FIFA 15 4321 Formation Guide

FIFA 15 4321 Formation Guide by TommyD99

A forewarning, this guide is very in depth and will take a while to read. Because each position requires an in-depth explanation, there will not be a “TL;DR” provided

May it also be noted that this guide is based upon a gold team. Between levels of player (Bronze, Silver and Gold) The stats recommendations must of course be adjusted (i.e very few silvers may have 80+ in both stand and slide tackling, one of the recommendations for CB’s). If there is any confusion if you’re using the 4321 for a silver, bronze or mix team of any kind, I would be happy to answer any questions you have down below.


1: GK

2: RB/LB

3: CB’s

4: CM’s

5: LF/RF

6: ST

1: GK: This position doesn’t require a great amount of thought. Everyone on FIFA has their own set of preferred goalkeepers, and I simply recommend you use one of your favourites. Recently, I have had a lot of success with Courtois, and overall he is my favourite keeper in the game at this current time, with UP SIF De Gea a close second. If I were to be specific, having a goalkeeper with good distribution, ideally the long throw trait, would come in handy when using the 4321, as it is a very counter heavy formation. Personal Favourite: Courtois. Recommendations: Courtois, UP De Gea, Sirigu, Handanovic, Lloris

2: RB/LB: In most formations in FUT 15, the fullbacks can be overlooked as they often do not contribute to your attacking play. However this is certainly not the case in the 4321. Well rounded fullbacks typically work best here. Seeing as they are your main, and depending on your play style, sometimes your only source of width, they need to be able to do almost everything that a traditional winger can do, such as being able to beat a defender 1 on 1 and delivering a ball into the box, as well as benefiting the attack in various other ways. Due to a lack of CDM’s in the 4321, your fullbacks will also be required to defend numerous attackers at the same time when caught on a counter attack, so pace as well as defending stats are crucial. Of course to do all of this successfully, your fullbacks will need to be all over the pitch, so H/H, or H/M work rates are advised. M/M, M/H, H/L, or L/H will often fail in this formation as they are caught out of position, often when you need them most. I currently use Piszczek and Filipe Luis as my LB/RB pairing, as not only can they make forward runs to benefit their attacks, they are also solid on defence, and of course have good physical and heading stats to deal with back post headers. Instructions are not particularly needed, basically down to how much you want to push your fullbacks up. Personal Favourite: RB: Piszczek LB: Filipe Luis. Recommendations: RB: Piszczek, Carvajal, Walker, UP Danilo LB: Filipe Luis, Alaba, Bernat, Jordi Alba, Clichy.

3: RCB/LCB: Two of the truly important positions when creating a 4321 squad. Your CB’s, much like your LB/RB’s, will be called upon to complete a variety of duties in-game. First and foremost, they need to have outstanding tackling stats, both sliding and standing 80+ if possible. As the 4321 does not have a CDM, you will often find your opponents attackers running, and sprint dribbling directly at your CB’s. This is where the tackling stats come in to play. A CB with high tackling attributes will be able to deal with these forwards more often than not, simply by standing in their way and dispossessing them. However a CB with low tackling will often not retain possession after the tackle. I understand the temptation to use a cheaper CB with high pace, thinking his speed will make up for lack of defensive ability. While in past FIFA’s this may have been the case, it certainly is not in FIFA 15. Secondly, it is paramount that your CB has good heading attributes. Due to the packed midfield of the 4321, your opponent will often be forced to attack down the wing, whipping in crosses as a last resort. It is at this point you will struggle if you are using a shorter defender, 6 foot 1+ is recommended. Having said that, just as I do with CDM’s in the 352, I prefer to see the CB’s in a 4321 as a partnership rather than two individual players. I have seen the combination of a faster, and quicker CB paired with a bigger, more physical CB have much success, and thus I will be giving my recommendations in those two categories referring to the bigger CB as the “destroyer”, and the smaller as the “sweeper”. While in my current divisions team I contradict this advice, using two bigger, stronger CB’s (UP Boateng, Kompany) I feel as though if both CB’s are over 6 foot 2, and have 70+ pace, you will have no troubles with this kind of partnership. As a sidenote, it is of course ideal that your CB’s will be playing on the side of their preferred foot (I.e a right footed CB playing on the right side of defence) however this should not be looked into extensively and personally I would not sacrifice defensive stats for preferred foot. The “perfect” work rates in my opinion would be M/M. This allows your CB’s to hold a decent line, as well as get involved in the play and give your midfielders passing options if under pressure. The classic “Stay Back While Attacking” instruction works best Personal Favourite: UP Boateng Recommendations: “Destroyer”: Chiellini, Boateng, Kompany, Hummels, Benatia, Sokratis. “Sweeper”: UP Koscielny, Thiago Silva, Sergio Ramos, Rojo, Caceres

4: CM’s: Where your 4321 team is either made successful, or made a failure. An effective trio of midfielders will work wonders for your team. There are a few ways you can go about your midfield in the 4321, however there is one crucial element. Balance. No matter which players you decide to use, balance in your midfield must prevail. First I’ll discuss the middle CM. There are two types of players that will typically find success in this position, a large, physical, strong player that can win the ball back for you in the middle of the park (referred to as a “powerhouse”), or a pass-master that can distribute the ball to players in all positions and create play from the half-way line (referred to as a “Maestro”). Either path you decide to take, the ideal work rates tend to be very similar. M/M will work best, seeing as you will want your central CM to stay almost exactly on the half way line at all times, and be ready for when they are called into action. M/L, L/M, or L/L will also work reasonably effectively. Having these work rates will also mean that your middle CM will not be void of stamina when the end of the game approaches, giving you the upper hand in the closing minutes. Now, for the outside CM’s. It is crucial that at least one of your CM’s is what I like to call a “Box-to-Box” midfielder. This of course means that they contribute heavily on both attack, and defence. They must have reasonable pace (68+) to be able to keep up with the tempo of the game, as well as good passing (75+) to enable you to keep control of the game effectively without losing the ball. It is also helpful if they are tall and strong so you can dominate the midfield aerially, as well as on the ground. Stamina is important as you will want to be running with this player, chasing down opponents with the ball as well as driving it forward, until the dying minutes of the game. A player that fits all criteria given is of course Arturo Vidal. Finally, you will want an “attack-minded” midfielder to close out your midfield three. This player will link defence to attack, and will often score, and assist the most out of the 3 CM’s. Having good shooting stats are useful here as with this player, you will often find a lot of space if your opponent is covering the runs of your attackers. Good short passing is crucial here as if your LF/RF find themselves in pockets of space around the box, you will want to be able to get the ball off quickly and accurately to them and create goal scoring opportunities. Having at least one midfielder on the “free roam” instruction can also work to give your team some unpredictably, other then that your CM’s should be cutting passing lanes. Personal Favourite: “Powerhouse”: UP Sissoko (I know he goes against most of my recommendations for the position but defensively he Is as good as, if not better than Yaya) “Maestro”: Modric. “Box-to-Box”: Vidal “Attack-minded”: IF Guarin Recommendations: “Powerhouse”: UP Sissoko, Yaya Toure, Fellaini, Luiz Gustavo, Khedira. “Maestro”: Modric, Kroos, Iniesta, UP Fabregas. “Box-to-Box”: Vidal, IF Ramsey, Pogba, IF Moutinho, UP Nainggolan “Attack-minded”: IF Guarin, UP De Bruyne, Kevin-Prince Boateng, Gundogan

5: LF/RF: The reason why most people opt to use this formation. In FIFA 15, the LF/RF act as inverted wingers, a hybrid between a traditional LW/RW and a ST, essentially forcing your opponent to defend against three strikers. Think of the LF/RF not as wingers, but rather second-strikers, the type of player that in a two-striker formation, you would play just wide of your other attacker. First and foremost, your LF/RF must have good dribbling. Agility is key, you often do not have a lot of attacking space in this formation, thus an attacker that cannot turn quickly and make a pass or shoot, is rendered useless when playing against a good defender. Ideally 80+ dribbling and 80+ agility. Secondly, good shooting is key to a good LF/RF. You will often be afforded opportunities at shooting in or around the box with the 4321, and if you take advantage of those chances, you will find yourself scoring in large quantities, even against the best of defenders, 70+ finishing will do the job. Pace is of course crucial too. Due to having 3 midfielders, as well as what are essentially 3 strikers, through balls are an important factor when having success with the 4321. Having wide players that can get on the end of those through balls make a big difference in-game, I would have no less than 80 pace. Short passing is another valuable attribute, as 1-2’s are a common, and effective offensive tactic when using this formation. Anything above 70 is acceptable. One of your fowards should be on “Get In Behind” Having the other “Stay Wide” is also advised as to create space in attack Personal Favourite: LF: Ribery RF: Bale Recommendations: LF: Ribery, Reus, Ronaldo, Neymar, UP Nani, UP Griezmann, Schurrle, Depay. RF: Bale, Robben, UP Sanchez, UP Lucas, Shaqiri

6: ST: The attacking hub of your team. The striker in the 4321 keeps the team ticking, and a lot of the offensive play is reliant on his ability to both create, and finish. First it must be said, don’t expect goal scoring wonders out of your striker in this formation, as they are sharing the scoring with 2 other forwards. Often times, the striker has a lower scoring rate then the Left and Right Forwards. Like in any other formation, finishing is crucial.. As previously said, a lot of opportunities will be created in this formation, and if the striker can finish, it will give you a instant advantage over your opponent. 80+ is advised, but 75+ is acceptable. Link-up play is essentially what the 4321 is all about, and the striker is no exception. It is important that he has at least 70+ short passing to allow your team to work more fluidly on attack. Think of the role Karim Benzema plays for Real Madrid. Not necessarily a scorer, but rather a play-maker from the front. A good physical stat is also useful, as you will encounter strong defenders who will corner you, and it is important that you can maintain possession and distribute the ball elsewhere before you lose it. Work rates are lenient, as regardless of your strikers position, you will always have other attacking options. H/L, H/M, M/L, and M/M are advised. If using a pacey striker, such as SIF Aubameyang, “Get In Behind” could work effectively although other then that there is no need for instructions. Personal Favourite: Luis Suarez. Recommendations: Suarez, UP Aguero, Cavani, Benzema, UP Costa, Doumbia, Lacazette, UP Jovetic, Sturridge

Recommended Squads

30k Budget:

100k Budget:

300k Budget:

500k Budget:

1 Mil Budget:

If you’re still reading, you’ve managed to get through the 2000+ word monstrosity that was this Formation guide, and I have to congratulate you on that. Although I like to keep these guides pretty formal, I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about my post, in non-essay form. Anyway I hope you guys got as much enjoyment out of reading it as I did writing it, and if the feedback continues to be good, I plan to write plenty more of these in the future.

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