Super Smash Bros Melee New Player’s Guide

Super Smash Bros Melee New Player’s Guide by homerstar_ut

Hey there smashers! I’m a melee player from Indiana. This write up is from a melee player, so 64, brawl, pm and smash4 players should take what i say with a grain of salt. Step one: Going from casual to trash – So you’re a new player who just started playing competitively ? Fantastic! this is a great game and I’m sure you’ll love it like i do. Here are the steps you’ll need to go from a casual player to trash.

Pick ONE character. options:

-Fox if you like to play fast/ never have character johns (excuses)

-falco if you like combos on combos on combos

-marth if you like to play slowly (also you can frustrate the heck outta the spacie players!)

-Sheik if you don’t like techskill but love to kill at low percents (highly suggest sheik for new players)

jigglypuff if you like to space out your opponents. also, you get rests

-falcon if you like to read people’s minds and run around the stage like a maniac

-peach if you like edgegaurding and pushing down on the c-stick

-Ice climbers if you want to lose your mind

I HIGHLY DISCOURAGE NEW PLAYERS TO LEARN ANY CHARACTER ICE CLIMBERS OR BELOW you are welcome to learn and master any character, but know that you will have a much harder time because 1. the character isn’t as good and 2. you will have less guides to help you out.

after you pick your character the next step is easy:

Learn and MASTER every single advanced tech for that character.

Movement is very important in this game and if you don’t know everysingle option for getting from point A to point B while doing any moveset option, you will be a worse player. This part is as simple as looking up tech tutorials and practicing by yourself.

The next step to becoming trash is learning how to combo the 2 main weight classes: floaty and fastfaller

Floaty characters usually have less hitstun and require a more juggling style of combo where you keep them in a bad position on the stage so as your next hit is more assured. fastfallers are comboed easily and, if your tech is on point, automatically. you should memorize what hits combo at what percents.

this next step is very important!!!!!! KNOW WHEN A COMBO IS OVER

This is especially important on floaty characters. IF YOU OVEREXTEND A COMBO YOU WILL BE PUNISHED BY BETTER PLAYERS. use the 20xx hack pack (link here) in order to know when hitstun is over for every character.

—-CONGRATS! after mastering tech and combos for your character, you are now a trashy noob!——


Step one: learning tendencies

first thing first: realize that YOU have tendencies and habits that are punishable and easily read by better players. once you learn to see these patterns in your play, you become a much better player.

Step two: recognize patterns in your opponents play.

play and record matches with any random player, preferably one that is as good or better than you. when you watch it, TAKE NOTE EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU GET HIT or you hit your opponent. you and your opponent will often be faced with similar situations many times in a single game and you should recognize what patterns happened on each exchange

ask yourself: Why did i get hit here? what things took place in order for that hit to occur? common reasons are 1. tech flub 2. habits that were read by the opponent 3. badly spaced movement or attack

Which leads me to my last AND MOST IMPORTANT point in going from trash to competent: learning how to correctly space yourself

This step is so very difficult and deserves a thread all its own. but at its core, spacing is this: placing yourself in an advantageous / safe situation and position where your opponents options are limited and unsafe.

This may seem simple, but after years of play, no one correctly spaces 100% of the time. many common examples of bad spacing: -unsafe attacks on shield (either too close or too high on shield) – missed attacks with lag that you done too close to the opponent -attacks you hit that are crouch canceled -BEING ABOVE THE OTHER PLAYER (this one is a general rule of thumb) (if you can space yourself better than your opponent, reading becomes less important)

There are other small nuances in becoming a competent player, but follow these steps and soon you will be smashing with the most competent of them.

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