FIFA 15 41212(2) High Tempo Passing Guide

FIFA 15 41212(2) High Tempo Passing Guide by hazetom

Introduction: I see a lot of different guides online, but not a lot about my favorite formation by far, the 41212(2) using a high tempo passing style. When I started using this formation I quickly jumped from D4 to D1. I then stopped FUT for some months and on return decided to start playing with the highly praised 433(5). Unfortunately, I got set back to D5! When I switched back to my beloved 41212(2) I found my way back up again. By no means am I an expert on FIFA. For some reason this formation clicks fantastic with me and I thought I’d share it.

MY CURRENT 41212(2) Squad:

This style of play is for who?

This style of play is for people who love to pass a lot and build up play on high speed. With so many bodies in midfield I always find room for triangles, quick 1-2 passes (a lot of these) and small openings for through balls. By passing both frequently and fast I disrupt the organization of the opponent and (usually) create many chances. Attacks go through the center often but can easily come from every angle, depending on how you choose to play. The 41212(2) is very versatile as well. Sometimes I find myself winning games by dominating possession, sometimes I win by 2 quick counter goals.

I don’t crave for 60%+ possession. And it may sound funny for a guide focused on passing, but I even don’t care about the passing % (although usually it’s quite high). Passing is the tool to create chances. The strength of this kind of play is the tempo of passing: High tempo also means a higher risk of losing the ball. The only stat that concerns me is goals.

Is your game all about keeping the pitch wide with wingers? Then this style of play is probably not for you, although I encourage you to try it!

For all midfield and attack For all midfield and attack, passing and dribbling are pretty important stats. Always try to look for players who have high scores on these stats.

Strikers: Clinical finisher and pacey striker

Having a combination of both a clinical and a pacey striker up front gives you a lot of versatility.

  • Clinical ST: [My choice: TOTS Müller], Suarez, Benzema, Ibrahimovic, Rooney.
  • Pacey ST: [My choice: TOTS Aubameyang (99 pace!)], Agüero, Doumbia, Sturridge or wingers like Reus, Sanchez, Bale on 7 chemistry.

Midfield: Passing, dribbling, balance

CAM and CDM are key for me here.

  • CAM: Again passing and dribbling. Shooting doesn’t hurt either here. [My choice: TOTS De Bruyne], Iniesta, Özil, Di Maria, Götze.
  • CDM: M/H Workrates = VITAL. [My choice: Luiz Gustavo], Khedira, Matic, Fernandinho
  • CM’S: Once you’ve set up your favorite CAM and CDM, balance your midfield with 2 solid CM’s. [My choice: Lahm (more defensive) and Götze (more attacking)]. Many, many choices here, all depending on how much and where you need the balance. Trying out is the best way to find out if the balance is good for you.

Defense: Fullbacks with pace, CB’s that defend

  • Fullbacks: Quite easy to find the fullbacks that will fit your squad. I use TOTS Rodriguez and IF Aurier. I have used Alba, Marcelo, Walker, Alves, Clichy and IF Lichtsteiner with success too. 41212(2) lacks wingers, so whenever you need your fullback to aid you in attacking, he better have some pace.
  • CB’s: It’s up to you, but I recommend CB’s with no high attacking workrate. [My choice: Boateng and Thiago Silva]. Godin, Chiellini, Barzagli, Koscielny, Pepe are also good choices.

Goalkeeper: Pick anyone that you think is good.

Player Instructions: The only player instructions I use are for my CDM and my more attacking focussed CM. Everything else I keep on default:

CDM: Stay back while attacking CM: Go forward while attacking.

How to play:

Like I mentioned at the beginning, pass frequently and in a high tempo. The high tempo is the key for making the tactic work. Use L1/LB to set up 1-2 passes, use through passes, occasionally some skilling. I often pass my way up to the opponents box, set up a 1-2, launch a through ball (ground or aerial) and find myself in a big scoring position. It’s not always the strikers that finish the work, that’s why it’s important they have good passing stats as well. Even my CDM gets quite a few goals in. It’s truly a team-effort.

When I lose the ball I put pressure immediately to win back the ball, but don’t rush in when it’s unwise (like losing the duel would mean a gaping hole for a counter-attack). I don’t use the custom tactic ‘High pressure’, but I would say my style of defending is pretty high pressure.

Now of course, this formations lacks width. However, most of the chances that I convert into goals go somewhat through the centre anyway so I don’t miss the width. And yes, the centre will be crowded but if you keep the passing tempo high enough, use 1-2 passes, and send people on runs into space, you can make this tactic work wonders for you.

Last thing of note:

Ok, so maybe I’m totally wrong on this subject, but take a look at the different workrates in my squad:

  • Defense: H/M, M/M, M/H, H/H
  • Midfield: H/M, M/M, M/H, H/H
  • Strikers: M/L, H/H

In every ‘line’ I have different workrates. I’m not 100% sure what the ideal workrates are for every position, but I think that having so many different workrates creates some kind of balance in my squad. It just ‘clicks’ and I’m never short of bodies, not in attack, not in defense.

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