Heroes Charge Top Arena Team Setup for VIP

Heroes Charge Top Arena Team Setup for VIP by tsoireland

I am tsoireland, vip14 on server 4. I am always lazy on managing guild, and posting stuff on forum, but not today, cause I enjoy the game and want to share this. Share some tips for vip11+ players who trying to keep top on arena.

Now many players reach level 80, and teams mostly 5 star. Some good man have done research to look at server 1 to 5 to find out what is best team setup for arena. Well, I can tell you that only shows you what is most popular, but not best!

A few tips before I show my setup:

1) Current version at lev 80, Arcane Sapper is a must! It is not only about attack, but also about defense. Without arcane sapper, other players can easily count vs you. You know or you will know it, i am not going to explain this.
2) Current version, you are trying to build one team which have better winning rate vs all different team combos by defending.
3) For arena, under my definition there are 3 types hero:
a) totally useless heroes, such as chaplen, cleric, deathnight, savege one, etc.
b) popular or strong heroes, such as: wc, leaves, lunar, oc, panda, commando, etc.
c) potential strong heros (some people think they are rubbish, but it can be really strong depends how you team with): Ferryman, Swords master, SS, Shadow shaman, Ember, Frost Mage, Ice Mage, Psy Sword, etc.
4) So the logic is that always avoid wasting resources on type “a” heroes, focus some type “b” and pick some type “c” heroes, to develop your best team. You can theoretically think what will be strong, but arena ranks prove it!

Here you go, My team for arena:

Panda: I did make mistake. didn’t invest resources on him until recently, now he is only 3 stars, but enough for this combo. This is a must, who is good tank, good damage, and support arcane sapper!
Swords Master: Currently most top vip players don’t use him in arena even they have him as 5 stars, and he is very good for raiding. Yes, he is not popular in arena. In most combination, he is not good. His blue skill just given energy to your enemy, and ulti always miss. Well, in this setup, It works for many reasons: Heal, make Arcane live longer, absorb damage, and late game dominance! Yes, this setup is kind like counter-strike setup!
Arcane Sapper: A must! well, Monk Warrior is the key to beat it, not Psychopath, not Admiral! The players who attack me who setup their team properly with Monk Warrior can get close winning rate 50%.
Ferryman: Some player think he is rubbish, his blue skill give enemy energy, he dies quickly, etc. Not really, at lev 80, maxed everything, Yes, he is kind of type “c” heroes, on my server, my ferryman is the only 5 star ferryman so far. Glad to see no copycat. And he is not popular on most servers, too. Well, I have to say, he is really good! High AOE(most game twice), late game dominance, did 10K damage each normal attack! and high life steal rate to survive in late game, and the only defending aura in game! He is my first 5 star hero!
Commando: This position, I tries many other heroes, at last, I found he is the best one to fit in for many reasons! Lazy to type out….

Winning keys for this setup:

1) Commando is the highest int hero! It decides which direction my panda throw drunk spell! And on the other side, my arcane sapper normally jump to enemy’s mid line, which make enemy’s panda through drunk spell backwards. People know what I mean will understand why it it the key!
2) I found this setup normally (70%) will let enemy cast ulti first, but most members in my team do survive well, then counter back to win! Why survive? Swords master heal, Ferryman aura definitely helps!
3) everyone on my team is good at damaging, this is the key for strong setup!
4) This setup typically vs popular heroes well, normally winning rate > 80%(well my panda still 3 star, and sword master 4 star, enemies are all 5 star max), little chance for these popular combination like oc, wc to win. Or any pure int teams, or pure physical teams. It is happy to see your enemies keep trying, switch one or two heroes, but keep fail until they are desperate.

Other few good teams combo for caves:

Ember, Ice Mage, Frost Mage, Silencer, iron roof.
Shadow Shaman, Psychic Sword, leaves, rifleman + tank

Hope this article help top vips and non-vip players, too!

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  1. jack says:

    Here is the best team to kill Arcane sapper or not? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_Pge-xNs6Y

  2. Karfhud says:

    Have you tried using cloud walker in this compo ? instead of SM or FM maybe ?

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