Summoners War Early Game Guide

Summoners War Early Game Guide by ofuro28

Hi it’s me again! xD

got boring on farming all day on this powerup stone, so let me write this guide while autoing faimon for life.

Beware, this is LONG POST. Don’t say you haven’t been warned :)
Also, this is purely my opinion so please take it with grain of salt.

a bit background of me, currently I’m floating around Guardian 3 to Guardian 2 in Asian server. on global usually I’m floating around rank 80 to 350.

On this post, I’ll tell you what will I do if I had to play from level 1 again to early game: given no money (f2p)

EARLY GAME (LV 1 -> 30)

the reason why I call early game because until you got lv 30, it’s impossible for you (f2p) to reach fighter rank steadily. also it will be very hard for you to farm essences effectively.

Here are some tips:

1. First and foremost, maybe a question raised by lots of people. Should I buy premium pack or should I buy 2x exp or should I just do crystals summon everytime I got 75 crystal?

What I would do is I will wait until 750 crystals (getting 750 crystals is super easy on early game even with f2p), and do mystical summon. why? because extra 1 MS is worth to wait, because what I remembered is, during my early days (still f2p) I can open 1 premium pack every 2 to 3 days. And this rate is acceptable.

2. Always summon MS as your first priority

Do your MS until you get farmer/carry nat 4stars (or nat 5stars)monster which consisting of (but not limiting to) : water sylph, wind joker, wind sylph, wind phantom thief, and other monsters (see other’s guide about great nat 4 monster)

3. Geting your early game monster ready to carry you until lv 40

So, how if you are one of the most hated guy by RNGesus and can’t pull a great nat 4 or 5 monster? Here are the lists of great 2stars monster to carry you:

  • Ramagos : He definitely the number 1 guy should raise if you got bad luck. He can help you farm hydeni ruins with some decent rune at lv 35, can take down most of elemental B6 hall easily, can bring you further on arena, etc etc. Max him skill (wind and fire warbear are 2stars, hence it will be super easy to maxing his skill), and give him 3x energy set with all HP% on him, and you’re good to go :) . also even at end game ramagos is staple for arena because lots of fire team.
  • sieq : believe it or not, but com2us give you the best nat 2stars damage dealer (other than ramagos) right from the start of the game for free. If you don’t got lushen or other great dd, sieq is more than enough for you to reach lv 40 easily. Even I personally think he is 6-star worthy. Rune him with swift/Fatal/Rage+ blade with atk on slot 2 / 6 and atk / crit Rate/ Crit damage on 4. but he can’t farming any maps sadly.

Some nat 3stars farmers I want to talk about:

  • Rina and Dagora : Those two can solo faimon 1 hard easily, and got pretty useful on arena. So I recommend you to use them until 5stars if you desperately need faimon farmer. rune them with as much HP as you can
  • Raoq : contrary to most people belief, I found out raoq is really overhyped and overrated. Yes, he can solo faimon 1 normal, but he needs really good rune to do so. You need him to got 1400+ atk to solo faimon 1 normal reliably (still with 95% success rate). This mean if he still lv 35 he needs 6stars atk rune at +12 or 5stars atk rune at +15 or any good subs. which is a bit resource wasting on him. you can use him if got great rune, but I don’t recommend you to 6starring him.

4. Pick up great support

Some of great support that you can get are:

  • Bernard : easily your best friend. Max his skill, take him to lv35, and rune him with swift+energy/focus with spd/hp/acc. put the best spd substat on him, and he’ll help you a lot in any situation. he’s no brainer :). Wayne (water Bounty HunteR) share the same 3rd skill with him, but bernard got better skillset and utility than him
  • Shannon : your best friend on dungeon. She’s so good, it’s like she’s built to kill dungeon’s boss. rune her with despair/swift+energy/focus with spd/hp/acc
  • Megan : your best friend on arena and some dungeon. Give her same rune set as Bernard above :)

5. Farm Darion and Belladeon

First of all, try to add active friends (active daily) as many as you can in your way to reach lv40. This is very important because, getting great light SD that your friends are getting probability is higher than you’re begging lots of people on channel. After you make sure you got loads of active ppl on your friend list, try to check secret dungeon tab on cairos every 5 min or so (on my phone it got notification on lock screen). I got all of my light SD (2x bella, darion, and 2x ahman) from this way. And it’s much better for the community if there are less light SD beggars :)

Back to darion and bella, one of my biggest regret is not getting them and raise them to 5stars (6stars on end game). They’re really great. Get them as soon as possible :)

and for Ahman, if you or friend found his SD, you can get 1, but remember, ahman needs great rune to shime. So, just put him on stash or stop looking for him until you got his rune.

6. Maxing Magic Shop building asap

You know, the best way to get 6stars rune (esp violent) is to buy it from shops instead. I’ve done my small research that, it’s easier to buy 6stars violent rune with HP% or atk% or crit% from shops than doing giant/dragon alone.

also having great rune will make your sw life easier :)

7. Always buy devilmon everyweek

whatever happen, always buy your devilmon from glory shops every weeks. Keep it if you don’t have great monster to feed at. Remember always locked devilmon if you want to use it on the future.

8. Maxing energy building on glory building

there is a great glory points guide, and it’s best to spent your glory building first to build the one to raise max energy or making your energy recharge faster. But do remember just max 1 of them first.

9. Your 6stars should be the “farmer” / “bus driver”

the farmer/bus driver is the monster that can solo faimon/hydeni ruins, thus can make raising your next 6* easier.

I think that’s it for now, any suggestion will be appreciated :)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    thanks for this, very informative

  2. ixan says:

    hey, I think it’s worth mentioning that raoq with mediocre runes can do garen forest 3 hell mode, gives more exp than faimon

  3. Ceilrex393 says:

    Sounds like a great early game guide! Thanks for writing this!! I’m free to play at level 29 and wish I knew some of this when starting out.

  4. Trixie911 says:

    This was very informative. Thank you for taking the time to write this!!!

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