Brave Frontier When to Use Damage Mitigators on Maxwell Guide

Brave Frontier When to Use Damage Mitigators on Maxwell Guide by ReesePeanut

Counting Turns

I used BF Pros’ Maxwell Counter to help COUNT, not follow it word for word. I’m not saying that the tool is wrong, but it’s moreso for people who need their training wheels when learning to ride their bike. I facerolled Maxwell on JP enough times to know what to do, and when to do it, so I feel a bit more confident in this.

When I counted, I started on turn 1 (duh), then right after all of my units finished their actions, I simply clicked next, and that’s it! If you’re unfamiliar with what Maxwell will do on turn X, then just check the counter’s guide, and see what’s gonna happen. However, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOLLOWING MY GUIDE AND USING THE COUNTER TO JUST COUNT YOUR TURNS!

So as a recap:

  1. Start counting on Juggie (Turn 1).
  2. Perform an action with all of your units.
  3. Click next on the counter. The turn displayed will then be Turn 2.
  4. If you kill Juggie on Turn 6, it will still be Turn 6 when it switches to Abaddon. The same applies for when you switch from Abaddon to Maxwell. If you kill Abaddon on Turn 4, it will still be Turn 4 when it switches to Maxwell, in which she will cast her SS buff and proceed to go ham on your squad. Keep all of this in mind!
  5. Rinse and repeat until victory or death.


For a reference, I used the following squad and items to beat Maxwell:

  • Grah (Lord, duh) (Leader) – Providence Ring (The damage reflection is nice)
  • Oulu (Anima) – Dandelga
  • Lilith (Anima) – Legwand
  • Lilith (Lord) – Legwand
  • Tree (Anima) – Drevas
  • 5* Lilly (Anima) (Friend) – Legwand

Items: 10 Cures, 5 Fujins, 4 Revives (2 Lights, 2 Dews)
That’s right, I used a 5* Lilly, since her 6* evo didn’t come out until the next day, and I was too impatient for my beloved (please don’t judge me). I also didn’t use any Sphere Frogs, because I knew it was possible to do this without them, especially with Lilly.

I ended up using all of my Revives throughout the Trial. But 2 of them were from bad RNG on Abaddon (my Oulu got focused at 50% and 30% HP, gg rip). So I went into Maxwell with most of my Cures, 2 Revives, and all my Fujins. I got pretty lucky at some spots, but following what you’re about to read (or not read) will help quite a bit.

Without further ado, here is your main dish of copy/pasta with a side of edits:

Damage Mitigators

  • You should use your damage mitigator’s BB on turns 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 17 and 20, as well as the 70%, 50%, 30%, and 20% HP thresholds. If you use it on any turns other than those, you may not have it ready on said turns, which may end up hurting you.
  • Use this tool to determine where the HP thresholds are for Maxwell’s attacks. (Courtesy of BF Pros)
  • You’ll notice that I didn’t mention some SS turns, like turns 4, 9, 13 and 16. You don’t need the damage mitigation on those turns if your units have high health, and you guard with your dark units. Of course, if you can maintain your mitigator’s BB every turn, then spam away. In my case, I wasn’t able to, so I picked the turns stated above, and it worked for me.


  • Not a damage mitigator, but another important unit to correctly time their BB with is Lilly. You should be GUARDING with her on the same turns that your mitigator is using their BB on, as well as when Maxwell HAS HER IGNORE-DEFENSE BUFF ON. Keep both of those points in mind, and feel free to spam her BB/SBB or attack otherwise.


  • Grah should be following the same pattern as Lilly as to when to guard and when to go ham. If Grah dies at any point in the fight against Maxwell, LEAVE HIM FOR DEAD! Try to keep him alive long enough so that Maxwell will have a punching bag to beat up on (thus me giving him the Providence Ring). Don’t waste precious Cures and Revives on him until the end when you first kill her and the SS Revive Loop begins. If you happen to have Revives leftover, I’d rez Grah, and get his BB off so your DDers can go at Maxwell. Be sure it’s on a safe turn that I mention in the Endless section below, and you should be able to beat her!


  • Another thing to note is if you can time Maxwell’s Endless (20% HP) on a SS turn (preferably on turn 16), then you won’t have to deal with SS, since she’ll only cast Endless. DON’T TRY TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN THOUGH. It’s not ideal to let the fight draw out even longer and wipe via attrition. You’re better off trying to force her into casting Endless on other safe turns, such as turns 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 18, and 19. Some of those turns will require you to use a Fujin before or after so your mitigator can keep their BB on track with the required turns in the mitigator’s section of the guide. If you just so happen to run into Endless around turn 16, then consider yourself lucky. (I noticed that I was a turn away from turn 16 and Endless, so I was very, very lucky).
  • This method ONLY WORKS WITH SS! If she’s supposed to cast Destiny on the same turn as Endless, she will do both, and you might get rekt.

In the end, it’s all RNG, so just hope you don’t get focused, critted, or Genesis spammed. :D

If I need to do any tweaking to this, or add anything that I think relevant, I’ll do so as we go. I hope this helps, and best of luck to all of you, my friends!

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