Brave Frontier Trial X2 Guide

Brave Frontier Trial X2 Guide by ChangMania

In this post, I will be covering the basics of how trials work, some unit setups and team builds, and potential ideas of what to build to counter it. Well then, lets get going then! Onwards!

Part 1: Trial Mechanics

  • Each Trial costs 50 energy, with the exception of when all quests get 1/2 energy, which is when it will cost 25 energy.
  • You can bring up to 3 teams to each trial, with double your normal cost being shared throughout these 3 squads. Levels are important if you want to fit in 3 full teams!
  • You can only bring 1 item set to share between your 3 squads.
  • You cannot gem if you die.
  • You can attempt trials at any time.

Part 2: Items

Now with the basics out the way, I will suggest some items that will be good for this quest. I suggest the cookie-cutter item set for trials:

10 cures

5 Fujin Potions, 3 Fujin Tonics and 2 Fujin Potions

3-4 Revives, 2 Revive Lights and 1 Revive OR 2 Revive Lights and 2 Crescent Dews

These items will greatly increase your chance of success during trials and help your squad’s survivability considerably.

Part 3: Enemy Encounters

This trial is probably going to either include all the maidens, or some of them. Be prepared to deal with enemies of all 6 elements. Yup, confirmed. All 6 maidens OP.

  • War Rocket Cayena: Fire AOE with a chance of paralysis.
  • Gun Goddess Serin: Water AOE with a chance of injury.
  • Wild Slash Bayley: Earth AOE with a chance of poison.
  • Raid Bolt Fennia: Thunder AOE with a chance of paralysis and weaken.
  • Sky Angel Vanila: Light RT attack with a chance of paralysis, injury, sick, and weaken.
  • Demon Blade Lico: Dark ST attack with a chance of weaken.

Status Ailments to watch out for: Cayena, Fennia, and Vanila’s Paralysis.

  • 4 of the 6 maidens possess AOE attacks. You can be sure that they will definitely use them!
  • Serin and Bayley both inflict status ailments, but injury and poison should be pretty harmless on their own.
  • Cayena and Fennia are very dangerous. As both can inflict paralysis, it is possible that an unlucky AOE attack can have your team paralysis-locked, which will be even worse if this trial can remove buffs/lock leader skills (which is highly probable!)
  • Vanila, as the only one with a RT attack, will probably will have some special effect with her status inflicting RT attack, such as BB drain.
  • Lico, as the only one with a ST attack, will probably have some massive damage multiplier that needs mitigation/guarding to survive. We see her in ToTG 5 already dealing some serious carnage, imagine her in Trial X2! Massive single-target carnage.

  • Watch out for these mechanics, as they may be present in this trial:
  • Enemies may resist critical hits or may be immune to them. Confirmed
  • Enemies may resist elemental advantage or deal extra elemental weakness damage.
  • There may be BB depletion units. Confirmed, lots of BB Drain
  • There may be heavy damage multipliers. (OHKO through mitigation) Confirmed, 130% HP attacks
  • There probably are units that will inflict status ailments (all of them) All status ailments and ATK/DEF down
  • There may be units that will heal.
  • There may be units that can taunt.
  • There may be units that can stealth.
  • There may be units with damage mitigation/massive def buffs, especially when they reach low HP thresholds.
  • There may be units that can purge all buffs.
  • There may be units with massive ATK and crit buffs. At 50% HP, there are massive buffs and attacks
  • There may be massive heals/attacks if you kill one unit and leave the others alive.
  • There may be elemental shields corresponding to the enemy’s elements.

Enemies come in groups of 3 THIS IS THE ONE

  • Most likely what will be implemented, if this is the case, we can expect more scripted attacks and possibly a predicable move set from these units.
  • Be careful if any of the formations have Cayena or Fennia, because as I said before these 2 are more than capable of paralysis-locking your entire team.
  • Bulk is not nearly as important, so focus your squad on BC/HC generation and sustainability more than bulk if this is the case.
  • Units to bring: BC/BB buffing LS, mitigators, healers or pseudo-healers, status cleaners, and BB upon attacked if needed

Confirmed! Is 3 at a time twice. Disregard the bottom two scenarios, as those were written before this trial’s implementation.

Units for these Roles:

  • Mitigators: Ice Fortress Oulu, Guardian Darvanshel, Mad God Narza, and Thunder Savior Shera
  • Elemental Changers: Death God Shida, Ember Charm Fiora, Pirate Empress Eve, Deity Ruler Lucca, Zeus Whip Orna, Holy Treasures Yuleh, and Dark Demigod Ardin
  • BB/BC Buffers: Thief God Zelnite, Crusher God Uda, Inferno Princess Dia, Gaia Bow Lario, Arctic Rose Stya, and Colossal Tridon
  • Healers/Pseudo-healers: Flora Goddess Faris, Goddess Lidith, Tyrant Goddess Phee, Forest Guardian Tia, Holy Healer Emeldia, and Alpha Tree Altri
  • Infinite SBB units: Ice Angel Sergio, Phoenix Emperor Arus, Dahlia Fist Nemia, Lightning Gun Rowgen, and Terminator Lilith
  • Damage Augmenter/ Spark: Inferno Goddess Elza, Chief Guardian Sodis, Defiant God Luther, Jewel Floret Rosetta, and Fei & Fang
  • Damage Augmenter/ Critical: Courageous Heart Alma, Master Assassin Kuda, Zeus Whip Orna, and Creator Maxwell
  • Damage Augmenter/ ATK: Aqua Goddess Kuhla, Goddess Axe Michelle, and Deity Ruler Lucca
  • ATK/DEF Down Units: Dark Demigod Ardin, Ember Charm Fiora, Massacre Goddess Belfura, Gilded General Weiss, and Dragon God Ragshelm
  • Status Cleansers: Thunder Beast Exvehl, Elf Queen Arbonella, Fire Empress Ulkina, Alchemist God Lignes, Alpha Tree Altri, Fatalshot Andaria, and Black Lotus Lunaris
  • BB Upon Attacked: Mad God Narza, Crescendo Megurine Luka, Zeus Whip Orna, and Empress Lily Matah

Part 6: The Actual Battle

  • 3 Maidens are present in the battle. Be prepared to deal with all 6 elements. (Meaning there is no element to counter all of them)
  • There is ATK/DEF down buffs present. You cannot counter them except with recent status purgers.
  • The maidens BB drain often. Highly recommended bring Narza, Lily Matah, Luka, or Orna.
  • At 50% HP, the maidens have hard hitting threshold attacks. Need mitigation or gaurding to survive.
  • First encounter is Lico, Cayena, and Fennia. Prepare for paralysis and massive single target atatcks from Lico.

Fennia can be poisoned, Lico can be paralyzed. Low chance.

  • Second encounter is Vanila, Bayley, and Serin. Keep defenses up throughout the battle.
  • Vanila’s 50% HP attack takes good damage through mitigation and Tridon’s shield. Recommend guarding if you don’t have both.
  • Serin and Bayley can cast Angel Idol on themselves. They heal every 2-3 turns.
  • Info Courtesy of Zugon:


Fight 1: Fennia, Cayena and Lico.

  • Buff Clearing, BB draining and Paralysis present.
  • Can do heavy single-target damage.
  • Thresholds at 50% HP, 130% HP attack. Mitigate/guard here!

Fight 2: Vanila, Bayley and Serin.

  • Not strong at all.
  • Thresholds at 50% HP. Typically buff clears.
  • Bayley can revive.

Dialogue via Deathmax


  • Summoner! We, the Battle Maidens, challenge you to a test of skill! Show us what Grand Gaia has to offer!
  • Not bad, let’s see how you like this!
  • Shucks… I’m out of grenades… See ya later then! I’ve got to restock!
  • You’re tougher than I thought, but none shall stand against my righteous fury!
  • The righteous…shall forever be remembered…
  • HAHAHA! That’s more like it! Perhaps I’m not hurting you enough?
  • That’s not the way this game is played! You’re supposed to lose…
  • A trial this may be…but there will be no retreat, and no surrender!
  • You are strong, Summoner. I’m glad we fight on the same side.
  • I thought you liked…cats… Nyaaa…
  • Tsk… Ammunition is scarce, but it seems I cannot hold back against an opponent like you!
  • Well fought, Summoner! I admire your conviction. Foolish be the Gods who know not of your name.
  • Now that’s what I call Girl Power! Boy, am I glad they’re on our side. I’d recommend you train a little bit more and re-think your strategy. Wouldn’t want to mess with the fabled Battle Maidens, would you?
  • So you still plan to move ahead… In that case…
  • I’ll put a stop to you here!
  • Let’s see if you really have what it takes to fight me! You should thank me for going easy on you!
  • What? That’s the best you can do? I knew you were a weakling!
  • Oh? We getting serious now? This can’t be good…
  • Hah! Like I’d really say that! You’re too easy, you scumbag!
  • I’m gonna turn that empty head of yours into dust in just a minute!
  • Aww, what’s wrong? Don’t tell me it’s all over so soon!
  • Oh my, you’re scary. Guess I better call for help. Hey! Get over here!
  • I’m tired of this already. You’re getting on my nerves, so can I just go now? You’re boring me.
  • I really hate your ugly mug…
  • Go! Hope you have room for more after eating this Summoner up!
  • You’re such a pest! That’s it, I’m leaving!
  • Persistent, are we? Fine, I’ll go a few rounds. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though.
  • Ugh, I’m sick of your smug face… And in my state… There’s no time to lose.
  • Quit messing with me! There’s no way a loser like you can win against me!
  • I won’t be beaten by a two-bit Summoner like yourself! You little–!!
  • Foolish Summoner. I’ll make you regret standing before me…
  • Am I to be destroyed yet again? Impossible… I won’t stand for it…
  • Human! Don’t presume this is over! Lay witness to the wrath of the gods!
  • Fool. Do you think you can surpass the gods?
  • I will wipe away that grin from your face, along with your soul!
  • Yeah, that’s it! C’mon, get up! My mock Units are pretty powerful, am I right?
  • Your destruction is at hand. You should wait for it to come, with horror painted on your face.
  • Your destruction has been prophesied yet again. You should wait for it to come, while you curse your ignorance.
  • I seek your response. So you shall answer me. Show my powerful self how you plan to survive.
  • I can see a faint light. I’ve seen this light before… Is my soul succumbing to a human?
  • The light within you is trying to absorb me. I will face it all at once. I’ll show you the power of my soul!
  • My soul shall enslave you.
  • Never forget. I will always be here to watch you fail. Just like this!
  • I’m tired of your dumb looking face! I’ll show you the power of a true Summoner!
  • That’s all you’ve got? You’ve gotta be kidding me!
  • You’re at your limit? Well, you didn’t do so bad.
  • You’re getting better…
  • But don’t think this is over!
  • Don’t pretend to be calm! I swear… Fine. I’ll start putting my arm into it!
  • Looks like Seria’s mock Unit was too strong for you. If the real Seria finds out, I bet she’ll be pretty pleased!
  • This shield is impregnable. Can a rookie like you break through it?
  • Well, well! Good job. Here’s a reward for you hard work. My new favorite thing!
  • Wow, I didn’t expect you to be this good… I give up…
  • As if! There’s no way, moron! Time to get serious!
  • Exhale Breathe, Seria, breathe…
  • I’ll show you a new side of me. Hang in there, if you can!
  • Hmm… There’s no way you’ll win, but I’ll be careful, just in case.
  • N-Not too shabby… But how about this?!
  • I summon you, Fire Legend Vargas!
  • Am I gonna lose to this big dummy again?! But I was prepared this time!!
  • Tsk, I won’t give up! I’ll give it everything I’ve got!

Reward: Trial X2 Sphere: Blighted Seal

  • Boosts Atk by 100%, critical hit damage by 50% (Crits deal 50% more damage, the crit multiplier is untouched). Lowers Def & Rec by 20% OP

Part 7: The Conclusion!

  • As always, it’s important to keep a cool head and not make mistakes while in a trial! Trials require a good deal of concentration and focus, as one mis-swiped BB/SBB could put your team in severe jeopardy.
  • Keep in mind the advantages of elemental damage. You won’t want to bring a team that is weak to the elements in this trial!
  • Always remember that preparation is everything! Get those OP spheres, max those units to BB10/SBB10, and give it your all!

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