brawn, Protection, or Agility” in them and can be equipped by anyone. Character specific ones usually have an icon that show who can equip it. Use this list to figure who can equip what:
    • Every character can equip Brawn/Protection/Agility Badges.
    • Mario: Gloves, Overalls, Shoes
    • Luigi: Gloves, Overalls, Shoes
    • Dr. Mario: Gloves, Tie, Shoes
    • Peach: Toad, Dress, Pumps
    • Rosalina: Staff, Dress, Pumps
    • Bowser: Fake Nails, Shell, Dash Mushroom
    • Bowser Jr.: Drill, Shell, Dash Mushroom
    • Yoshi: Egg, Saddle, Boots
    • Wario: Gloves, Overalls, Shoes
    • Donkey Kong: Banana, Tie, Dash Mushroom
    • Diddy Kong: Banana, Hat, Rocketbarrel Pack
    • Link: Sword, Shield, Boots
    • Toon Link: Sword, Shield, Boots
    • Zelda: Magic Stone, Dress, Boots
    • Sheik: Needles, Suit, Shoes
    • Ganondorf: Magic Stone, Cape, Shin Guards
    • Samus: Arm Cannon, Suit, Booster
    • Zero Suit Samus: Beam Whip, Suit, Booster
    • Kirby: Lollipop, Hat, Turbo Boost
    • Meta Knight: Sword, Mask, Turbo Boost
    • King Dedede: Hammer, Coat, Turbo Boost
    • Fox: Blaster, Jacket, Shin Guards
    • Falco: Blaster, Jacket, Shin Guards
    • All Pokémon: X Attack, X Defense, X Speed
    • Captain Falcon: Gloves, Suit, Boots
    • Ness: Bat, Hat, Shoes
    • Marth: Sword, Cape, Boots
    • Lucina: Sword, Cape, Boots
    • Ike: Sword, Cape, Boots
    • Robin: Tome, Coat, Boots
    • Mr. Game & Watch: Torch, Watch Battery, Microchip
    • Pit: Sacred Treasure, Raiment, Sandals
    • Dark Pit: Sacred Treasure, Raiment, Sandals
    • Palutena: Staff, Shield, Sandals
    • Olimar: Pikmin, Space Suit, Boots
    • R.O.B.: Zapper, Block, Booster
    • Little Mac: Boxing Gloves, Clothes, Boots
    • Duck Hunt: Zapper, Collar, Feather
    • Villager: Lloid, Clothes, Shoes
    • Wii Fit Trainer: Protein, CLothes, Shoes
    • Shulk: Sword, Jacket, Shoes
    • Sonic: Gloves, Ring, Shoes
    • Mega Man: Arm Cannon, Helmet, Booster
    • Pac-Man: Gloves, Helmet, Boots
    • Mii Brawler: Gloves, Jacket, Boots
    • Mii Swordfighter: Sword, Jacket, Boots
    • Mii Gunner: Arm Cannon, Jacket, Boots

    A great way to see your entire Inventory of badges is to go to a character, check their equipment, and then press Sell. The list of items that you can Sell is the FULL LIST of badges that you have.

  20. If at any point you get 3 Universal badges of the ones I mentioned, start doing Crazy Hand missions with characters that still haven’t gotten all their Customs. Getting Customs is random, but there is a higher drop chance for getting specific Customs for the character you are currently using.

This has been my strategy and it’s easy. It’s still a grind, but it works well for people who are starting fro scratch. If I really grinded I’d probably be done in 2-3 days tops but I have many extra responsibilities so this method is plausible if you’re in the same boat.

This may not be the BEST strategy but it has worked wonders for me. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy hunting!

Here’s a small playlist of Crazy Hand fails. Don’t make the mistakes that I’ve already made, senpais. ;_;

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