Heroes Charge Hero Skill Order Guide

Heroes Charge Hero Skill Order Guide by Pikachu


Each hero has a different order of using their skills, this thread simply catalogues the order in which every hero use their skills. This will hopefully provide information for newer players on creating their team, and maybe could also be a starting point for veterans to create some new lineups.

Before we start

There are two orders: the starting order which is the first cycle of skills the hero will use upon starting a fight, and the repeated order which is the cycle of skills the hero will repeat for the rest of the fight (barring any silence/stun interruptions).

Now let’s get started, I will do every hero in alphabetical order.

Admiral Tested
Starting: normal –> Tsunami –> Waterspout
Repeated: normal x2 –> Tsunami –> Waterspout

Ancient Protector
Repeated: Entangled –> Vine Armor –> normal x3 –> Vine Armor –> Entangled –> normal

Arcane Sapper Tested
Starting: normal –> energy burn
Repeated: normal x2 –> energy burn

Bear Warrior Tested
Starting: normal –> shockwave
Repeated: normal x2 –> shockwave

Starting: bloodcurse –> cleaving attack
Repeated: normal x2 –> cleaving –> normal –> bloodcurse –> normal –> cleaving –> normal x2 –> cleaving –> blood curse

Chaplain Tested
Starting: normal –> pilum –> convert
Repeated: normal x2 –> pilum –> convert

Starting: normal –> Divine –> Counter
Repeated: normal –> Divine –> normal –> Divine –> Counter

Cloud Walker
Starting: Frost lance –> Doppelgänger –> normal x2
Repeated: Frost lance –> normal –> Doppelgänger –> normal

Starting: Inspiration –> overdraw
Repeated: normal x4 –> overdraw

Death Knight
Starting: normal –> coil –> ward –> normal
Repeated: normal x3 –> coil –> ward

Death Mage
Starting: Swarm –> Silence –> normal
Repeated: normal –> swarm –> normal –> silence

Depths Voice
Starting: Entrap –> Blade Halo
Repeated: normal x3 –> Blade Halo –> Entrap

Starting: normal –> Nasal
Repeated: normal x2 –> Nasal

Disease Bringer
Starting: normal –> incantation
Repeated: normal x2 –> incantation

Drunken Master
Starting: normal –> haze –> shaking
Repeated: normal x2 –> haze –> normal –> shaking

Ember Blade
Starting: Flame shield –> blazing blades –> flame chains
Repeated: normal 2x –> Flame shield –> normal –> blazing blades –> normal –> flame chains –> normal x2

Starting: normal –> crucible –> caldera
Repeated: normal x4 –> crucible –> caldera

Fallen Dominion
Starting: normal –> mirror image –> life steal –> normal

Starting: Shades (close, medium, long range)
Repeated: normal x3 –> shades (close, medium, long range)

Forest Guardian
Starting: Split earth –> normal –> lighting storm –> normal x2 –> Diabolic blast –> lighting storm

Frost Mage
Starting: Frost blast –> Bags of holding
Repeated: normal x2 –> frost blast –> bags of holding

Hidden Needle
Starting: normal x2 –> psionic magic
Repeated: normal x5 –> psionic magic

Ice Mage
Starting: normal –> Cocoon –> ice prison
Repeated: normal x3 –> cocoon –> ice prison

Imperial Executioner
Starting: normal –> thorn –> power strike
Repeated: normal x2 –> thorn –> power strike

Iron Hoof
Starting: War Charge –> Stomp
Repeated: normal x3 –> stomp

Lighting Elemental
Starting: normal –> lighting strike –> energy drain
Repeated: normal x2 –> lighting strike –> energy drain

Lighting Master
Starting: normal –> conductivity –> overload
Repeated: normal –> conductivity –> normal –> overload

Lighting Spirit
Starting: normal –> remnant –> overload
Repeated: normal –> remnant –> overload

Lunar Guardian
Starting: normal x3 –> lunar judgement
Repeated: normal x3 –> lunar judgement

Starting: normal –> charged shot –> seeker
Repeated: normal x2 –> charged shot –> normal x2 –> seeker

Master Mage
Starting: normal x2 –> black mark
Repeated: normal x4 –> black mark

Starting: rockslide
Repeated: Caber x4 –> rockslide

Starting: normal –> blind –> normal x2 –> harmony
Repeated: normal –> blind –> normal x3 –> harmony

Starting: normal –> exile –> kreln shout
Repeated: normal x4 –> exile –> kreln shout

Ninja Assassin
Starting: blur –> normal –> fatal dagger –> normal x2 –> blur –> fatal dagger –> normal

Old Curse
Starting: normal –> thermal –> flame strike –> magma
Repeated: normal –> magma –> normal –> thermal –> flame strike –> magma

Starting: flaming birds
Repeated: normal x4 –> Isarus charge

Starting: normal –> Hellfire missile –> airstrike
Repeated: normal –> hellfire missile –> normal –> airstrike

Poisoned One
Starting: Toxic –> normal
Repeated: toxic –> normal

Professional Killer
Starting: Blast shot
Repeated: Poison shot –> normal –> blast shot –> normal x2 –> blast shot

Psychic Sword
Starting: Terror –> normal –> bolt
Repeated: normal x2 –> terror –> normal –> bolt

Starting: normal –> firebomb –> blood cell
Repeated: normal x2 –> firebomb –> blood cell

Starting: normal
Repeated: stimulant –> normal x9

Savage One
Starting: Corrosion –> normal –> Arc Swing
Repeated: normal –> Corrosion –> normal –> Arc Swing

Starting: normal –> icespark –> silence –> normal
Repeated: icespark –> normal –> icespark –> normal –> silence

Shadow Shaman
Starting: normal –> shadow curse –> blessing
Repeated: normal x3 –> shadow curse –> normal –> shadow curse –> blessing

Shallows Keeper
Starting: normal –> Anchors –> Tidal
Repeated: normal x2 –> Anchors –> normal –> Tidal

Starting: normal –> Silence –> Befuddle
Repeated: normal x3 –> Silence –> Befuddle

Starting: normal –> stunning –> fulminating
Repeated: normal x2 –> stunning –> fulminating

Starting: normal
Repeated: summon manes –> normal x2

Starting: normal –> venomdar –> soul blaze
Repeated: normal x2 –> venomdar –> soul blaze

Repeated: Fearless charge –> protector –> normal x3

Tusked Storm
Starting: Axe
Repeated: normal x4 –> axe

Vanguard Warrior
Starting: Charge
Repeated: normal –> bash –> normal

Vengeance Spirit
Starting: normal x3 –> Theft
Repeated: normal x10 –> Theft

Wandering Spearman
Starting: normal –> sacrifice –> gift
Repeated: normal –> sacrifice –> normal –> sacrifice –> gift

War Chief
Starting: normal –> Power swing
Repeated: normal x2 –> power swing

Warrior Monk
Starting: normal –> broadswing –> quake
Repeated: normal x3 –> broadswing –> quake

Wind Master
Starting: normal –> concussion –> hailstorm
Repeated: normal x2 –> concussion –> hailstorm

Wizard Doctor
Starting: Elixier –> normal –> curse –> normal –> healing –> normal
Repeated: elixier –> curse –> normal x3 –> curse –> healing –> normal

If anyone could provide information on Commander, Stormlord and Death Bringer, that would be deeply appreciated. I haven’t had the chance to get these three heroes yet.

I still have a lot of retesting to do on this, so if you find a mistake, please kindly let me know. Thanks!

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  1. Kiriks says:

    I noticed there is a different sequence when you put hero into different position, example Cloud Walker when I put him on the front line, he use his normal attack first instead of frost lance. Not sure if any other hero have similar issue.

  2. OSIOMOGIE says:

    Master mage normal is different from her sefondd skill her normal is black and her second skill is d green ball

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