Smash 4 Marth Guide

Smash 4 Marth Guide by Nintendaz

Hey, my name is Daz and I’m here to show off some cool things about Marth. Everything in here worked for me and should work for anyone else playing Marth.

Most of the stuff, you will see here are either basic Marth things or stuff that I came up with/found

This is more of a guide if anything because I couldn’t find too much with him

Fist things first. Marth, out of everyone, has gotten the biggest change when it comes to the range and kill power which really does suck in Smash 4. However, Marth is still an amazing character that has a lot of potentials.

Ken Combo (can kill as early as 20% [people with bad recovery])

If you play Marth then you should know the Ken combo, in this game the Ken combos different because you can now do it three different ways and it’s no longer a true combo.

F-Air > Jump & move back toward the stage (exactly at the same time as them) > D-Air (~21%)

Side B > Jump > D-Air (~17%)

Fair/Side B > Footstool (~7%) (Harder to get at higher percents)
-In this game Marth has 3 different Ken combo’s however none are true combos which makes it a reading game. Good against people recovering from the top because they let their guard down.

Dolphin spike (Deals ~24%) (easiest to do at %0 but you don’t get stage spike at zero)

Can only be performed at ledge!

Grab > Pummel > Grab Release > Wait for a little (higher the percent the longer the wait) > B-Air (make sure it hits them into the ledge and not over) > Up B (everything is a true combo, but the Up B also the up b will stage spike)

-This is amazing for early on kills. The only downside to this is the fact that it has to be done right at the edge also the fact that the waiting time changes depending on the percent so it’s very hard to do 100% of the time.

String (Not a true combo)

All of these depend on DI some will still work even if DI’d you just have to change the order around.

D-Throw > B-Air (can be a true combo if done fast enough) > F-Air > U-Tilt > U-Tilt > B-Air > F-Air > F-Air > F-Smash (~73%) (start string at 0%)

-Most of the F-Air’s and B-Air’s depend on DI and this is not a true combo but is nice to know if you can read people well.

Ledge Trump (Grabbing the ledge while another player is on it)

Marth has a strong ledge trump game and if you do get a ledge trump it’s pretty much over for that stock.

-every character Marth ledge trumps can easily be followed up with a B-Air, there is a chance the opponent will air dodge and if they do jump and use F-air or N-Air

Best Kill Options (based on knock back and situations)

Everything said can be done at all presents which is why it’s a good kill option

D-Tilt > F-Smash

Mainly used when you hit someone off stage but is also great if you’re playing someone very aversive and heavy

Ledge Trump > B-Air

every character he ledge trumps he can easily follow up with

Mentioned before, very hard to get away from and if the person air dodges follow up with a jump F-Air or N-Air while retreating back to the stage

Grab Release > F-Smash

Grab Releasing makes your opponent end up right in front of you which allows you to go for an F-Smash. Not a true combo but can really catch people off guard.


On maps like Battlefield Marth’s sword can cover almost the whole platform this is great info so if you ever find yourself on a platform with an enemy F-Smash (unless there shielding) (it does have a possibility of shield poking)

Offstage F-Air

Probably one of the better options when you go offstage because if they do air dodge you can throw another one out (if you have another jump) only downside is if the person is playing someone with amazing recovery you may just get gimped

B-Air or Up B Stage Spike (only one that is % dependent)

Very good against people who recover low or love air dodging to the point of no return. be careful though because if the character has good recovery the may just be baiting you to come in

Retreating and Approaching


Probably the best option. It does the most damage and knock back. covers a lot of area and has a good range. it can also cancel out some projectiles

Piviot F-Tilt/Smash

Marth has a great Pivot making his retreating very good just in case someone wants to chase him down. His F-Tilt is especially god for spacing and getting away from your opponent

Side B

Marth’s last hit of his regular side be can actually kill at around 100% the great thing about that is that it’s a true combo the whole way through

B Reverse

similar to pivoting but this time you wanna do a short hop in order to not do a side b (you don’t have to jump it’s just easier) when a lot of people see this they will shield and have their shield broken leaving you to do anything you want

Weird Mechanics/Things


It has two hits the first hit for some reason has a lot of range (it doesn’t go a lot with its animation)


Most people know about this already. The tip is the strongest part of Marth’s sword it deals more damage and knockback than anywhere else on his sword.

Other than his grab math only uses his sword

B Reversal/Momentum

One of marths coolest movement options is his b reversal.

In brawl this thing was ridiculous for recovering in this game they toned it down but it still is really good.

(Momentum)If you are hit far you can instantly hold down b to fly back to the stage (I’m not over exaggerating when I say fly)

(Reversal)Taping b than a direction right after will allow you to b reverse. there’s something cool about Marth though his give him momentum

-While grounded you can do this and it is sort of a mind game thing and can catch a lot of people off guard (easier the longer you run for)

-It can’t be ledge canceled (unless fully charged) but is still a great movement option in the air it allows for faster gameplay and more mind games on your opponent

-It launches it’s farthest when it is fully charged

-Probably the most fun and best way to play around with your opponents




-No “True” Combos

-No Projectiles

Moves to stay away from


Predictable and you’re a sitting duck once it’s used


Dont use this on ground it will only put you into a lot of lag which is a lot of trouble if you wiff it

True Combo

Marth has only one true combo move but it can used muliple ways, the move in question is Side B
-marths side b can be changed in depending on the way you angle your stick.

Match ups

Most of marths matchups are either around 50/50, 70/30 or 30/70 which makes him a very basic character
-Marth Is good against

-Characters with non damaging or bad or waiting (they have to wait for a little bit and then they fly to the stage [ex. Fox]) recoveries [ex. Ness, Bowser Jr., Pit etc.]

-Characters without projectiles [Little Mac, Ganondorf etc.]

-Characters with a bad sheild or the depend on sheilding a lot (Neautral B is something to be scared of)

-Marth Is bad against

-Characters with good zoning [Ex. ROB, Link etc.]

-Characters that can space you out better (Melee based chracters with better range) [Ex. Shulk, Captain Falcon]

-Characters with better/more priority/longer range aerials [Ex. Yoshi, and Villager]

I am not a marth main, in fact, he is my secondary, everything said is meant for marths trying to spice up/mix-up how they play because a lot of people are to predictible. especcially with marth.

Thats all for marth! I couldn’t really find to many “special” things about him but i feel like what i did find will be useful to new marth players.

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