Brave Frontier Mildran Karna Masta Guide

Brave Frontier Mildran Karna Masta Guide by Nordramor

Ready to tackle Karna Masta in Mildran? Need a guide that isn’t 50,000 words? Here’s what you really need to know.


  • Buffs have -1 Turn Duration
    • 1 Turn Buffs Last for 0 Turns, Including Mitigation
    • 3 Turn Buffs Last for 2 Turns, Including HoT, BB Buffs, Etc.

Still beatable with this bug, but you must have 2-Turn Mitigation (Magress/Juno OE for now, Krantz OE in future).



  • Mitigation (2-Turn Mitigation Mandatory, Recommended After Fix)
  • BB Fill on Attacked (BB Buff and LS if possible)
  • BB Fill / Turn (BB Buff and LS if possible)
  • Heal
  • Heal / Turn (HoT)
  • +DEF
  • Elemental Weakness Null on Dark Units


  • OD Fill (Instant or Increased)
  • Barrier
  • DEF Conversion
  • Heal on Attacked
  • BB Fill (Instant)
  • BB Fill on Spark
  • +REC
  • +BC / HC Drops
  • -DMG on LS (Grahdens, Tilith)
  • +HP BB/SBB/UBB (Kulyuk)


  • +Spark Damage
  • +Elements
  • +Crit Chance / Damage
  • +ATK or +Hits/DEF Ignore (Dark Ark)


  • Felice (Lead) – BB Fill on Spark, Heal on Spark
  • Magress – Mandatory until bug fix, provides +DEF too
  • Selena – +BC/HC, BB Fill / Turn, Heal / Turn (with SP Boost), Heal on Attacked
  • Kulyuk – Barrier, Heal, BB Fill on Attacked, DEF Conversion
  • Arus – BB Fill, OD Fill
  • Dark Ark (Fixed Friend) – +ATK or +Hits/DEFIgnore


  • Bring 5 Fujins, 3 Revives, and Hero Crystal (Crescent Dews if you have/want)
  • Stack +HP and +DEF on every unit, through Spheres and Elgifs (20,000 HP on every unit with LS’s)
  • Stack Heal on Attacked chances on every unit you can, through Spheres and Elgifs


  • Count turns, focusing on every 3rd turn
    • Every 3 turns, KM unleashes a massive ST attack (Phase 1/2) or MT attack (Phase 2 only) that can kill anyone
    • Recommend guarding Dark Ark on this turn
    • Insure units are at full health and have mitigation; break your Brave Burst Order and Fujin if vital
  • Find an efficient Brave Burst Order, generally being Mitigation + (Other Critical Buff), to rotate between
    • EX: Magress + Kulyuk, then Magress + Kulyuk/Selena works in Phase 1
    • EX: Magress + Kulyuk, then Magress + Kulyuk + Selena, works in Phase 2
    • Once bug is fixed, you can stop using Magress every turn
  • Count Brave Burst usage and know the Brave Burst Trigger
    • Phase 1 – Triggers Every 5 Brave Bursts. Extra penalty applied if you use 9 Brave Burst before reset.
    • Phase 2 – Triggers Every 6 Brave Bursts
    • UBBs count as 3 BBs!
    • Trigger resets after hitting it’s effect (EX: Once you trigger Millineum on Third Trigger, you will re-hit the First Trigger next)
  • If you are going to hit the Brave Burst Trigger:
    • Phase 1 – Use 4 Brave Bursts (assuming you used 2+2 on the turns before). Do not go over 8 Brave Bursts in 3 turns.
    • Phase 2 – Use every Brave Burst. No extra penalty cap.
  • Save Hero Crystal and 1 Fujin for Phase 3
  • If you have a +HP UBB (Kulyuk), slip it into your Brave Burst Order once in Phase 1


  • Turn 1 – Strength’s Awakening- Buff wipe. Normal attack all, do not waste Fujin.
  • Brave Burst Trigger (5) – Millennium
    • First Trigger – “That strength fuels me…” – Partial BB Drain
    • Second Trigger – Either repeats First Trigger (BB Drain), or if you used 9 BBs in 3 turns, skips to Third Trigger
    • Third Trigger – “My power is growing…” – Double BB Drain, and he will use Millineum next turn. Guard all units as he will buff wipe + nuke you.
    • Applies massive BB Fill Rate debuff to all units, you may need to Fujin a mitigator/healer
    • Triggering Millennium too many times will probably run you out of Fujins, which is why random BB spam doesn’t work
    • The Third Trigger WILL cancel any Eternal Losses that would occur on those two turns
  • Every 3 Turns – Eternal Loss – Massive ST Attack (random)
    • Guard weak units (Dark Ark) or anyone not at full health
    • Applies massive BB Fill debuff (sucks if on Mitigator / Healer)
    • Most dangerous Phase 1 attack, apart from scripted attacks you must Guard to survive
  • 80% – Eclipse (extra 100% mitigation for 1 turn, just wastes your time)
  • 70% – Extra Mirage Sight – Be at full health and you’re fine, avoid doing on a 3rd turn if possible
  • 50% – Extra Eternal Loss – If you trigger this on a 3rd turn, he will do Eternal Loss TWICE in the same turn
  • 50% And Below – Mirage Sight Every Turn – More random damage, making it more likely Eternal Loss followups will kill someone
  • 40% – Extra Eternal Loss – Once again, don’t trigger on a 3rd turn
  • 25% – Eternal Return – Says “An immense power gathers… “, then buff wipes, bb drains, and nukes you. Guard all, keep 1 fujin handy just in case
    • This looks awesome; turn on background effects and brave burst effects for this fight!
  • 0% – Transform! – Transforms into second form and Phase 2 starts


  • Turn 1 – “The destruction begins..”. – Buff wipe
  • Brave Burst Trigger (6) – Pulse of Overflowing Power
    • First Trigger – “That strength fuels me…” – BB Drain, BB Attack Debuff
    • Second Trigger – Repeat First Trigger
    • Third Trigger – “My strength grows still…” – Overdrive Dark Ark and BB/Attack with everyone. You must use Dark Ark’s UBB next turn (My power shall bring ruin…) or he’ll buff wipe AND LS Lock your squad.
    • If Dark Ark has BB Fill debuff, may need to fujin him (or use BB Instant Fill, like Arus)
    • BB/SBB/UBB not counted during first two turns of Third Trigger.
    • “Karna Masta’s strength has been suppressed…!” – Dark Ark UBB was used, KM debuffs himself, BUT STARTS COUNTING BBs AGAIN.
    • Pulse of Overflowing Power – Didn’t use Dark Ark UBB, can be survived with Guard, but you’ll probably wipe.
    • Third Trigger can be used to cancel Irresistible Destruction or Reduce to Ashes.
  • Constantly – Omen of Destruction – Huge DoT, HoT is required (almost always) in Phase 2 to survive
  • Every 3 Turns – Irresistible Destruction – Same thing as Eternal Loss in Phase 1, hits hard, guard Dark Ark. Skipped on Reduce to Ashes turn.
  • Every 6 Turns – Reduce to Ashes – Massive MT damage. Heal everyone, guard Dark Ark, pray to RNGesus.
  • 90% – Extra Big Bang – RT Damage, just be healed up
  • 80% – Extra Big Bang – Again, pretty safe, just be healed
  • 60% – Extra Irresistible Destruction – Like Phase 1, do not trigger on a turn divisible by 3!
  • 50% – Hidden Strength – KM gets +1 Hits and +ATK/DEF buff. Ark UBB during Third Trigger will wipe this for a few turns.
  • 50% And Below – Big Bang Every Turn! – More RT damage, so expect more random deaths following 3/6 turn attacks.
  • 40% – Extra Irresistible Destruction
  • 30% – Extra Irresistible Destruction
  • 0% – “The world is distorting…” – Start Phase 3! (no transformation though)


  • Use 3 UBBs before turn 8 or you die.
  • You don’t take any damage, except for any remainging DoT, until he kills you or he kills himself.
  • No Brave Burst Trigger, but only use Brave Bursts that fill OD Gauge or UBB Gauge (otherwise normal attack for more OD Meter).
  • KM is immune to damage.
  • Save Fujins for later UBBs (massive BB Fill Rate debuffs at end).
  • Turn 2/4/6 – 90%/85%/80% OD Fill (hurray, fill the last 10-20% with normal attacks and OD fill bbs)
  • Turn 3/5/7 – -50% BB Fill Rate Debuff (boo, good luck filling UBB meter without Fujin on turn 7)
  • Turn 8 – Destruction and Creation – Did you use 3 UBBs already? If yes, you’ll win next turn. If not, you’ll lose.
  • Turn 9 – True Holy Word – Either kills you or Karna Masta.
  • If KM bugs out and does not die (or kill your squad), fujin a mitigator/healer and try to finish him off

Good luck with Karna Masta! Thanks to everyone who took notes, translated JP guides, and other materials to help me get through the fight.

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