FIFA 15 352 Formation Guide

FIFA 15 352 Formation Guide by TommyD99

In this guide I will be explaining the ins and outs of the 352, a pretty rare formation this year in Ultimate Team. Let me say as a disclaimer, that this formation is definitely not for everyone, and if you do not have at least average defensive skills, you will run into some trouble using the 352.Basics: Just as with every other team in UT, you will need a set piece taker, both long and short, and have some height in the team to make the best out of the set pieces.

GK: Basically, just use whichever GK you are comfortable with. Goalkeepers are inconsistent this year, and everyone seems to have their own personal choice. Ideally someone with good distribution (Kicking) and something that could be very useful is the long throw trait for starting counter attacks. My personal favourite is Hugo Lloris Recommendations: Lloris, Neuer, Cech, Handanovic, Sirigu.

LCB/RCB: A very important Position for the 352, the wide CB’s. To be successful with the 352, you will need pacey outside CB’s. 70+ pace is recommended. Interceptions are also crucial for an outside CB in the 352, as it is likely your opponent will attempt to carve you open with through balls. Strength is less so important, so 65+ will be fine, as you will mostly be in physical battles against wingers. If possible, try to use CB’s with great tackling, as you will often be left with only your CB’s and CDM’s defending, and you will need to dispossess your opponent. My preferred player in this position is Laurent Koscielny. Work rates should be M/H, or L/H Recommendations: Koscielny, Chiellini, Pepe, Caceres, Thiago Silva.

Middle CB: Arguably the most important player in the 352. This CB will be responsible for the majority of the interceptions, and will need to cut out play, as well as distribute the ball to the midfielders and wingers. This CB needs to have a little bit of everything to be successful. The most important stat is interceptions, ideally 80+. Strength is also very important as he will be going head to head with powerful, strong strikers who will be running at you the entire game. You will need 80+ strength. Pace is also paramount as strikers such as Doumbia, Ibarbo, and Walcott could get in behind, and will spell trouble if they are not caught/stopped, 65+ will do the job. Slide tackling is less so important, as you should very rarely be sliding in with your middle CB, or any CB in the 352 for that matter, standing tackling however is crucial. 80+ will do fine. If possible, use a Middle CB with low aggression as you do not want him to push up too high and try to tackle the opposing teams CAM’s/CM’s, leaving you exposed. He will also need to be tall, 6 foot 2+. Work rates are more lenient, depending on your play style. While I would not recommend it, H/M can be used if you are more aggressive, and do not want to allow the opposing team to have possession. M/M is perfect, and M/H is also very good. My personal favourite player in the middle CB role is Vincent Kompany. Recommendations: Boateng, Kompany. Gary Cahill, Sokratis.

CDM: The backbone of your team, the CDM’s. The most important thing about the CDM’s is the work rates. You will be left devastated if your CDM’s are out of position when your opponent counter attacks. L/H is acceptable, but you could be inviting pressure by playing with a L/H CDM. H/M and H/L are simply unusable, H/H can cause trouble, but is useable.. The ideal partnership is M/M, and M/H. Interceptions, slide tackling, stand tackling, short passing, and long passing are key for the CDM’s in the 352. As with every other position, pace is handy to have, but not the be all and end all in 352, 60+, combined with strength will do the job Try not to think of individual CDM’s in the 352, try to think of it as a partnership. My preferred partnership is Yaya Toure, and Phillip Lahm. While using Lahm is contradictory to my earlier statement about work rates, due to his outstanding defensive stats, he gets away with H/H. Use your CDM’s to tackle, and do not drag your CB’s out of position. My personal favourite player in this position, is Yaya Toure. Recommendations: Yaya Toure, Khedira, Fernandinho, De Rossi, Matuidi.

LM/RM: The wingers in 352 are the lone source of width in this formation , as well as the only true defenders for wingers/full backs. In FIFA 15, wingers often disappear from games, however in 352 they are more so important than in other formations. Contrary to popular belief, wingers in 352 do not require elite, or even good defensive stats. Work rates of wingers will play a big part on how your team defends as a whole. M/M, H/M, H/H, or M/H are the perfect work rates. Using a H/L winger in the 352 is defensive suicide, they will sit too far up the pitch when you are counter attacking, and will not help on defence when you yourself are being counter attacked. In a perfect world, the RM will be right footed, and the LM will be left footed, this makes it less awkward when defending, and makes it easier to get crosses off. An above average crossing stat is needed, 75+ will be fine. Strength also helps, but do not sacrifice technical ability for it. Pace is very important, as you will have to chase after wingers and full backs, as well as start your own attacks. 85+ is good, although 90+ is even better. My personal favourite player in this position is Alexis Sanchez. RM Recommendations: Alexis Sanchez, Cuadrado, Lucas, Aubameyang. LM Recommendations: Schurrle, Reus, Depay, Asamoah, Gervinho.

CAM: The playmaker of the team. Much like the Middle CB, the CAM in the 352 needs to have a little bit of everything. They are often the driving force behind your attacks. There are a few different ways to utilise the CAM in 352. You can either use him as an all out passer, constantly trying to play in your strikers and overlapping wingers, or you can use him as I do, as a dribbler who carves open the defence, often making the final pass before your striker finishes. Good short passing is key, 80+ is required. To burst away from the midfield, pace is also useful, 70+ will do the job. Precision dribbling is another stat that is crucial, as it allows them to get out of sticky situations, leading to a key pass that will cause danger on the other team’s goal. Vision is handy to have, as well as positioning. 80+ vision and 70+ positioning is fine. If using your CAM as I do, finishing is important, 70+ is great. If you use your CAM as a passer however, a good long passing stat is crucial, 75+ will do just fine. Ideal work rates include M/M, H/M, M/L, or even H/H. My personal favourite player in this position, is also my favourite player in the game, Angel DI Maria. Recommendations for passing CAM’s: Ozil, Iniesta, Sneijder, Mata. Recommendations for Running CAM’s: Di Maria, James Rodriguez, Gotze, Dries Mertens.

ST: The strikers in the 352 will be your main source of scoring. Often in 352, your strikers do not see much of the ball, as the game is often won and lost in the middle. Much like the CDM’s, I prefer to think of the striker’s in the 352 as a partnership, rather than two individual forwards, What has worked best for me thus far is a strong, fast and good in the air striker partnered with someone more quick, agile and better equipped on the ball. Both strikers need to have good short passing, as they will often be making fast 1, 2’s with their partner or the CAM. 65+ will be adequate. Finishing is the critical stat, and due to the offensive prowess of the 352, the strikers will often find themselves in 1 on 1 situation. 80+ is needed. You can get away with the partnership of two smaller, quicker strikers, but you cannot do the same with the bigger, taller strikers due to Ultimate Team’s emphasis on pace. For the smaller striker, dribbling is paramount. 80+ will be fine. Balance, acceleration, and agility are also crucial to the smaller striker, 75+ in all of those stats should be desired. For the bigger striker, strength, heading, and ball control is required, as holding up play can prove to be very effective. LF/RF are also very effective here, my personal favourite being Raheem Sterling. My personal favourite big man is Diego Costa, and my preferred dribbling striker is Sergio Aguero. Recommendations for Target men: Diego Costa, Ibarahimovic, Lewandowski, Jackson Martinez, Emenike, Benzema, Cavani, Adrian Ramos. Recommendations for Quicker striker: Aguero, Tevez, Sturridge, Doumbia, Suarez, Rodrigo, Cerci, Dos Santos, Eduardo Vargas.

I hope you found my 352 guide useful, and that you will be successful with the 352. Let me once again reiterate that this formation is definitely not for everybody, but if you know hot to use it, it can be one of, if not the most dangerous formation in FIFA 15 UT

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