Heroes Charge FAQ

Heroes Charge FAQ by AyameNoop

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I’m interested to learn about XX hero. Where do I go?
Heroes charge actually has a Wiki!.

I got this huge bunch of heroes and I don’t know how to make a good team. Help!
Read this, this, then lastly this.

I want to know what is the difference in stats for X hero at Purple +1 and Purple +2. Where do I go?
A: You can try this guide

Grr I can’t beat this Outland Portal Boss
Try here

I can’t beat this Trial no matter what I do!
Trial levels 1-4 are generally quite easy. So if you are having trouble just be patient and upgrade your heroes. Help for Trials 5 and 6:

Crashed hills- easy, use crusade team, ice mage/death mage/ frost mage/ old curse/ and a tank, 100% pass

Cursed city- easy, silencer tusked storm commando shadowleaf VS, all purple +4, 100% pass

Valkyrie- hard, VS/naga commando shadowleaf death Mage and frost mage
Valkyrie trail is all luck, sometimes it take you one try, sometimes it takes 10 tries because enemy will resist your silence

When I look at a hero profile I see he is front/mid/back, what does that mean?
It is the position of the hero, every hero have his role in ur team.
Front hero will usually be the tank, his job is to absorb dmg and keep ur team alive
Mid and back heroes are either dmg dealers or crowd control heroes and their job is to kill the enemy heroes.

What are the most important heroes I should prioritize farming?
Elite Stages- War Chief, Vengeance Spirit, Shadow Leaf, Chaplain (up to 4* Max). Start farming Soul Stones for Depth’s Voice and Silencer when you have at least 4* for these heroes.
Crusade- Commando then Frost Mage and Mystic
Arena- Old Curse, Death Knight (if you get him from a Chest), Drunken Master
Grand Arena- Death Mage, then either Iron Hoof and/or Cloud Walker depending on your needs.

You can also read this guide for a more in-depth guide on what hero to invest in.

What is a Cookie Cutter Team?
A cookie cutter team is a standard team that people use because it is both effective and cost effective. But generally perceived as boring, unoriginal and cliched. Generally there are 2 cookie cutter teams, they are:

Shadowleaf, Luna Guardian, Commando, Vengeance Spirit and either Drunken Master or Warchief

Mystic/Frost Mage/Death Mage/Old Curse and either Iron Hoof/Warchief/Vanguard Warrior

Should I lvl up all my heroes?
No, you should focus your core heroes. Once your core heroes are fully leveled and equipped then you can start working on other heroes.

What is Martial Merchant and how do I get him?
A: Martial merchant is a merchant that sells 3 different size boxes containing Swordmaster’s soul stones, the currency for those boxes are souls stones, in order to get the martial merchant u need a 5 star hero and at least 20 extra soul stones for that hero and he will randomly appear when finishing campaign or elite stages. The easiest Soul Stones to get extras of are those from Crusade Heroes such as Commando/Mystic/Frost Mage

There’s an announced change to Martial Merchant that is ‘coming soon’. This section will be updated when the change is live.

How much soul stones do I need to summon a hero?
It depends on how many stars the hero got:
1 star- 10 ss
2 star- 30 ss
3 star- 80 ss

If you press on the soulstone, you will also get to see how many are needed to summon a particular hero. The table here will give you an idea of how many stars a hero will have once summoned.

How many Soul Stones do I need to upgrade a hero?
1* to 2* -> 20 SS
2* to 3* -> 50 SS
3* to 4* -> 100 SS
4* to 5* -> 150 SS

How do stars effect heroes?
Stars increase a hero’s stats. So a hero with 3* will have more Strength/Agility/Intelligence than a hero with 1* at the same level

How do stats effect heroes?
Hp = Str * 18

physical atk dmg = main stat+agi * 0.4

Magic atk dmg = int * 2.4

Phy Def = str/7 + agi/14

Magic def = int /10

Critical Rate = agi/2.5


1 str = 18 hp and 0.14 phy def
1 agi = 0.4 phy atk, 0.07 phy def and 0.4 critical rate
1 int = 2.4 magic dmg and 0.1 magic resistance

Hp regen, energy regen, Magic critical rate is not related to any stat, you can only gain this from ur equipment.

Magic and phy critical dmg is = 200%

I heard that the first free gold chest got a 100% chance to give u a 3 star hero, is it true?

What heroes can I get from Chests
Read this. Generally heroes that start out as 1* can be obtained from both Bronze and Gold Chests, while 2* and above heroes are Gold Chest only.

What is magic stone chest and where is it?
Magic stone chest is something only vip 11 and higher get

How much money it costs to get to vip 11?
About 500$ (not sure about that one)

So there are heroes that I cant get as a free user?
The vip 11 heroes are exclusive for them for about 2 months and then they are added to shops (crusade/arena/g.arena/guild)

Should I buy gems for the vip? If so how many?
Its up to u to decide, vip is very helpful if u can effort it, if u don’t want to spend a lot of money on the game getting to vip 4 will be enough, it will save a lot of time because u get some raid tickets every day(more then enough) and the raidx10 feature. Best value deal is the monthly card (2 monthly cards will get u to vip 4)

I’m F2P and proud of it! Where do I get gems
When you’re F2P your gems will mainly come from:
Arena Rank (9pm local time daily)
Booty Cave (Digging and Raiding)
Sign in Reward
Occasional Quest completion rewards

What should I do with my gems
If you bought a lot of gems and plan to keep buying them, u should open 10 or maybe 20 gold chests at the start and then use the rest to buy stamina and reset elites
If u don’t plan to buy a lot of gems skip the gold chests and use them only for stamina and elite resets.
At higher levels, gems can also be used to buy gears from Godfather and Goblin Merchant.

I have too much Gold! What do I do with it.
Generally the best way to get rid of excess gold is to spend it all on 10x Bronze Chest openings. Do try to keep about 5 to 7 million on hand so you have enough to upgrade skills/enchant/promote/hire mercenaries.

What gears should I buy?
You should only buy gears for Gems/Arena Coins/Grand Arena Coins/Guild Coins, once you are past level 51 as most low level gears are really easy to obtain.

Generally you should consider to buy gears only when you are past level 70 and only gears/reels from the following list, but of course, only if you see yourself needing them. They are:

Bag of Holding
Kreln Horn
Yew Bolt Thrower
Gullak Aertahn
Staff of Rawlis

How do I beat Crusade?
Press the “tips” button when entering crusade and u will see the best team to beat it… if u don’t have the heroes to do so don’t forget u can hire from ur guild

Alternatively you can visit here if you are level 45 and below.

How do I hire a hero from my guild?
When entering a fight u will see tabs at the right side of the hero select screen, there is a mercenary tab, enter it and chose any hero

You can hire a Mercenary for the following:
1 Crusade (All 15 stages, if your hero can live that long)
1 Booty Cave Fight (for attacking one single cave, regardless of how many defenders there are)
1 Raid,
1 Campaign (all 3 stages, but you will never get 3* as long as you use Mercenaries)
1 Trial
1 Time Rift

Why are there unavailable heroes in the mercenary camp?
You can only hire heroes at your team lvl or lower lvl, and you can use every hero once, and one hero per fight. You can also only hire one hero from each guildmate once per day. So if you hire my Machinist for a Booty Cave fight, you can’t use any of my other heroes in any other areas.

WTF? I used a guildmate’s hero to complete Crusade 15/15 yesterday and the hero didn’t die. But today I wanted to rent the same hero for something else and I noticed that he’s dead.
Reset Crusade and your problem will be solved

What is Enchanting?
You can enchant items to boost the stat they give. In order to enchant u need to “sacrifice” items to meet the requirement of that specific item.

Q:I want to promote one of my heroes, should I enchant him first?
A:NO! when u promote the basic stats of the items will stack with the stats of your hero but the bonus from enchantment will disappear, you will get some enchanting materials back but not as much as u spent, so its just a waste of gold and items.

Should I enchant all the gears on all my heroes to max?
Before Purple +1, the answer is a firm NO! as your hero will promote relatively quickly. After Purple +1 there is a bigger gap in between promotions so enchant only then, and as always, core heroes get priority. The only exception is if you want to keep a hero at a certain promotion only then you can enchant all the gears.

What items should I use for enchantment?
Assuming you followed the advice given above you should use the following in order of most to least priority

All White gears and reels (keep 20 of each)
All green gears and reels (keep 20 of each)
All Blue gears and reels (keep 20 of each)

Try not to enchant away purple and higher level items, unless you are very high level and know what you are doing.

How do I get guild coins?
You get 240 guild coins from ur daily guild raid quests, if u finish the raid in less then 7 days u get a bonus and u also get a bonus depending on ur damage rank on the raid.

When can I start doing guild raids?
A:You need to be in a guild, and also have the normal level stage of the raid level unlocked. For example if my guildmates are doing Raid Chapter 8 but I haven’t completed Chapter 7 in Campaign, I can’t join the raid

I barely do enough damage in Raids, what do?
Read this

How does grand arena work?
G.arena is a 3 team fight, u need 2 wins to get the victory. The most common tactic is to use 2 strong team and to attack the opponent’s 2 weakest teams, that’s because it is hard to keep 15 heroes maxed before lvl 80+

I just got arcane sapper and everybody in the top arena is using him, should I also use him?
Sapper is nice only after lvl 73 and really strong only after 78, if u are lower u shouldn’t use him.

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