Brave Frontier Crit Buff Unit Guide

Brave Frontier Crit Buff Unit Guide by ephksmi

When doing a hard boss, or FH, or dreaming of Raid, you always need a strong squad to fight said person. As we all know, crit squads are the main source of all of that damage, all of them OHKO’s. But, to have that kind of squad, you need a crit boosting unit.

There are a lot of crit boosting units out there, ones that can set up the standards for OHKO’s on nearly anything. But, only one is good enough to be able to be the perfect one. Here is my guide on all of them.

Note: This is a guide on non-leader units (Leader for a crit team should always be Maxwell, or zebra if you haven’t gotten Maxwell yet)

  • Hadaron: Starting with the 1 unit everyone hates, Hadaron’s SBB gives him a 16% crit buff. Just himself, no one else; he’s such a megalomaniac. Also, he has pretty average stats. 2/10
  • Eva: The umbrella girl that gives Rihanna a run for her money gives out a good 40% crit buff to all allies for 3 turns. She also gives an ok 40% def buff along with her SBB, so she’s an ok unit. 7/10
  • Kuda: This guy gives a large 100% atk buff (not the highest in the game) and a high 40% crit buff for 3 turns! If you don’t a michele or kuhla yet, then this unit is right up your alley. It helps that his normal attack has an astonishing 30 drop checks!9/10
  • DUEL-SGX: What was once known as the go-to unit for a crit team is now sulking in the shadows. SGX has a high hit count, and the highest crit buff in game. 60%. However, it has very, very bad stats. however, the dark element buff it gives can be good when fighting Atro and Maxwell. 9/10
  • Bordebegia: This unit I think is very underrated. Basically it’s Elza with Maxwell-senpai attached to her back (ish best ship o3o). It has a 70% spark bonus, and a 30% crit bonus on it’s SBB. It has good stats, but the 30% crit buff ain’t enough. 8/10
  • Garnan: Same as Bordebegia.
  • Rashil: Not much to say about him. He has average stats at best, his SBB can’t attack, but he can do a decent heal w/angel idol buff. His crit buff is 35%, which is a bit average. 7/10
  • Faris: What happens when you mix SGX with a healer? Faris. Faris, sister of what’s her name, is a psuedo-healer. She doesn’t heal, but she increases the drop of HC like crazy. Match her OP HC factor with a 45% crit buff and you have the 3rd highest Crit buff in the game. She also has very high stats and hit counts. 9/10
  • Mariudeth: Looking at the unit hiding behing Zelnite-chan’s shadow, Mariudeth is a hard hitter, dealing high damage (580% damage on a 3 hit SBB) with a high crit buff to boot. While this is a good unit, there are no more SBB bonuses to make it better. 8.2/10
  • Aisha: As le best waifu Aisha is a pretty average unit. Average stats, average hit count, cool attack animation, and an average SBB to boot. She has a high 45% crit buff, which makes up for her stats. 7.5/10
  • Orna: I saved the best for last. Orna i think is the best out of all of these units. Having a very high amount of drop counts, BC, and high stats (3200+ ATK and 2400+ DEF on a Breaker orna with dandelaga), there is nothing bad about this unit. Her SBB is her big shining star. It gives a 50% crit buff, 2nd highest in the game, 400% SBB damage, and the fire and thunder buffs. This is very important in FH, as it make your elemental weakness points skyrocket. 11/10

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