FIFA 20 How to Flip Special Cards Guide

by fromdowntownn

Hi guys I’ve got another guide here, this is one was in high demand. A lot of you wanted to know more about special card flipping so I’ve made a detailed guide a bit like my icon flipping one, hope it helps.

If you want to know more about trading and are looking for tips/advice I’ve got a relatively new Twitter: @FUTDonkey where you can check out what I’m doing as a T100 trader and also ask me whatever you like. Anyway onto the guide

What is flipping?

Cards fluctuate during the week all the time this is due to a host of reasons which can be as simple as the amount of players that are online at a particular time. The multitude of reasons all fall under the 2 wider categories that control card prices: supply + demand. A good example of this is when cards are low on Saturday/Sunday because of the WL sell off and how they are generally quite high on Thursday due to rewards and people buying cards for their WL teams. Daily trends are profitable the way you become an elite trader is hourly trends. Cards fluctuate during the day particularly ones that are out of packs as they are rarer and have less supply. So why is it profitable to flip special cards? It’s because they are out of packs and we will be flipping the more meta ones so they will have demand as well this mean they fluctuate, our task is to pick them up during a low hour and sell them on the higher hourly trend.

How to identify sell prices?

To do this we look at FUTBIN graphs. For specials FUTBIN graphs are quite accurate unlike ICONs because the specials aren’t as rare as ICONs. So let’s use an example of a player. I’m going to use SCREAM Aspas for the example but this works for everyone. So Aspas had high peaks on Sunday and Saturday of 84k. He hit that a few times so I’m confident this is his selling price. Now the tax here is 4.2k so if we sell at 84k we make 79.8k back. Now we can set our buy prices. This will depend on what you consider good profit. If you’re on a lower budget you should set higher margins as your coins are more valuable but if you’re richer than you can use lower margins. Personally if I can sell Aspas at 84k I’m happy to buy at 76-77k and lower. One thing to note when identifying sell prices is to make sure you look for a CONSISTENT peak price there can be high prices which are outliers but you want what it is consistently hitting.

Memorising sell prices

This is one of the hardest parts of special flipping especially because prices change so often. I just learn the prices through experience and watching the market an unhealthy amount. I know some people make spread sheets with prices in, others just write them down on some paper. Do whatever you find helps best so that you can learn your sell and buy prices because there are so many cards and knowing the prices makes it way easier to get deals

How to find deals?

Ok now you do this for a bunch of specials and u know the prices of let’s say 20-30 specials. How do you get deals? One way you can do it is just rotating through the list of players a couple of times an hour or more and just looking to see if there’s a good BIN or bid that you can grab. You can also just watch FUTBIN to see when a particular special looks low. There’s not really much you can do with the 59th minute like ICONs as there are way too many specials but the way I prefer is just cycling through a load of them every now and then and checking for deals. You can also set up bid filters and look for good bid prices on lots of different specials and even mix that up with some chem style trading using the filters but as I said my favourite is just to cycle through the players

How to get sales?

Now once you get a deal you need to list it. So the best way to list imo is just for 1 hour at your target sell price. Often you can get a lazy sale before it even hits the high fluctuation you are looking for, that’s why I like this. Otherwise, if you aren’t going to be at your console or on the app to relist you can go for a 6 or 12 hour listing but don’t list too low as this will crash the price of the card and lose you and others who try flip it coins. Always list higher on longer listings and check what others have listed for on overnights as if there’s too many people undercutting you then it’s unlikely you will get the sale.

Impact of Chem styles and position changed card

The impact of position changes and chem styles is far bigger with specials than it is with ICONs. I’ve sold cards for 10-15k more because they had a shadow on them or were a CM as opposed to their original ST position. When you get a card with a desirable chem style or position change list it higher than you normally would sometimes it won’t sell and you end up having to settle for the usual prices but often times you can squeeze out an extra 5-10k. I wouldn’t recommend going over your targeted buy price because a card has a shadow but it’s worth taking it into account if you happen to get one with a good chem style/position change at your buy price.

Identifying why a card is low

Now this is very very important. When you see a special card that is very low more than likely it’s too good to be true. Always think before you buy as unlike ICONs there can be numerous factors why a special card is down. A few examples include: its set to get a better version, there’s a player in the same league and position in the latest promo team/TOTW. Another player that is better than him in same league and position has been panic sold so it’s driving the price of said player down and so on. So always think if a cards down a lot more than usual why is this card down? Now sometimes it’s just a random wave of panic and you can pick it up and go about your business but if the panic is warranted be careful.

General market trends

General market trends are important to be aware of when flipping special cards. Some simple trends to be aware of are that they are usually always higher on Thursday and Friday nights and begin to drop a little bit on Saturdays and Sundays. This is important to remember as you don’t want to be using Thursday and Friday sell prices on a Saturday or a Sunday so in these times you must be adjusting your prices as you go along and making sure you’re not buying into a card that’s dropping. Also same applies for when there’s promo panic don’t buy a card on a Thursday night when there’s a promo the next day because chances are that cards gonna drop until the content release at 6pm GMT. So these are just a few extra things to keep in mind

Getting started

The best way to start in my opinion is to pick a group of specials like TOTGS or Screams and beginning learning their prices once you learn their prices start looking for deals and as you start learning more and more and feel comfortable with these prices you can expand your group of specials and start adding in more and more cards till your comfortable flipping even up to 100 cards. This method works best with budgets of 500k+ but you can even do it with a lower budget than that too and it’s very effective.

Hope this helped you guys this is my second favourite flipping method after ICONs and when ICONs don’t do well for whatever reason I always revert to this method and can make 3mil a week from it fairly easily so it definitely works but it takes time to learn prices and understand them. Once you do, special flipping is very simple. If you have an questions feel free to ask and I will try my best to answer.

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